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Adidas Gazelle 85 Trainers in Blue

adidas Gazelle: A Cult Classic

Every now and then it’s nice to take a step back, take a deep breath and just appreciate how far things have come. Whether that be the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology,  immense feats of human ability or just a really good pair of trainers. Since we’ve yet to break any world records or develop the next advancement in modern computing we opted to stick to footwear, taking a deep dive into a sneaker that’s left a footprint on many of our hearts, the adidas Gazelle.

Adidas Gazelle 85 Trainers in Blue


A Brief History of the adidas Gazelle

Launched onto the scene in 1968 the adidas Gazelle paved the way for the modern day, 21st-century perception of adidas being the first to pioneer the suede and accompanying three-striped contrast design. Not only did this new material choice offer a much lighter alternative to the more commonplace leather but, it lent itself perfectly to the dying process making it capable of producing a spectrum of bright colours, first of which was the OG blue and red variations.

Despite the latter being adopted by the world of handball, there is actually a fair amount of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Gazelle’s true purpose. Was it an indoor football shoe? running sneaker? handball trainer? No one truly knows, but what we do know is that the adidas Gazelle presented enough technical know-how and clever complexities to jump from sport to sport earning itself the title of an all-around athletic training shoe, with an understated, clean and streamlined wedge shape design that set a precedent for low-top performance footwear.

adidas Gazelle Historical Illustrations

The true OG Trainers. Image credit: Shelf life

The Link Between The Gazelle And Sports

Perhaps the true beauty of the Gazelle story, however, lies within its ability to break down the barriers that separated fashion and sportswear with its acceptance into the quintessential uniform for a variety of subcultures and styles. Its first taste of such comradery was when it found itself quickly rising to prominence with football fans and the casual audience, sitting nicely amongst the adidas three stripe terrace offering which included other such greats as the Munchen and Forest Hills.

From aways days to locals, rain or shine, cider or lager the Gazelle was on foot for it all becoming a status symbol amongst brands such as Stone island, Fred Perry, and CP Company, forming an unwritten code for admittance into the football stadium. Even to this day over 40 years later, the adidas Gazelle still remains synonymous with the football culture and you’d be hard-pressed to go to a game without spotting a pair of brightly coloured suede trainers pounding the pavement in or around the ground. But, perhaps a true testament to the Gazelles affiliation with the beautiful game was when Daniel Baddiel wore a pair in the Three Lions music video. Case closed.

Noel Gallagher adidas Originals Gazelle

Noel Gallagher sporting the blue adidas Gazelles. Photo credit 80s Casual Classics.

Getting The Right Tune Out Of The adidas Gazelle

If someone asked you to sum up the adidas Gazelle in a sound what would you say? Well chances are after a brief moment of confusion and a few questioning glances you’d probably go for Oasis, Blur or, no pun intended, Suede. Britpop undeniably played a huge part in the Gazelle success story not only because this was the music that serenaded the ears of the Gazelle clad masses but, the people who were strumming the guitars and banging the drums were wearing the trainers themselves, taking them from the feet of working-class season ticket holders to those of celebrities and musicians alike.

The Gallaghers, Damon Albarn, Kate Moss and many, many more were all well and truly the face of the adidas Gazelle optimizing the look, attitude and edge that helped the trainer skyrocket from humble sneaker to cult classic. In fact, their association was so entwined with the retro classic that the iconic 1993 shot of Moss in her crimson pair of Gazelles was recently used to launch the 2016 reissue of the ’90s model when the sneaker was arguably at its cultural prowess.

Kate Moss adidas Originals Gazelles

The image in question, Kate Moss sporting Gazelles in 1993. Photo credit: Denzil McNeelance/adidas

However, it’s not just the footy and learning the chorus to Wonderwall the Gazelle was concerned with as it set out to fulfil its unsatisfiable urge to become best mates with everyone. With the likes of Superstars and the Campus cropping up in America thanks to its affiliation with basketball, the adidas Gazelle became the next best thing for European hip hop culture adopted by amongst others, UK b-boys such as Broken Glass who used the shoe and their US influences to carve a distinct hybrid style.

But that’s not to say the Gazelle didn’t make it stateside. With the help of Run-D.M.C who undeniably opened the adidas floodgates, being the first non-athletes to collaborate with the sportswear brand with the release of a limited edition Superstar, the hip hop spotlight was thrust firmly onto the sportswear brand. Among the masses of diagonal rectangles across the pond the Gazelle reared its head, being considered a connoisseurs choice when it came to footwear with the likes of The Beastie Boys powerless to its plush suede fabrication with Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock seen donning the trainer in their fight against early bedtimes.

Beastie Boys wearing adidas Gazelle

The Beastie Boys in a triple Gazelle ensemble Photo Credit: Pinterest

Since its inception, the adidas Gazelle has seen countless iterations, in colour, materials and design each bringing a fresh twist to the table – see for example the Supers below – but staying true to the original winning formula of minimal detailing, quality materials and a smart low silhouette. Throw into the mix its rich history styling the youth tribes of yonder year or its countless celebrity sightings – we haven’t even mentioned Jackon 5 era, Michael Jackson rocking a pair, Bob Marley doing keepy ups in them or their brief stint mastering kickflips – and it’s fair to say no matter what angle you look at it from the Gazelle was and still is an unequivocal cultural powerhouse capable of generation-spanning heritage charm and irresistible universal appeal.

adidas Gazelle Indoor trainers

So, back to the big question. Is it a dancing shoe? A free-kick curling mastermind? Or a species of very fast antelope? We think it’s a bit of a Jack of all trades but contrary to the popular saying the Gazelle has managed to master them all.

Take a look at our adidas Originals Gazelle offerings, or come in store and see us, we’d be more than happy to chat all things three stripes.

New Balance 9060 Trainers – Launch Info!

Riding the wave of popularity that these trainers experienced with our recent drop, the launch of the latest New Balance 9060 trainers colourways are set to launch here at Aphrodite Saturday 1st of October. Just in time for fall, both colourways feature autumnal palettes, with the Workwear model donning beige, mustard, and earthy brown tones, reminiscent of the crunchy fallen leaves that blanket our woodland footpaths, while the Natural Indigo set features saturations synonymous with the storm-stricken seas that this season bestows, comprising of navy, grey, and off white.


New Balance 9060 trainers – Indigo 


New Balance 9060 trainers – Workwear 

While this release features new tones, the uncompromising quality construction and Y2K aesthetic of the 9060s are maintained in these models and are perhaps the reasons they are one of the most popular of the 99X series; a line of runners debuted in 1982 with ambitions of harnessing the brand’s most up-to-date technological advancements. The upper composition of breathable mesh and premium pigskin suede overlays sits atop a diamond pod ABZORB midsole; a foamy compression sole packed with cushioning comfort and support.

Appliques comprise of sway bars, reminiscent of those utilised on automobiles to aid in preventing body lean and support in agile turns, a translucent CR heel device representing the futuristic, visible tech aesthetic of the 80s, and finally, a 9060-branding jewel set back into the pair’s tongue. Typical ‘N’ branding features on both the outer and inner arches of the sneakers in contrasting textile logo patch and an embroidered take on the motif.


Don’t miss out and prepare to pick up your pair this Saturday, 1st October 2022 either in-store or online at

Veja Leather Trainers With Orange Logo

Veja Arrives At Aphrodite

Veja’s ability to blend its eco-friendly approach with high quality design and construction is the key to the brand’s success. The environmentally friendly label is used to appease people who care about the planet and want to make change for the better, yet require footwear that turns heads when you are out in the city. Finding a decent brand with a passion for economic and ecological equality can be tricky, to say the least, but a good place to start is always Veja, a brand that continues to grow from strength to strength.

Veja trainers

Veja was created in 2005, the French brand has made it its focus to maintain equality in everything they do. Their footwear is constructed using sustainable, oftentimes vegan materials in inline with the brand’s mission to remain eco-friendly. Unlike a lot of brands, however, Veja doesn’t just stop at the materials that they use, instead, they make it their mission to dig below the surface, tracing the roots of their supply line directly back to their farms in Brazil where they provide fair wages to the local workers.

Veja Trainers

Models such as the Campo, Esplar and Rio Campo offer a crisp look with surprisingly comfortable cushioning. The trainers are versatile, classy and if we haven’t mentioned it enough already, eco-friendly. Check out some of the brand’s offerings below or head to Aphrodite to secure a pair.


Stepney Workers Club: S-Strike

Few designers produce footwear that possesses timeless style quite like Stepney Workers Club. Their collection of effortlessly stylish and versatile trainers is ever expanding, with classics such as their Dellow and Varden silhouettes gaining masses of popularity within British subcultures.


To add to their vast range of trainers, SWC has recently introduced a new model. Dubbed “S-Strike” the new addition takes archival traits from past Stepney models, and adds a bold S shaped stripe across the side of the shoe. Made with the same quality canvas materials, and still rocking the essentially classic look, the S-Strike has been extremely well received by fans of SWC and is quickly solidifying itself as one of the brands bestsellers.



The shoe itself offers versatility like never before, with the simple aesthetic of the trainer and the comfort it offers making it an absolute everyday go-to in any footwear rotation. Throw on a pair of chinos, jeans or even sweats with the kicks for a simple look that will make a bold statement. Shop the S-Strike alongside other Stepney Workers Club products, online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.


Wales Bonner Japan

Adidas x Wales Bonner Launch

The final issue of Adidas and Grace Wales Bonner’s collaboration is upon us. Dubbed “Black Sunlight”, the collection concludes a trilogy of releases that intended to highlight the world of Afro-Caribbean and Black British intellectualism.

Following on from the apparel release back in November, the duo have dropped a collection of four footwear models using the Adidas ‘Japan’ silhouette as their creative canvas. The collection gives off serious ’80s vibes, offering timeless style while elevating your footwear rotation with a touch of luxury:Wales Bonner Japan



“Dark Marine/Easy Yellow/Cream White”

Constructed from a navy nylon upper, this pair features suede patches to the side and heel of the shoe. Blue leather forms the toe box and eyelets as well as a cross at the back of the shoe, following the archival traits of the Japan model. A soft yellow is present on the tongue and stripes alongside detailed cotton stitching. Underfoot, an off-white midsole cushions every step while gold foil branding completes the shoe.


“Cream White/Easy Yellow/Dark Brown”

Seemingly the most luxurious pair of the collection, this colourway is crafted using a soft, premium, cream-white leather. An easy yellow suede is draped over the toebox and heel, while a dark brown covers the heel tab, tongue lining and three stripes. A knitted cotton tongue adds to Wales Bonner’s distinctive retro style and the trainer is completed with brown stitching to the heel.


“Dark Brown/Collegiate Burgundy/Easy Yellow”

The only pair with a suede upper, this colourway sees the combination of brown and burgundy to give off a vintage feel. The crossed heel, again, follows the archival traits of the Japan silhouette, using a burgundy leather. A soft yellow midsole offers a reminder to classic 80’s runners and white lacing helps to complete the shoe. Gold foil branding is present in the form of “Wales Bonner” and the Adidas Trefoil Logo.



Shop the collection from 18/02/22 in store and online at Aphrodite Clothing.




Adidas Stan Smith & Superstar

Adidas Classics: A Contemporary Twist

The Adidas Superstars and Stan Smiths are arguably two of the most notable silhouettes in the brands history. Made for tennis courts and adopted by the streets, both sneakers had a huge cultural impact, breaking down boundaries between the world of sport, music and streetwear.

Offering true innovation through its iconic shape, the Superstar was the first of its kind. A low top leather basketball sneaker oozing with versatility and functionality. Its unique style led to 3 out of 4 pro ‘ballers wearing them in the 70’s, and as result, they received a rapid rise of popularity in the streets. The casual trainer, featuring a notable shell toe-box, ended up being repped by fan favourites Run-DMC, showcasing the sneaks in the limelight, and highlighting exactly why they are a must-cop.

Adidas Superstar 82

Stan Smiths are not to be forgotten either! Gracing tennis courts globally with their, then, innovative materials. The supple leather shoe, designed by Robert Halliet, was at the forefront of old school sport sneakers. Its sleek silhouette and perforated three stripes quickly found themselves being worn by fashion lovers all over the world. Offering yet another extremely versatile trainer, the Stan Smith (like the superstar) is a necessity in any OG sneakerheads rotation.Adidas Stan Smith H

In an effort to reiterate the iconic status of Stan Smiths and Superstars to the younger generations, Adidas have offered a contemporary take on the much loved shoes. Both silhouettes see their upper dressed in a premium pebbled leather and coloured in an urban black for a more modern look. An off white mid and outer sole gives the shoes a stylish contrast, while the shell toe-box of the Superstar is constructed from rubber, offering increased protection and quality. The trendy two-tone look and luxurious feel offers timeless styling options and creates sneakers that can be used for years to come.Adidas Stan Smith & Superstar

Shop the updated Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Superstar, online and in-store, at Aphrodite Clothing.


Adidas x Parley – UltraBoost 5.0 DNA

It’s no big secret that we, as consumers, need to have a good think about our own environmental impact. With Co2 emissions and global warming on the rise, we need to look toward making positive eco-friendly choices, reducing our waste and carbon footprint, and increasing sustainability. 

Luckily Adidas and Parley have teamed up once again, dropping a new eco-conscious iteration of the UltraBoost 5.0 DNA.  Adidas-Parley-Ultraboost-5.0-DNA-1

The upper of the shoe is made using a high-performance yarn constructed from 50% recycled polyester and 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. Fabricated from old plastic waste, originally found on beaches and shorelines, Parley Ocean Plastic ensures a lightweight and durable prime knit upper that benefits ocean clean-up and reduces your carbon footprint. A colourful plastic heel tab supports your feet while running and adorns ‘UltraBoost’ branding. The iconic three stripes work their way up the side of the shoe and provide 8 eyelets to lace up your trainers. A soft suede toe-box and a bright ‘coral’ lining help to finish off the upper alongside Adidas branding to the tongue and an inner sole transcribed with “End Plastic Waste”.  


Adidas are always at the forefront of sportswear innovation, and so,  their Boost midsole offers the ultimate comfort, ideal for running due to its responsiveness and unparalleled cushioning. Tucked away within the midsole, Torsion Bar technology can be found, allowing for ergonomic foot movement and increased support while on the go. The UltraBoost 5.0 is finished off with a rubber Continental outer sole, made with the same rubber as continentals car tires, durability is assured and the unique grip pattern will ensure traction on the most treacherous of terrain.  


A sleek, colourful and comfortable running shoe that comes complete with a massively reduced environmental impact, what’s not to love? Shop the Adidas x Parley UltraBoost 5.0 DNA online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.  


Adidas Terrex: Free Hiker Gore-Tex

When action and adventure await, you can always look to the Adidas Terrex range to provide the goods. Producing quality outdoor gear, backed by world-leading knowledge in the sports industry, Adidas Terrex combines the need for comfort and support, alongside rugged durability and elemental protection.

A demand for a versatile hiking shoe that can look good in the streets and be effective in the mountains, led to Adidas creating the Terrex Free Hiker.

Equipped with innovative ripstop, Gore-Tex technology to keep your feet dry on lengthy strolls The mid-height trainers feature a secure ankle strap and a Boost cushioned sole for ultimate comfort and support, while light prime knit uppers allow for breathability on the go. Built atop rugged Continental rubber grip soles, the trainer houses an in-built torsion system that allows for ergonomic movement in the foot.

Dropping in an all-new colourway at Aphrodite Clothing, we see the Free Hiker feature a white boost midsole atop the gold outer sole. Golden tones travel up the shoe featuring on the lining, upper and of course, the iconic three stripes. The rest of the upper is dressed in black for an urban utility style.

The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker is sure to be the perfect defence against any treacherous terrain you might face, whether that be in the countryside or in the city. Shop them now online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.

Check out the Terrex Free Hiker’s Gore-Tex capabilities on our Tik Tok video here.

New Balance XC-72

Fresh in: New Balance XC-72

Aphrodite’s footwear range is ever-expanding, with the store getting in some of the hottest kicks from the top brands, one of our favourites being New Balance. Both staff and customers are always buzzing when we tell them we have a new release, and these New Balance XC-72‘s are definitely something to be excited about.

New Balance XC72 Heel

Inspired by speculative technology and concept cars from the 70s, the New Balance XC-72 merges some of the brand’s top silhouettes to create an experimental and aggressive sneaker. The distinct split outer sole is sure to get a great grip with dual traction patterns, of the XC15 and 375, present in the shoe.

New Balance XC-72

The unique split design travels up to the nylon and suede toe box of the shoe, before continuing on to the laces and tongue. A white mesh upper features the brand’s “N” logo and sits atop a unique squared-off midsole. Rubber trim at the heel increases sturdiness while running, and a split heel tab adds to the aggressive design.

New Balance XC-72
Breaking boundaries through innovation, this shoe will push your style to its limits. Shop our full New Balance range, including the New Balance XC-72 online and in-store.

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