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The North Face Black Label

North Face Black Label, channels the storied history of the brand through a contemporary streetwear lens, The North Face Black Label takes the high-performance fabrics and construction the company is known for, and applies them to more wearable, casual silhouettes, ideal for those who want to stay protected from the elements -- and look stylish doing it. Taking inspiration from the classic North Face designs of the Eighties and Nineties, the Black Label updates them with more modern cuts and fabrics, while still maintaining their vintage appeal, and translating them for a more casual, street-savvy audience. Sustainability is a huge part of The North Face brand ethos, with the design team constantly assessing their products’ life cycle and environmental impact. Recycled materials are incorporated into their new products, and their sources and suppliers are also engaged in ensuring their processes are environmentally friendly. Outerwear, t-shirts and caps featuring the classic Half Dome logo throughout are all incorporated for a timeless look.

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