Birkenstock Sandals | Boston | Arizona

Birkenstock's roots can be traced all the way back to 1774 in rural Germany, where the Birkenstock brothers lived as shoe-makers. The family craft was passed down for generations and in 1896 Birkenstock's innovation in footwear technology began to set them apart from the crowd. In a quest of creating more ergonomic and medically sound shoes, Birkenstock experimented with their in-sole and conjured a new idea, adding contoured lines that would mould to the wearer's foot. The footbed was born.

By 1925 Birkenstocks could be found in stores all over Europe as the brand thrived off of a continually growing reputation for making comfortable, quality footwear. Currently, Birkenstock is dominating the 'anti-sneaker' footwear market, with styles such as the dual-strapped Arizona and the classic Boston Birkenstock Clogs silhouettes reigning supreme.

Despite the brand's success, Birkenstock has stayed true to its roots, crafting its sandals using decades-old practices in local German factories, using skilled local workers. It's this dedication to quality that combines with the comfort and style of a Birkenstock to make them a must-have in any wardrobe rotation.

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