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Mako Cotton

What Is Mako Cotton?

Mako Cotton is produced in upper-Egypt; spun from a long staple fibre to develop a very fine premium quality cotton. The finest grade Mako has the unique and rare ability of being spun into a much smoother, finer, and stronger form compared to any other existing cotton in the world.

The cotton which is now exclusive to designer wear was founded by Monsieur Louis Alexis Jumel, an active and enterprising French man, who discovered a lost garden planted with beds of neglected cotton plants that appeared to have no use. Out of curiosity, the man collected the plants and took them for thorough examination, which is now proven to have been well-worth his time. Immediately the exquisite benefit of the cotton plants became apparent to him from how well they had adapted to their original soil ground, and after observing and experimenting with them, he soon became satisfied with the specific planting regime of the staple and how it might be easily propagated throughout Egypt for the purpose of fashion and clothing.

Today, alongside Egypt, Mako Cotton plants are now grown and well-managed in a small part of the Nile Delta – representing only 0.5% of the total annual Egyptian cotton production. Mako cotton is picked by hand through the delicacy that it withholds, where only the flocks that have developed to the correct stage and are able to be manipulated, are picked at once. Manually hand-picking the cotton avoids the use of defoliants and other harsh chemical products that are commonly used for machinery designed for automatic plant-picking. Mako Cotton fibres are remarkably long (36 mm) and have a consistent index of 88.5%, and what makes it so limited is the fineness of its fibres, often measured in micronaire. Micronaire is between  3.0 and 3.2, and the strength of the brightness equivalent to 74.8 – the best among the list of exceedingly long staple cottons.

What Are The Benefits Of Mako Cotton?

  • The sheets made of this fine fabric are extraordinarily soft with a silky hand, rich drape and a luminous sheen
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Can withstand frequent washing’s

Brands That Use Mako Cotton

  • C.P Company


thanks for this cool information. I’ve just bought some for my embroidery machine and not knowing what it was, i thought it felt expensive but now that I know, the premium essence feels worth the investment for our hemp clothing embroidery pieces. daniel @www.ilovebad.com

I’ve got a CP T shirt made from this type of cotton. It’s very thick and feels extremely good quality.

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