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adidas Originals Hand 2 Laving

Don’t Call It a Comeback: adidas Hand 2 Trainers Revived

Step back in time as we unveil a rare gem from the Dassler archives – the adidas Hand 2 trainers in Grey. Originally designed for handball, these timeless sneakers have been brought back to life with a modern twist.

Join us on a journey into the revival of the adidas Originals Hand 2, set to hit stores on March 1st, following the footsteps of the iconic Bali trainers.

Unveiling the adidas Hand 2

Hailing from deep within the 3-Stripes archives, the adidas Hand 2 trainers make a triumphant return, capturing the essence of their handball roots.

adidas Originals Hand 2 On Foot

With a suede upper and contrasting details, this classic silhouette is set to make a striking statement both on and off the court. The gum rubber outsole not only adds a vintage touch but also ensures excellent traction, making these sneakers a flexible and stylish choice.

A Sneak Peek into the Archive

Originally crafted in Spain, the adidas Hand 2 trainers boast rarity, with no existing pair in the adidas archive. Recreated from scratch using old specifications and images and with the adidas Bermuda as a key influence, these sneakers pay homage to the original blue/white/yellow colourway with last year’s release included a 2-pack with the collegiate green colourway, adding a fresh twist to the classic design and the dual Grey/Sky Blue pairs doing the same.

Rooted in Heritage

The adidas Hand 2 trainers share the same tooling and sole unit as the Bermuda, emphasising their rich heritage.

adidas Originals Hand 2 Lacing

The meticulous recreation of these sneakers aligns with adidas’s commitment to preserving its iconic designs and offering enthusiasts a chance to experience the classics with a contemporary edge.

Bridging Past and Present

Much like the adidas Bali trainers, the Hand 2 revival bridges the gap between the past and present. The reimagined version pays homage to its original design while incorporating modern elements to meet the demands of today’s sneaker enthusiasts.

adidas Originals Hand 2 Sidewall

From the suede upper to the contrasting accents, every detail reflects a dedication to preserving the essence of the handball-inspired silhouette.

Mark your calendars for March 1st as the adidas Hand 2 trainers make their highly-anticipated return to stores. Just like the recent adidas Bali release, these sneakers promise to capture the hearts of collectors and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of adidas history – a symbol of enduring style and authenticity.

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Adidas Bern GORE-TEX: A Timeless Tribute to Footballing History

Introducing the Adidas Originals Bern GTX Trainers in Brown – a celebration of footballing history and style, reimagined with high-concept design from the brand with the three stripes.

adidas Originals Bern Trainers in Brown

This long-awaited release pays homage to a historic moment in footballing history. At Aphrodite, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the coveted, exclusive Adidas Bern GTX on 22nd February.

Crafted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Germany’s triumphant win at the 1954 UEFA European Football Championship over Ferenc Puskas’ iconic Hungary side, the Adidas Bern GORE-TEX is a symbol of resilience and victory.

adidas Originals Bern GTX Heel

Inspired by Max Morlock’s iconic boot from the Herzogenaurach archive, the premium waxed leather upper, metal eyelets, and contrast leather accents evoke a sense of nostalgia. In a neutral dark brown colourway, this limited-edition sneaker is a true collector’s item. The GORE-TEX lining not only waterproofs the shoe but also serves as a tribute to the inclement weather that characterised the historic match, known as the “Miracle of Bern.”

adidas Originals Bern GTX Top Down View

The iconic Three Stripes motif boldly graces the side of the sneaker, defining it as both a stylish statement and a symbol of historical significance. Additional branding elements can be found on the tongue, heel, and insole, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

adidas Originals Bern GTX GORE-TEX Tab

The Adidas Bern GORE-TEX transcends footwear; it is a piece of history that connects avid collectors to the legendary victory of the “Miracle of Bern.” Whether retracing Max Morlock’s victory or creating legendary moments of your own, these waterproof trainers ensure you stay protected while making a bold statament.

Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of football with the Adidas Originals Bern GTX Trainers – a fusion of iconic design, waterproof functionality, and a nod to the beautiful game.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this historic moment when these limited-edition trainers arrive at Aphrodite Clothing on 22nd February; click the Newsletter Sign-Up link to be the first to know when they’ve dropped. Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of football with the Adidas Originals Bern GTX Trainers – a fusion of iconic design, waterproof functionality, and a nod to the beautiful game.

adidas Bali Banner

A Rare Revival: The Iconic adidas Bali Trainers Return

The iconic adidas Bali trainers, renowned for their rarity are making a triumphant return after decades off the scene. Dive into the details of this exciting revival and see why these trainers are once again setting pulses racing in the sneaker world.

Island Inspiration: Drawing Colors from the Vibrant Bali

Since their debut in 1977, the adidas Bali trainers have maintained a cherished status among collectors. Handcrafted in France and inspired by the vibrant island, these shoes became renowned for their unique design and limited availability. Their cultural significance and exclusivity solidified their position as coveted pieces in sneaker history.

adidas Originals Bali Pair

A Collector’s Dream: Why the adidas Bali Holds Enduring Appeal

Breaking the silence, adidas Originals has recently announced the reintroduction of these iconic trainers on the 1st of March, sparking renewed excitement. Going beyond mere footwear, the adidas Bali represents a distinctive fusion of artistry, cultural influences, and adidas heritage. Possessing a pair is akin to holding a fragment of timeless style, celebrated for its authenticity and enduring charm.

adidas Originals Bali Tongue

Premium Materials & Classic Branding: A Recipe for Timeless Style

This reimagined version of the adidas Bali remains faithful to the original’s spirit through a purist approach. The adidas team concentrated on a clean silhouette crafted with premium materials and classic branding, allowing the rich, vibrant colours to dominate and define the shoe’s identity.

adidas Originals Bali Heel Logo

The upper boasts buttery soft suede, complemented by deep blue 3-Stripes and a matching heel panel. A touch of heritage is interwoven with subtle adidas Bali branding on the tongue and heel, while a suede tongue adds a dash of lightweight comfort. The textured rubber sole, coated in the same rich blue and adorned with adidas branding, completes the classic, terrace-inspired look.

The re-release of the adidas Bali this March presents an opportunity to own a piece of history, transcending the realm of mere footwear. It stands as a symbol of heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless style, inviting enthusiasts to embrace and celebrate the legacy of this iconic sneaker.

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adidas London Trainers Pair Banner

City Series Re-Up: Adidas London Trainers Return

Legend with a Capital ‘L’: The City Series Favourite adidas London Trainers Reemerge in Two New Low-Key Colourways.

adidas London: A Rich History

The adidas Originals trainers ‘City Series’ has been a mainstay in the trainer scene since its debut in the late 70s, and one of the most popular models from the collection is undoubtedly the adidas London.

Originally released in a red and black colourway, the adidas London was constructed in premium suede with leather stripes and a heel tab. The deep red suede of the original rendition is what made this trainer stand out, and it’s no wonder that it’s become a collector’s item.

Despite having seen the adidas London reissued several times throughout the years, no matter the colourway or slight detail changes, they sell out almost immediately with its slim silhouette proving as popular with lifelong adidas fans and with those newer to the brand with the three stripes.

Two New Colourways

Now, adidas is bringing back this icon in two new colourways: the adidas London in blue and black, and the adidas London in black and green; both pairs arriving any time at Aphrodite both online and in-store.

adidas London Trainers in Black/Green

Timeless Design

The blue and black London features a dark blue suede upper with black leather stripes and a heel tab. The black and green London has a black suede upper with green leather stripes and a heel tab. Both colourways are finished with a gum rubber outsole for a touch of vintage style.

adidas London Trainers in Blue/Black

Limited Availability

If you’re a fan of the adidas originals London, then you’ll definitely want to check out these new colourways but be warned they’re sure to sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long to snag your pair.

Shop the adidas London trainers with Aphrodite Clothing today.

Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Banner

Stride in Style: Unveiling the Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Runners

Adidas Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Running Trainers: A Fusion of Design Elegance and High-Performance Innovation.

The adidas Y3 Takumi Sen 10 running trainers embody a striking fusion of Y3’s avant-garde design aesthetics and cutting-edge high-performance features. Crafted in collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto, these shoes present a unique colour update with fade-effect elements that bear the Y-3 identity, featuring Yohji Yamamoto’s signature on the left shoe and 3-Stripes on the right.

Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Running Trainers in Black

Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Trainers Black

Performance-wise, the Takumi Sen 10 maintains a sleek and futuristic profile. The upper is made from lightweight textile material, ensuring a comfortable and breathable fit. The lace closure guarantees a secure and adjustable fit, allowing runners to customise the fit to their preferences.

The Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Trainers in Off White (below) presents a lux colourway ready for any occasion, athletic or otherwise, while the sleek Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Trainers in Black (above) provides a classic monochromatic look.

The midsole of the Takumi Sen 10 utilises ultralight Lightstrike Pro foam, providing superior cushioning while minimising the overall weight of the shoe. This advanced foam technology not only delivers excellent impact protection but also contributes to increased speed during runs.


Y3 Takumi Sen 10 Running Trainers in Off White

A standout feature of these running trainers is the incorporation of ENERGYRODS, carbon-infused elements strategically placed to minimise energy loss and propel momentum forward. This technology enhances the shoe’s overall responsiveness, making it suitable for various running paces, from faster 5K races to longer marathons.

The outsole of the Takumi Sen 10 is composed of durable rubber, ensuring traction and grip on different surfaces, making the shoe versatile for both road running and varied terrains.

Y3 Takum Se 10 Trainers in White

The adidas Y3 Takumi Sen 10 running trainers offer a harmonious blend of Y3’s distinctive design language and adidas’ high-performance features. Whether drawn to its unique aesthetics or seeking top-notch performance, the Takumi Sen 10 stands out as an exceptional choice for runners looking to make a statement on and off the track.

Shop the Takumi Sen at Aphrodite Clothing today.

adidad Originals Guam Banner

Adidas Guam Returns: Two New Colourways

Adidas Guam Steps Back into the Spotlight with Two Versatile New Colourways in Lux Suede.

For aficionados of iconic adidas trainers, the excitement is palpable as the cult-favourite adidas Guam makes a triumphant return, adorned in two colourways that cleverly play on previous iterations. Originating in the early 1980s, the Guam, derived from the Yugoslavian-produced Milano model, and crafted in Japan, has solidified its place in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts. In a nod to the Island Series, the latest renditions unveil two colour options – Active Maroon with silver accents and Light Onix Grey boasting black details.

In its heyday, the Guam garnered widespread acclaim, captivating both runners and casual wearers alike. Renowned for its plush comfort and timeless design, this revival faithfully captures the essence of the original silhouette, infused with subtle modern enhancements.

Adidas Guam Trainers in Grey and Navy - Iconic City Series Sneaker Returns

The ‘Active Maroon’ variant boasts a rich, dynamic hue complemented by sleek silver accents, creating an energetic aesthetic reminiscent of classic Guam styles. Meanwhile, the ‘Light Onix Grey’ option, adorned with black details, exudes sophistication and versatility, evoking a timeless charm that harks back to the adidas Guam’s heritage.

Adidas Guam Trainers in Maroon - New Release from the City Series in Suede

Both colourways arrive in sumptuous suede, elevating the Guam’s tactile appeal and ensuring a luxurious feel with every step. What sets these renditions apart is their commitment to authenticity – featuring the original sole unit in a timeless off-white, a nod to the adidas Guam’s legacy and a classic look that effortlessly transcends trends.

As these new adidas Guam colourways emerge, they cleverly play on the nostalgia of previous iterations, encapsulating the essence of vintage charm while embracing contemporary style. Whether you choose the vibrant ‘Active Maroon’ or the understated elegance of ‘Light Onix Grey,’ these sneakers promise to be more than just footwear; they are a thoughtful homage to the enduring legacy of the adidas Guam in the ever-evolving landscape of sneaker fashion.

Shop the adidas Originals Trainers Guam in Active Maroon and Light Onix Grey at Aphrodite Clothing

Heritage, Style, Innovation: Latest New Balance Drop Has It All

Unlock the perfect blend of technical prowess and footwear heritage with the latest New Balance drop – a monster selection with something for everyone.

Latest New Balance Drop

Embrace the essence of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary design as we introduce 16 new pairs across 7 different models, each a testament to New Balance’s commitment to excellence. Here we’ll dive into 12 of the pairs (the 4 New Balance Lunar New Year models you can read more about here) and if you’re as big a fan as we are, we’re certain you’ll find something you dig from the selection below.

New Balance 991 in BrownNew Balance 991 Brown

New Balance 991 in Black

New Balance 9060 in BlackNew Balance 9060 Black

New Balance 9060 in WhiteNew Balance 9060 White

New Balance 9060 in MoonrockNew Balance 9060 Moonrock

New Balance 9060 in DriftwoodNew Balance 9060 Driftwood

New Balance 2002R in PhantomNew Balance 2002r Phantom

New Balance 2002R in LinenNew Balance 2002r Linen

New Balance 574 in BlackNew Balance 574 Black

New Balance 574 in GreenNew Balance 574 Green

New Balance 576 in BlackNew Balance 576 Black

New Balance 1906 in LinenNew Balance 1906 Linen

Now available both online and in-store at Aphrodite, this highly-anticipated release marries cutting-edge innovation with iconic style. Elevate your sneaker game and explore the epitome of comfort and fashion with the diverse range of options in our latest drop of New Balance.

Your perfect pair awaits – take the opportunity to step into a world where heritage meets high-end design.

Lunar New Year Pack Arrives: Exclusive New Balance Drop

Ring in the Lunar New Year with the New Balance 1906 and 610 – New to Aphrodite

As the Lunar New Year festivities approach (10th Feb to be exact), and the year of the Dragon begins, New Balance steps in with a collection that perfectly captures the spirit of the occasion.

Introducing the New Balance Lunar New Year Pack, featuring two iconic silhouettes – the New Balance 610 and New Balance 1906 – boasting a variety of both vibrant and low-key hues.

Stepping into the New Year with the New Balance 610

The New Balance 610 – a recent addition to the Aphrodite footwear roster – blends outdoor heritage design and modern appeal, receiving a makeover for the Lunar New Year in two bold colourways…

New Balance 610 in Green

This earthy option exudes freshness and growth, symbolising new beginnings and prosperity.

New Balance Lunar New Year 610 in Green

The ripstop upper and hairy suede overlays arrive in a rich jade, accented by crisp white detailing and pops of black throughout.

New Balance 610 in Navy

For a more understated yet sophisticated look, the navy colourway offers timeless elegance.

New Balance Lunar New Year 610 in Navy

The deep blue mesh and suede upper is complemented by white and grey accents, creating a harmonious balance of colours.

Both pairs share subtle nods to the Lunar New Year tradition. The insoles sport a vibrant jade green hue and feature an embroidered “NB” logo while the midsoles echo the upper colours and the chunky ABZORB® cushioning and lugged N-durance rubber outsole ensure both comfort and performance.

Join in the Festivities with the New Balance 1906.

Not to be outdone, the New Balance 1906U makes its Lunar New Year debut with two equally stunning colourways…

New Balance 1906 Sea Salt:

This versatile option is perfect for those who prefer a clean and minimal aesthetic. The cream upper is accented by tonal hues, creating a neutral look that’s both sleek and understated.

New Balance Lunar New Year 1906 in Sea Salt

The cream upper is accented by tonal hues, creating a neutral look that’s both sleek and understated.

New Balance 1906 Shell Pink:

For a touch of playful charm, the pink colourway adds a pop of vibrancy.

New Balance Lunar New Year 1906 in Shell Pink

The delicate pink upper is complemented by white and cream accents, making it a perfect choice for celebrating the festive season.

Just like the 610, the New Balance 1906U features cushioned insoles with the embroidered “NB” logo and tonal midsoles. The comfortable REVLite® cushioning and stylish mixed media upper make this sneaker a versatile choice for both casual wear and special occasions.

The Lunar New Year Pack is more than just a run-of-the-mill collection; it’s a celebration of culture, tradition, and new beginnings. The carefully chosen tones and subtle detailing reflect the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year, while the high-quality materials and performance-driven technologies ensure a comfortable and stylish experience.

So, whether you’re looking for a stylish way to ring in the new year or simply want to add a touch of cultural flair to your wardrobe, the New Balance Lunar New Year Pack has something for everyone. With its combination of vibrant colours, subtle nods to tradition, and top-notch performance, this collection is sure to make your New Year celebrations extra special.

Y3 Gazelle Trainers In Off White

Trainer News: Latest Y3 Trainer Drop at Aphrodite

Introducing the Latest Drop from Y3, Including Revamped Versions of adidas Legends the Country, Gazelle and Stan Smith.

Aphrodite Clothing is thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest drops from Y3, the iconic fashion brand founded as a collaboration between Y3 founder Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. Y3 has long been a key brand for Aphrodite, renowned for its innovative designs, premium materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. This latest collection showcases the brand’s signature fusion of Japanese minimalism and German sportswear heritage, offering a range of footwear that are both stylish and functional.

Y3 Gazelle Trainers in Black

Y3 Gazelle Trainers in Black

The Y3 Gazelle trainers in black, an adidas classic reimagined, feature a premium suede upper, a textured rubber sole, and signature Y3 branding throughout. The Gazelle trainers are a timeless classic that will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Y3 Country Trainers in Black

Y3 Country Trainers in Black

The Y3 Country trainers in black offer up a subtly stylised aesthetic. This iteration arrives in a more high-end, lux fabrication in supple leather with classic rubber sole, and an even narrower, low-key silhouette than normal. The Y3 Country trainers are perfect for adding a touch of minimalism to your everyday style.

Y3 Gazelle Trainers in Off-White

Y3 Gazelle Trainers In Off White

The Gazelle trainers, this time in a crisp off-white colourway, exude a modern and minimalist vibe. These trainers feature a premium suede upper, waved midsole panelling, and a signature Yamamoto branding detail. The Y3 Gazelle trainers in off-white are a versatile option that can be dressed up or down.

Y3 Stan Smith Trainers in Off-White

Y3 Stan Smith Trainers In Off White

The Stan Smith, a legendary sneaker, has been reinterpreted by Y3 in a sleek off-white colourway. These trainers feature a premium leather upper, a perforated design, and a scripted brand ID at the sidewall. The Y3 Stan Smith trainers in off-white are a refined and contemporary take on a classic silhouette.

Browse the latest drops from Y3 and elevate your footwear game with these iconic premium reworks. Available now online and in store at Aphrodite Clothing.