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Polo Ralph Lauren originally started out in 1967 by selling his own ties and the brand has since then expanded exponentially to the fashion behemoth it is today. Their polo shirts have been a wardrobe staple since 1972 and famously sport the "Polo" logo, which is embroidered proudly on the majority of it's collection. Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most respected brands of today, with a rich heritage that continually delivers smart yet casual clothing for the every day man. Fortune magazine ranks Ralph Lauren as one of the most admired companies in the world. In a poll of industry leaders, the brand was first amongst all apparel companies.

But not only is the brand respected within industry and financial circles, it holds a special status with youth subcultures and menswear afficionados. The brand's availability, range of colours and distinct visual language have appealed to everyone from the 'preps' looking to channel classic American collegiate style with the brand's staple polos, chinos and oxford shirts, to hip-hop artists like the Wu Tang Clan, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams who made the Ralph Lauren rugby shirt a street style staple. Furthermore, the brand has a die-hard core of fans who buy, sell and trade some of the rarer pieces from the brand's extensive archives, such as the legendary Snow Beach collection and 90s-era Polo Sport capsules. This continuing popularity has given the brand impetus to start re-releasing some of these coveted archive pieces, and infusing their main range with influences from the past to create something that still feels relevant today. Whatever your style, Ralph Lauren's extensive product range makes the brand the go-to for high-quality, timeless garments to fill any and all gaps in your wardrobe.

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