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Filson Bags

Filson Bags have established themselves as one of the best business. Since their conception more than a century ago, Filson have managed to maintain the exact same ethos as when they first started out; use only the best materials and labour to provide the best product.

Initially famed for their production of goods suitable for explorers in the Northern United States, Filson Bags have risen to become a forerunner for providing durable clothing and accessories. Still based in a factory in Seattle, Filson Bags are all handmade and are constructed with only the best genuine bridle leather – tanned in the USA – and signature fabrics like the Rugged Twill and weather resistant Tin Cloth to guarantee durability and years of faithful service.

Durable, practical and stylish, a Filson Bag is an investment that is sure to stand the test of time. When you buy one of their items, you buy into their history with the knowledge that you are getting only the best.


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