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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban: Brand Guide

Explore the Iconic World of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

They’re one of the most iconic, instantly recognisable and sought after brands on earth, and the undisputed champion of mastering the art of stylish eyewear. From film stars and sporting legends, to the front men of rock and roll bands and even some of the former presidents of the United States, Ray Ban knows no boundaries when it comes to the conformity of style, or the way in which their frames can shape not only a generation, but a timelessly cool culture, with one simple signature logo.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban History

Founded in 1934 in America, RayBan made its name through aviation. In a time where planes were going higher than ever, and had the range to travel distances that a lack of technology had previously inhibited, US Air Force pilots began to complain of headaches and altitude sickness from the increased amount of glare from the sun. Ray Ban saw their opportunity and stepped in, introducing a plastic frame with a green lens that would reduce glare without obscuring the pilot’s vision. It was this frame that sealed Ray Ban’s instant success as a new eyewear brand, as the style was later remodelled with a metal frame and called the Ray Ban Aviator.

RayBan became renowned for their unique performance in different lights. Before long, their reputation had led to them being worn for much more than just flying. Anybody partaking in outdoor pursuits lusted after a pair of Ray Bans, with later models being released with different coloured lenses to reduce the effects of varying light conditions on the eye. From hunting, to rock climbing and fishing, Ray Ban’s seemed to work their way into every aspect of outdoor life.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s Evolution

The 1940s saw Ray Ban develop the technology behind their lenses further, as gradient mirrored lenses protected pilots from the sun whilst allowing them to clearly see their dials in their lower field of vision. This military-inspired phenomenon spread to mainstream fashion, as ordinary people clamoured to get their hands on military-spec apparel.
The fashion after the war remained militarized; with civilians wearing Army issue t-shirts and pilot inspired clothing, including Ray Ban sunglasses to imitate their style. The implications of this shift in fashion were huge for Ray Ban – it meant that they had just managed to become a mainstream fashion eyewear brand without having to change a thing.

The wake of the war saw a shift in American culture. Hollywood boomed and the rise of the film star became unstoppable. It was during this time that Ray Ban introduced what is now perhaps one of their most recognisable styles, the Wayfarer. The squared-off frame was worn on-screen by the likes of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause”, which led to some of Ray Ban’s greatest exposure, as their styles were displayed on the big screen by some of the most culturally significant figures of all time. The boom continued well into the 1960s, with even more styles being added to the Ray Ban range, including frames for men, women and children.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s In Pop-Culture

The more recent years have seen Ray Ban continue their venture into popular culture. From Tom Cruise sporting the Ray Ban Aviator in “Top Gun” to a huge host of their styles appearing in one of Quentin Tarantino’s most celebrated films, “Reservoir Dogs”, Ray Bans have been displayed at the movies since their early popularity. With musicians such as Kanye West, Liam Gallagher and Rihanna being spotted wearing RayBan frames, there are no boundaries to which the American label can adhere too. With Ray Ban styles using their huge cultural references to transcend any style, they have always remained as pricelessly stylish no matter what look they are used in.

RayBan Sunglasses

With constant updates and innovations, including the reworking of timeless frames like the Wayfarer to create newer, sleeker versions, whilst also still maintaining production of the classic style, Ray Ban is one of the few brands in the world that can appeal to any gender and generation.

However, despite their unrivalled level of popularity thanks to their undoubted style, Ray Ban’s haven’t forgotten their roots of technological lens innovation. Still developing new tints and designs for the lenses to fit their sough-after frames, Ray Ban still provide everything from fully mirrored lenses on their classic Aviators, to the traditional green lens on their iconic Wayfarer, making them one of the most successful eyewear brands of all time.


Eyewear Independent’s Oscar Deen arrive at Aphrodite

New for the Spring/Summer ‘22 season, Aphrodite gives a warm welcome to the addition of our newest addition to our eyewear range; Oscar Deen.

A brand founded in 2015 by budding entrepreneurs and friends, Oscar Phillips and Sherriff-Deen Showobi, Oscar Deen (or OD) began as an endeavour to create and share something, however…they simply didn’t know what. OD came to fruition when the pair had a chance meeting with an eyewear collector at a day party, at which point the Londoners both realized they never ventured anywhere without a pair of shades.  



Embarking on a mission to find Europe’s most beloved and timeless sunglasses silhouettes, Oscar and Sherriff scoured every nook and corner of the continent in search of inspiration for their new venture, from the collectors’ archives of Kings Cross, London, to the flea markets of Paris. On their quest for vintage classics, OD uncovered timeless gems, including the 60s Italian Bifocals and shades reminiscent of 70s Americana or the bodacious 80s… the list is endless 

Equipped with endless inspo, the duo set to work re-designing and modernizing these silhouettes whilst retaining elements of each pair that gave them never-ending charm. For example, the Morris is inspired by both his and hers 1950s American ‘Safety Series’ sunglasses, and while the elegant lines of the ‘Hers’ frame are sustained in OD’s design, they introduced more contemporary features such as a slight incline in the brow and increased lens depth. Or take the Pinto; a pair inspired by 40s Parisian Crown Pantos, these shades still feature the distinct angular architecture of its predecessor, yet have been brought into the 21st century with sharpened lines, a raised keyhole bridge, and lowered frame. 



OD sunglasses not only harness retro styles, they also utilize traditional eyewear materials that have been developed to maintain their iconic look but also integrate contemporary construction features for a first-class finish. OD have collaborated with world-renowned polymeric manufacturer Mazzucchelli; an Italian company who have been spearheading the industry since 1849. Cellulose acetate; a nontoxic, nonirritant, and biodegradable natural polymer is the material used in the production of OD frames, which combined with color granules achieves the various tortoise shell effects seen on classic frames.  

These re-imagined shades are sure to bring effortless style to any fit, so why not get yourself a pair now, online and in store at Aphrodite Clothing. 
Shop Oscar Deen

Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Your Essential Summer Accessory

Since the late 1920s, Ray-Ban have been serving the world with the most iconic eyewear. It all began when the brand began providing eye-wear for pilots during the Second World War to protect their eyes from the sun. After the war, Ray Ban designed a range of iconic sunglasses which were soon picked up by the rich and famous, such as James Dean and Madonna. Fast forward to today, and a pair of Ray-Bans are seen as the essential summer accessory, with a statement style being the perfect addition to any outfit. Here we will talk you through some of the most iconic styles of Ray-Ban and why you should invest in a pair.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses

One of the most iconic styles, the Aviator was originally designed for pilots who complained of headaches and nausea due to the glare from the sun. Originally designed with plastic frames and anti-glare lenses, the Aviator was re-modelled with metal frames and went on sale to the public in 1937, gaining huge interest from the public. Since, the Aviator has become one of the most popular styles when it comes to sunglasses, with a classic but subtle design which will always be timeless. You can shop Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Here.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Ray Ban Clubmaster

The Clubmaster silhouette is quirky and stylish, with dark lenses and a distinctive tortoiseshell frames. The green tint to the lens absorbs 85% of visible light and blocks out most of the blue light, providing a remarkable colour contrast. This all helps to ensure a more natural vision. Ready to add to bag? Shop the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses Here.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Another silhouette which has earned its place as a classic in the sunglasses world. The Wayfarer holds a thicker frame with the same dark lenses, and was favoured by the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Marr. The tortoiseshell effect to the frame gives a timeless pair of sunglasses that contemporary feel. However, if you would prefer to keep it classic we also have the statement black Wayfarer available. Shop the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Here.

Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses

These classic sunglasses in Red Havana are versatile and quirky, with a retro inspired shape. These sunglasses are presented in a darker brown colour-way, with matching lenses and classic Ray-Ban branding to the sides. If you’re wanting something a little bit different, why not opt for this style? Shop the Ray-Ban Clubround Sunglasses Here.

Sunspel Lookbook SS15

Sunspel Lookbook Spring Summer 2015

This Lookbook features Sunspel a new brand at Aphrodite and it has us reaching for our Ray Bans with its summery vibes, ideal for those long lazy summer nights. Think holiday in the Riveria.

Shop our Sunspel

Published by Samantha Carruthers