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Grenson Shoe Brand Guide

The History of the Grenson Shoe Brand

The Grenson Shoe brand has a fascinating history and heritage behind them.  The company was created by a man called William Greenback in the 1800s.  Green was born in 1835 but lost his father when he was only a toddler.  His mother took him to live in Rushden in Northamptonshire and in time she learnt him the art of how to create a good pair of men’s boots.  They produced boots from their home until 1860 when Green thought that it was time to move from the family home and set up on his own.

grenson shoes

By 1866 he was on the road to creating a company which he called William Green & Son. By this time he was setting out to get the orders and find the relevant materials necessary as well as employing shoemakers to complete the orders that were coming through.  Green was traveling quite a lot during this time and forged many deals along the way with wholesalers and within time Green & Son was fast becoming known for its premium shoes and boots which offered top craftsmanship and longevity.

By 1874 William set up the Greens Yard factory and this was the first factory worldwide to use the Goodyear welt method of creating men’s shoes.  The company became known as Grenson soon after.  By the late 1890s the factory moved to Queen Street where it still resides to this present day.  One year into the start of the 20th century, William sadly passed away but he had laid the foundations of a solid company.  During the great depression, the company started to struggle but because of the quality and longevity of the boots they were known for, they were soon called upon to produce Grenson boots for the military during the Second World War and their business soon prospered.

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In modern-day Britain, Grenson are going through a period of resurgence as shoes like the brogue are proving as popular as ever.  It has seen Grenson move with the times and make gentlemen’s shoes and apply modern techniques to them like Vibram soles which are making the Grenson shoe brand appeal to a younger generation.

Taking this notion even further, Grenson has recently introduced a small capsule range of sneakers. Crafted to the same exacting standards as their shoes using top-quality leathers and Italian rubber soles, Grenson sneakers are inspired by classic tennis shoes of the 1970s, and exude a timeless casual appeal for those off-duty days.

What is the Goodyear Welt?

All Grenson shoes are ‘Goodyear welted’ which is a process that is very time consuming but makes the shoes last longer than any other on the market.  The fact that the shoe can be re-soled time and time again makes Grenson shoes a timeless investment piece.  Using this process it can take up to 3 weeks to create a pair of Grenson shoes which explains why these shoes might be more expensive than some of their counterparts but they will not last as long or have had anywhere near the same time spent on the manufacturing of them.

Looking After Your Grenson Shoes


The Triple Welt

More recently, Grenson has introduced their own proprietary method of welting their shoes, dubbed the Triple Welt. Even more time-consuming and elaborate than the Goodyear welt, the Triple Welt is exclusive to Grenson and, although it is much sturdier and more substantial looking welt, the differences are purely aesthetic. The level of craftsmanship involved, however, is undeniable; only a single worker in the Grenson factory in Northampton is able to execute the Triple Welt. The Triple Welt collection represents the pinnacle of Grenson’s range, and the higher price point reflects this.

Grenson Archie Commando


Why Is A Grenson Shoe So Popular?

Many people believe that there are three main reasons behind Grenson’s continuing success even through the economic downturn. The first of these is quality. The “Goodyear welt” is a process that we have just covered and produces an extremely durable shoe that can arguably last a lifetime if treated correctly. The combination of this along with the premium leather used to create the uppers come together to provide a smart shoe with unprecedented quality, functionality, and durability.

Grenson Cutting

The second reason is its style. Traditionally, brogues have always been a part of formal men’s fashion, as part of a suit. Even when dressed down the brogue has traditionally been associated with a more formal look, yet in modern times, this has changed. Fashion has come a full circle, where you’ll often see younger men and even teenagers spotted brandishing the Grenson brogues style with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Much less formal, the brogue has entered a totally new market without even realising and Grenson has embraced this revolution with the introduction of new soles and designs that appeal even more to that younger market, yet maintains the traditional ethos of Grenson’s emphasised brand image.

grenson brouges

Finally, is Grenson’s customer aftercare service. Thanks to the use of Goodyear welting, Grenson is able to provide a service of replacing the soles of their shoes, further increasing their longevity and durability in all conditions. It’s not rare for Grenson to see a pair of twenty-five-year-old shoes pass through their factory to be re-soled and it is this service that accentuates perfectly what Grenson is all about. A traditional shoe company with traditional values that moves with the times without deviating from that main brand image that has been stained into the world of men’s footwear for many years.

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Grenson Limited Collection Celebrates 150 Years


Founded in Rushden, Northamptonshire by a shoemaker name William Green in 1866, Grenson has became a symbol of English heritage and quality British manufacturing. Initially making shoes from his loft, Green quickly became recognised for not only the materials used, but the attention to detail that was paid to each shoe.

By continuing to construct with this ethos in mind, Grenson grew from strength to strength and being one of the first shoe makers to use of Goodyear welts allowed the brand to become a national success. This success meant that Grensons was ultimately responsible for hand crafting shoes for the British Army which could withstand the most brutal conditions imagineable and this effort only emphasised their clear British heritage.

Because of their rich history, Grensons has been a part of a whole range of trends and it is this first hand experience over the years that Grenson is focusing on to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Delving into their archives and painstakingly reproducing 8 shoes from over the years that define their history and their success.

One example of the collection is the Toe-cap Derby boot. Shoe 3 of the collection originally produced in the 1940’s as part of the war effort. Contracted by the Government, the Toe-cap Derby was worn by British Army foot soldiers and was extremely durable thanks the Grain leather used. They have painstakingly recreated the Derby boot with the same leather, same toe-cap and even the same sole print that was used in the 1940’s.

Shoe number 4 of the collection is also from the 1940’s but takes the form of a Wing-tip Oxford. The predecessor of Grenson’s brogues that they make today, Grenson have had to re-create the last that the shoe was built on for a truly authentic representation of the original shoe that came out 70 years ago.

Taking archived silhouettes and accurately making them again whilst also updating them for the needs of the modern day man has been a massive task but their England factory has managed to complete their objective. A nostalgic yet practical collection from the British brand, the Grenson Derby Boot and Grenson Wing-tip Oxford Brogues are available here.

Grenson Shoes

Grenson Boots


Clarks Originals Trigenic Flex

Clarks Originals Trigenic Flex

One of Britain’s most cherished and historic brands, Clarks has retained their penchant for truly authentic style, whilst still managing to keep perfectly balanced for a modern day look. Famous for their iconic styles such as the Desert Boot and Wallabee’s, the brand also like to keep up to date with British Culture. The newest addition to hit the street is the innovative Trigenic Flex.

Developed with the help of the brands extensive archive collection, the Trigenic utilises the silhouette of an old find and meticulously follows the shape of the foot for an extremely comfortable shoe. With a classic moccasin constructed suede upper which has been inspired by the Clarks Wallabee with obvious stitch detail for a hint of timeless Clarks design. The three part decoupled Vibram sole unit offers superior flexibility for a premium quality shoe.

With the rise of all things sneaker related, now is the perfect time for clarks to release the Trigenic Flex to the world and these are a perfect shoe to close the gap between shoe and trainer

Aphrodite currently stock the black and sand versions of this shoe. Price £100

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Occasion Footwear

Occasion Footwear

Summer has eventually landed which means only one thing, Weddings and Christenings galore. Finding that perfect suit and footwear that can be worn for a number of different occasions can be tricky, and you obviously want it to have a good outing with the boys too, so an outfit that can be worn at the races would be a bonus!

We have already had a look at some of the best suits (the full post can be viewed here ) so now its time for footwear.

A decent pair of shoes or boots are a thing of beauty, everything from the design process to the carefully manufacturing methods. A quality shoe is a great investment and a must have for the modern man wanting to make an impression.There are a number of brands out there, but we are going to concentrate on H by Hudson. H By Hudson have helped make up the very fabric of Britians famed traditional shoe making industry and are still as strong as ever, gaining popularity with the next generation year on year.

H By Hudson is one of the most renowned British footwear brands to date, producing stylish and individual forms of mens footwear. Crafting some of the finest footwear for over 2 decades and using the best quality leathers and suede’s, H By Hudson has cemented themselves as one of the most celebrated go to footwear brands. With classic styles including the Houghton and Livingston, the brand keeps its traditional values while always reinventing itself for the modern audience.

The Houghton 2 boot is a great go to boot that will see you through the seasons, Crafted from a sturdy premium quality calf leather and featuring a simple lace up closure as well as a rubber transparent sole that adds durability and comfort to the wearer.

Moving onto a more occasion footwear, the Ferland shoe boasts a classic double monk strap with a small buckle fastening and a small block heel. A quality leather lining adds  comfort as well as having a branded sole.

You can view our full range of H by Hudson footwear here

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Clarks Wallabees

Clarks Wallabees

Clarks Wallabees

The first initial design of the Wallabee was launched in 1967, a time where fashion was on the up and the youth began to create their own style. Clarks first began their road to timeless design with the Desert boot, which was designed in 1949 by Nathan Clark and were famously worn by the flawlessly dressed Mods. Fast forward to present day and both styles are still dominating the shelves and shoe-racks worldwide.

Clarks originally began back in 1825, when James Clark was working in a Tannery in Somerset and came up with the idea of creating Sheepskin slippers (nicknamed the Brown Petersburg) from the cut offs lying around. The slippers where stitched by hand. The two brothers relied on outworkers to help with the growing demand. Every Friday all finished footwear would be taken to the brothers in exchange for wages. Although Clarks has become a worldwide sensation, their base is still in the small Somerset town of Street where it all began. 

Clarks Wallabees

Here at Aphrodite we are proud to stock the Clarks Wallabee. The shoe has been popular with its unique features, including the classic crepe sole and smart clean lined stitching to the upper. The full upper is constructed from premium suede, with lace-up fasten to compliment. The Wallabee continues to stand the test of time, but has proved to be a success over almost 50 years with their growing reputation of being a comfortable and practical shoe which oozes style.

Check out our full range of Clarks Wallabees for this season

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Grenson Triple Welt


Legendary British shoemaker Grenson have took to their Instagram account to re-gram another of our photos to their 43,000 followers. This time they have chosen to highlight the new arrival of the Grenson Triple Welt that we took delivery of in the last few weeks. Finished in a full grain leather upper, the Triple welt is a masterclass in craftsmanship resulting in a watertight, chunkier sole unit.

Now weighing in with almost 1,000 likes on Instagram, the Triple Welt is certainly proving popular with the brand’s followers.

For more information about the Grenson Triple Welt, please email our customer service team on [email protected]

Style Session 4 – 20th Anniversary Collaborations

Style Session 4 – 20th Anniversary Collaboration

1. Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket – £199.00

2. Oliver Spencer Eton Collar Shirt – £98.00

3. Paul Smith Tapered Fit Jeans – £175.00

4. Grenson Fred Boots – £325.00

5. Grenson Archie Brogues – £325.00

This year celebrates Aphrodite’s 20th Birthday and we can proudly announce that we have had the privilege to work with a number of iconic British brands to produce a number of specially commissioned pieces for the AW14 season. These brands include Barbour, Grenson, Paul Smith and Oliver Spencer. Each item are limited editions with only a small number available, and once they are gone they are gone.

First of all we are going to have a look
at the Barbour Ashby Jacket.This waxed jacket is a contemporary re-work of the classic Bedale jacket, making this a perfect jacket that will see you through
all seasons. Crafted from Barbour’s signature 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton and finished with a weatherproof matte coating that will age beautifully, this will become a firm favourite. The inner boasts the classic Barbour tartan lining finished with a large embroidered Barbour and Aphrodite 20th Anniversary logo, making this a one off piece for any Aphrodite or Barbour fans.

Next we have an Oliver Spencer Eton Collar Shirt. A modern stylish shirt that will add sophistication and a hint of formality to your outfit. The all over pattern and rounded Eton Collar mixed with the navy colour gives a statement finish that will compliment your outfit perfectly. An 20th Anniversary Aphrodite swing tag can be seen to the garment, giving a subtle nod to the collaboration.

Paul Smith have cemented themselves as one of Britain’s most iconic brands over the years and the Jeans collection have become a sought after item in the fashion scene. Commissioned to help celebrate our 20th Anniversary, these Paul Smith tapered fit jeans have been crafted from premium quality cotton for ultimate fit and comfort. A hand drawn naked lady which has appeared on selected Paul Smith products can be seen to the inner pocket lining along with a specially printed swing tag.

Moving onto footwear, we can proudly announce we have 2 items from the Great British footwear brand, Grenson. Firstly for the brogue lovers we have a pair of G-Lab Archie Brogues.

A classic brogue crafted from high quality suede with contrasting detailed leather overlays, the Archie is an iconic silhouette. Offering a full lace fastening with a wooden sole to add durability and signature British style. This is the perfect shoe for a formal occasion to wear with a tailored suit, or to dress up a casual outfit of jeans and a shirt.

The gorgeous Grenson G-Lab Fred boot has also been re-worked for our 20th Anniversary. Utilising the same materials and colourway as it’s brogue counterpart, the Fred boot is again Goodyear Welted triple sole and finished to the same impeccable standard.

Custom Barbour Ashby Jacket

oliver spencer eton collar shirt

Paul Smith jeans Detailing

Anniversary Grenson Archie Brogues

If any of the items above interest you at all, please call one of our friendly team on 01915675898 or email [email protected].

Paul Smith Footwear

Eye catching, elegant and timelessly stylish, Paul Smith footwear has always transcended fashion to bring consciously desirable styles that draw their influences from a host of eclectic sources.

With roots that firmly pin the Paul Smith brand into the depths of traditional British fashion, the label has become a global phenomenon thanks to its unique approach to style- something that has always stood true in every piece that bears the Paul Smith name.

Paul Smith Footwear

With a firm standing in the international fashion scene, Paul Smith footwear has become the benchmark for its rivals, bringing an unmissable blend of iconic styling and elegant touches that have helped it gain its own cult following.

This sense of individualism, coupled with superior construction and premium materials make Paul Smith footwear some of the most cherished possessions in men’s wardrobes’ all over the world.

From traditional brogues that have been given a hand finished dip dye treatment, to formal styles that are finished in high shine patent leather, Paul Smith footwear carries all of the style credentials to introduce a sense of British luxury to your style; whether you’re chasing the perfect shoes to wear with your suit, or a weekend ally that will effortlessly team up with jeans.

Paul Smith Footwear

With niche touches, Paul Smith footwear carries an unmissable look, staking their claim to belonging to one of Britain’s most cherished fashion exports through unique features such as the Paul Smith stripe being subtly used on the heel, or the classic Paul Smith signature being displayed on the sole unit.

View our full range of Paul Smith Footwear here