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How to Care for Red Wings: Tips for Long-Lasting Performance

Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a pair of legendary Red Wing boots! Crafted with premium materials these boots are built for a lifetime of adventure. But even the most rugged Red Wings need a little love to keep them performing at their peak. This comprehensive guide equips you with everything you need to know about Red Wing boot care, ensuring they become cherished companions for years to come.

Let Your Red Wings Breathe Easy:

After epic adventures, allow your boots to cool and air-dry completely. Trapped moisture can lead to mildew and leather breakdown. Once dry, brush off loose dirt and debris with a soft brush, paying close attention to seams and the welt (where the upper meets the sole) to prevent build-up.

Red Wing Blacksmith Sole

Tackle Tough Stains Gently:

For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild soap like saddle soap. Harsh chemicals are a big no-no, as they can damage the leather’s protective qualities.

Red Wing Moc Toe Boot

Deep Clean:

For particularly grimy situations, consider a leather cleaner specifically designed for full-grain leather. However, avoid using this deep cleaning method too frequently, as it can strip away natural oils. Always follow the product instructions carefully for best results.

Nourish for Long-Lasting Comfort:

Regular conditioning is key to keeping your Red Wing boots supple, waterproof, and performing at their peak. Here are two options to choose from, depending on your desired outcome:

  • Replenish and Protect with Leather Conditioner:

    Use a high-quality leather conditioner like the Aphrodite Red Wing Natural Leather Conditioner [link to product] to replenish moisture and maintain flexibility. Apply a thin coat with a cloth or brush, focusing on dry areas. Let it absorb completely before buffing with a clean cloth to remove any excess conditioner.

    Conditioning frequency depends on how often you wear your boots and the climate. During active use, every 4-6 weeks is ideal. In drier climates, you can space out conditioning treatments.

  • Deep Condition and Darken with Mink Oil (Optional):

    While not essential for all Red Wing leathers, mink oil offers a deeper conditioning treatment that darkens the leather and enhances its water resistance. If you prefer this richer look and extra protection, here’s how to apply Aphrodite Red Wing Mink Oil [link to product] effectively:

    1. Clean and Dry Thoroughly: Ensure your boots are completely clean and dry before applying mink oil. Dirt and moisture can prevent the oil from penetrating the leather properly. Brush off any loose debris and use a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Let the boots air dry completely for at least 24 hours.

    2. Warm Up the Oil (Optional): While not strictly necessary, slightly warming the mink oil can make it easier to apply, especially in colder temperatures. Place the container in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Be careful not to overheat the oil.

    3. Apply a Thin Coat: Using a clean cloth or your fingers, apply a thin, even coat of mink oil to the entire surface of your boots. Pay particular attention to areas like seams and flex points. A little goes a long way, so avoid over-applying.

    4. Let it Soak In: Allow the mink oil to sit for at least 30 minutes, or even longer for a deeper conditioning treatment. You can leave it overnight for maximum absorption.

    5. Buff and Remove Excess: Once the oil has absorbed, use a clean cloth to buff away any excess residue. The leather should not feel greasy or sticky.

    Remember: Mink oil will darken the leather, so be sure you’re happy with this effect before applying.

Maximise Protection (Optional):

While Red Wing leather is naturally water-resistant, for extended protection in wet conditions, consider applying a waterproofing spray designed specifically for full-grain leather. Follow the product instructions carefully for best results.

Bonus Tips for Red Wing Boot Care:

  • Store Wisely: Keep your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Remove the laces and insoles to improve airflow and prevent moisture build-up.

  • Strong Laces, Strong Support: Replace worn or frayed laces with new ones to maintain a snug fit and proper ankle support.

  • Less is More: Excessive cleaning can strip away natural oils and dry out the leather. Stick to the cleaning routine outlined above, and your boots will thank you for it.

With consistent care, your Red Wing boots will become trusted companions for countless adventures. So, lace up, embrace the journey, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

David Beckham: Style Icon

As a latter-day saint of all things men’s fashion, what will David Beckham be remembered for the most? What is the former England captain’s legacy? His ability as a footballer came unrivalled, the elder statesmen of the Three Lion’s golden generation, one of the first athletes to build a multimedia empire and captivate celebrity tabloid culture from its inception thanks to his marriage with pop superstar turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham but you knew all this. Whilst his playing style and ability may have left him his menswear style has picked up since the heyday of Posh and Becks, making him the style Icon we know today.


He’s developed this ‘fashion thing’. I saw his transition to a different person… so long as it doesn’t affect his football it doesn’t bother me

-Sir Alex Fergusson

The staple in the wardrobe comes from his now seemingly lifelong deal with adidas, the brand that adorned their 3 stripes to the shoulders of the then Manchester United player and birthed a partnership that saw Becks become one of the most lucratively sponsored athletes in the world, rivaled only by Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in his heyday. From the moment he announced himself with that long-range effort against Wimbledon to the day he retired with PSG the boot of choice has been adidas’ long-running predator series, a boot that has seen Beckham lend his own white to champagne colourway even post-retirement, and used as inspiration on newer models such as the adidas Sobakov.


Whilst flexible with his adidas deal, the company does allow him to adorn other trainer brands (just nothing with a swoosh), but you’d be relatively hard pushed to find Beckham in an out and out athletic trainer that isn’t a three stripe affiliate. As seen above, Beckham’s variety of adidas have seen themselves being dressed in smarter confides with tapered and cropped trousers replacing his normal raw denim. It’s refreshing seeing someone like Beckham embrace a contemporary style, mixing knit sneakers with tailored menswear for an ultra-smart look, at it brings another facet to his style game.


Embracing American timeless apparel in his stint stateside at LA Galaxy, Beckham’s fashion wouldn’t be complete without the incorporation of a Polo Ralph Lauren tinged outfit. Mixing formal occasions with his unavoidable moments in the public, the Polo logo has sat proudly upon Beckham in a variety of different constraints, but it’s with his dress down fashion that a light pop of chambray works effectively against jeans and T-shirt. Pushing his style into a traditional menswear style has been an updated fashion prerogative in recent years, and his ability to offer a triple threat of streetwear, menswear and formal wear makes him undisputed in his lookbook dominance.


The heritage menswear look demands a robust boot, something that of course Becks has in abundance. With a wildly changing day to day life, one that includes occasional motorbike rides, trips to the country in the Land Rover Defender and touching down in NYC, the ever-ready Beckham packs similarly sensibilitied boot choice to blend with his outfit whether that be the Chelsea Boot style seen above or the Redwing Moc Toe below.


With style developing through influences and environment, is it a surprise that Manchester still holds a huge inspiration for Beckham’s style? A tonal outfit topped off with a pair of Clarks Wallabees, stood next to a Stone Rose poster with a buttoned-up worker jacket. The only way this could be more Manchester is if there was a patch boldly displayed.

An unusual collaboration with Belstaff that has seen 3 capsule collections and a short film also makes total sense considering Beckham’s modern image, tapping into his enthusiasm for motorcycles, and his penchant for jeans, white t-shirt and a biker jacket. All designs are intrinsically Belstaff, celebrating their craftsmanship and motorcycle heritage.


Layering is a key cornerstone of men’s fashion, so it’s no surprise to see Beckham likes to layer items from brands like Canada Goose and Moncler in his cold-weather wardrobe. Known to incorporate pieces from North Face too, it’s the restructured blazers and down gilet that Beckham is known to wear now than his baggier style of the bygone decade.



outfit grid - winter warmer header

Outfit: Patagonia x Edwin x Red Wings x Aquascutum x Canada Goose x Barbour

As the weather takes a bitter turn, it’s time to wrap up warm and this weeks outfit grid will do just that with pieces from Patagonia, Edwin, Red Wing Shoes, Aquascutum, Canada Goose and Barbour. Lets dig a little deeper into this wonderfully warm outfit.

Starting off with Patagonia, we have picked the Snap-T pullover in a distinctive navy and red. A true outdoor icon, made from recycled polyester Synchilla fleece this pullover will keep you warm while the soft material will keep you comfy, ideal for layering in the cooler months.

outfit grid winter warmer patagonia canada goose red wing shoes

To go over that fleece and keep the chilly wind out, we have chosen another piece from Patagonia, the Hi Loft Down hooded jacket in navy. Delivering comfort and warmth, making it that ideal choice for the cold up-coming winter days. Made with advanced global traceable down the outer is covered in a recycled polyester ripstop shell, with a full zip fastening and two zip-up pockets.

Sticking with the navy theme, Edwin provide the pants of the outfit with their 55 chinos. Based on the fit of Edwin’s most popular ED-55 jeans, these chinos come in a relaxed, tapered fit. Crafted from compact cotton twill with angled side pockets, a coin pocket within the left pocket, and two flat rear pockets. Finished with tan herringbone waistband lining and a black leather logo waist patch.

Now to really wrap you up warm, we have picked a few accessories to go with it, an Aquascutum Lambswool Check scarf, a Canada Goose logo pom hat made from super soft merino wool and to keep your hands warm Barbour providing some black leather gloves.

On feet, we had to go with the durable Red Wings and in this case the Red Wing Moc Toe Boots 6″ 8138, these boots that are handmade provide excellent durability and traction in the winter months. Made with a premium Briar Oil Slick leather and a lightweight outsole, you’ll be sure footed this winter.

Red Wing Brand Guide

New Red Wing Styles Arrive for Autumn

Summer is rapidly approaching its end: with the chill in the air, out goes the lightweight wardrobe and in comes knitwear, heavier denim and more robust footwear. And as any boot aficionado will tell you, they don’t come much more robust than Red Wings.

For Autumn 2017, the Minnesota-based brand present a brace of new styles, along with reworkings of old favourites. The Rover boot, for instance, is a handsome boot that’s partway between the Iron Ranger and classic Round-Toe styles, and is made up in the brand’s oil-tanned Rough & Tough leather on a coffee-coloured Comfort Crepe sole for the perfect blend of versatile good looks and all day comfort.

Elsewhere we see subtle twists on the classics, with the 6” Moc Toe boot swapping out its white Cushion sole for a sleek black Traction Tred option, while the Iron Ranger boot is decked out in Hawthorne Muleskinner roughout leather, which combines the casual look of suede with the hardwearing nature of full-grain leather for the perfect autumn boot. Finally, the smart Blacksmith boot appears in both oil-tanned leather and the new Spitfire waxed roughout leather.

Whichever style catches your fancy, you’re ensured to be rewarded for your investment with a bulletproof, good-looking and timeless pair of boots. The new Red Wing collection is available from Aphrodite Clothing now.

Red Wing Brand Guide

Red Wing Brand Guide

History of the Red Wing Brand

In the 19th century, Charles Beckman was a Minnesota shoe merchant who saw the opportunity and high demand for shoes and boots specially designed for demanding industry work. Some of this work included logging, mining, and even farming, where durable and comfortable shoes were essential. Beckman knew exactly what he wanted when he thought of his shoes. Something which would be tough enough to battle the harsh conditions people worked in, but also something which wouldn’t be harsh on their feet. With this ideology, he set out to craft and design work boots to fit this brief he created. With the help of fourteen investors, he opened the company which changed the market for work boots forever. The company was named Red Wing, after the town the company was founded in the US.

Red Wing Moc Toe Boots

What Makes Red Wing Boots So Good?

The Red Wing brand is now over 100 years old and is still driven and committed to producing premium footwear suitable for working conditions. Their products are still performing to high standards, protecting workers in over one hundred countries worldwide. Of course, Red Wing’s success is down to years of hard work to create excellent quality which the brand never compromises on.

The Red wing brand even have a ‘Heritage’ collection which features the footwear they are most prided for. All of these styles are still designed and made today the same way as they were over fifty years ago. All shoes are made using premium leather which is from the brand’s very own S.B Foot Tannery, who are also supply the US Military with their flawless leather. This ensures that from the materials through to the labour, the shoes are entirely sourced and crafted in the USA.

Red Wing shoes are made using the Puritan Stitch Machine, which is frequently described as the ‘workhorse’ within the company. The machines are full of history due to being in service for over eighty years, being built to last in order to carry on their premium service when it comes to crafting Red Wing shoes. The machine is set to provide both strength and durability and is also how the Red Wing brand creates the ‘triple stitch’ which is responsible for the shoe durability. This is attained by the Puritan’s unique well of hot wax that each stitch passes through before entering the leather, which locks each stitch in place as it cools. This ensures that even were a stitch to break, the seam would remain intact without compromising the shoe’s integrity.

Red Wing Triple Stitch closeup

The famous Red Wing Triple Stitch

Red Wing’s quality is surely proven to outlast, with the brand even saying that the logo of Red Wing stands for a ‘standard in excellence like no other.’

Red Wing Boot Styles

Red Wing Iron Ranger

The styles we are stocking are among the brand’s Heritage collection, starting with the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot. Originally created for iron miners in Minnesota, the Iron Ranger is a classic tall work boot style with a distinctive double-layer toe-cap, which was used to protect miners’ feet from dropped tools and other hazards. Coming in a range of leather and roughout finishes, the Iron Ranger can be easily dressed up or down for different tastes.Red Wing


Next up is the 6″ Moc Toe boot, which is the truly iconic Red Wing boot, almost synonymous with the brand’s name itself. Crafted from tough, hardwearing leathers from the brand’s own tannery, and featuring the triple stitch to add durability and strength to the shoe. The sole of the boot is Traction Tread, contrasting with the yellow laces and tan leather upper.

Red Wing

The classic Chukka boot is the Red Wing brand’s second most popular offering, providing a more versatile alternative to the Moc Toe. The Chukka boot is considered an ultimate icon in the footwear world, with it being re-vamped over the years in different materials and styles. Unlike other boots that Red Wing designed, these boots were specially made for indoor work such as climbing, kneeling, and bending. The crepe outsole is a feature that helps the worker to stay comfortable during long hours of walking or standing on concrete at work.

Interested in buying a pair? You can shop our full collection of mens Red Wing Boots.


Yuketen Boots & Red Wing Shoes Lookbook

Yuketen Boots & Red Wing Shoes Lookbook | AW15

With Halloween on the horizon its time to treat yourself to a pair of new winter boots. There’s no trickery here with both Yuketen & Red Wing using the highest quality leathers and craftsmanship.  Styles feature are Yuketen Hunt Boots 6 Eye in Brown, Yuketen Eric Boots in Black, Red Wing Chukka Boots in Original and Red Wing Boots 8138 6″ Moc Toe in Briar Oil Slick.

Shop all of our Yuketen Boots & Red Wing Shoes