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Canada Goose is ubiquitous the world over for cold-weather protection. Pioneered in 1957 by Polish-born Sam Tick, examples such as the Crofton Jacket, Hybridge Lite, Chilliwack Bomber and Wyndham Parka were purpose-built and field-tested to combat the coldest climates on the planet.

In recent years the brand has successfully adapted to the prevailing streetwear scene, ensuring that you don't need to reside above the Arctic Circle for a piece to warrant its place in your outerwear arsenal. An undeniable go-to for big warm jackets and virtually a household name, Canada Goose has been sported by the likes of esteemed patrons Idris Elba, Daniel Craig and Drake. High profile endorsements aside, it is quality manufacturing and attention to detail which set this outerwear brand apart, with fleece lined pockets, coyote fur hood trim – a natural anti-freeze – and technical materials combining to provide total weather protection as well as impeccable street-appropriate styling.

Shop our Canada Goose collection for a range of outstanding jackets, gilets and hats.

You can also find our Canada Goose sale here if you are lucky enough to catch it before it's gone.

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