Axel Arigato Genesis

Since its creation, the Axel Arigato Genesis has become a mainstay in the Scandinavian brand's offerings. This is, in part, thanks to the silhouette's incredibly versatile and contemporary aesthetic, with its clean-cut lines merging with a dynamic shape to truly allow the model to stand out. A premium construction adds to the Genesis silhouette's allure, with most models donning a blend of smooth leather, supple suede, recycled mesh and a spongy EVA sole, this all combines as it is handcrafted in Portugal to ensure the most luxurious finish possible. In terms of styling, Axel Arigato follows the archival traits set since its founding in 2014, with simple colour schemes combining complimentary colours that dress each individual panel, a monochromatic look is also preferred by the brand. No matter which colourway you go for, we can assure you that an Axel Arigato Genesis Trainer is always a great choice.

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