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Born in the early 20th century in America, New Balance can trace its roots back to one man, William Riley. Starting out by crafting arch supports, Riley went on to make his own running shoe for a Boston running club. His trainer was met with huge acclaim and word soon spread about their comfort and quality-leading to Riley custom-making trainers for a range of sports, before the 1970s, when he released multiple styles of trainer under the New Balance name.

The perfect advocate for the huge rise of sneaker culture, New Balance retains its understated and effective nature, bringing styles inspired by its hugely successful history to the international stage. Aside from their still booming athletic trainer business, New Balance trainers have become a benchmark for anyone seeking a supremely comfortable casual footwear ally. With a numbering system that references each trainer instead of giving them a name, New Balance trainers with a higher number on their tongue feature a more advanced level of technology, containing everything from Encap soles to advanced materials and cushioning units.

A comprehensive range of New Balance trainers means everyone is catered for, from sneaker collectors seeking the latest colourway to anyone searching for the perfect silhouette to wear with their casual looks. 

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