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What To Wear This Christmas 2021

What to Wear this Christmas : Aphrodite Advises

Discover a range of Christmas outfits below

Christmas Shopping

Before we can fully immerse ourselves in festivity after festivity there’s the small (very tedious) task of rounding up gifts for all your loved ones to tend to first. While some may relish in the prospect of finding presents, it’s usually quite a stressful process for the majority of us. Whether an item has unexpectedly sold out, or maybe it’s jumped back to full price after being discounted, there are always unexpected factors to contend with which throw curveballs at our Christmas shopping days.

While you can’t predict these unforeseen circumstances, you can counteract some negativity in your shopping day by bringing a very impressive outfit to the table to run said errands in. We suggest opting for something on the casual end of the spectrum, but remember, casual needn’t have to mean careless. You can remain practically dressed to tackle the rails while still showing off some of the better pieces in your rotation.

Christmas Outfits Christmas Shopping

For this Christmas Outfit we’ve opted for:

Stussy Mossy Oak Puffer Jacket – £269

Nudie Franke Hoodie – £115

Norse Projects Norse Beanie – £55

Fred Perry Loopback Sweatpants – £79

New Balance 327 Trainers – £99


Work Party

The office Christmas get together can reveal all kinds of truths about your colleagues, be it a secret smoking habit, a euphonious karaoke voice, or a hype-worthy wardrobe that’s seldom seen due to the scrupulous office dress code. The above, and more, are all unveiled when we’re forced into putting our professional persona on the back burner for one night only.

A scary number of shots, hazy moments, and a skewed memory of what perplexing chat we spieled to Karen from Human Resources – that’s usually how the cookie crumbles in this scenario. And while we may have little recollection of what time we stumbled through the front door, or the sugar cane carton we fell into in the kebab shop, one thing that always sticks sharp on the brain the next morning is what our colleagues wore.

Christmas Outfits Work Party

So if your work party Christmas outfit is the only thing that will be remembered this festive season, make sure it’s a good one.

For the purpose of this shindig, we’ve selected the following:

Paul Smith Mac – £299

Paul Smith Striped Scarf – £89

Norse Projects Fridolf N Intarsia Jumper – £159

Fred Perry Button Down Shirt – £79

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

Grenson Archie Hand Painted Brogues – £305


Christmas Market

One of the easiest ways to get into the festive spirit is by wrapping up and heading down to the Christmas market for a spot of mulled wine or a craft beer beside a roasting hot fire. You never know how the British weather will pan out though so we recommend bulking up on the layers to keep as toasty as possible while you head from stall to stall. Add-ons like a woolen beanie and a leather pair of gloves are essential, especially when you’ve got cold drinks to keep close by. A sensible pair of boots wouldn’t go a miss either, at least then you’re not plunging a fresh pair of white kicks into sludge or puddles.

Christmas Outfits Christmas Market

How about something like this outfit when you next head to a Christmas market:

Fred Perry Parka – £395

Moncler Tib Gilet – £630

Stone Island Shadow Project Hoodie – £560

Moncler Grenoble Knitted Beanie – £150

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

Fred Perry Perforated Leather Gloves – £65

Danner Mountain Light Boots – £359



Due to the pandemic, pub gatherings were forbidden over Christmas last year. Fingers crossed this year will be different. There’s just nothing quite like walking through the front door of your local on Christmas Eve, seeing your nearest and dearest with pints in hand, accompanied by a sea of laughter from table to table, and the room abuzz awaiting for Saint Nick’s arrival in the AM. It’s as wholesome as it gets.

Finding a harmonious balance between smart and casual is essential when visiting your favourite tavern. Don’t bother beefing up the layers unless you want to melt amidst everyone else’s body heats. Do, however, prepare for the likely event of trekking to another establishment by wearing at least one warming outerwear piece. Trainers will suffice on foot and a cap could come in handy if you’d prefer to go a little bit incognito, ideal if you run the risk of running into an ex-girlfriend while sinking a few drinks at the pub.

Christmas Outfits Pub Drinks

See our outfit pick for pub drinks below:

Norse Projects Twill Sports Cap – £65

Nudie Jeans Fred Cloth Jacket – £229

Paul Smith Check Shirt – £135

Paul Smith TVs T-Shirt – £65

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

New Balance 237 Trainers – £79


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