Stone Island Shadow Project Knitwear

This experimental project from the unrivalled urban menswear designer offers up a range of luxury heavier pieces in the form of the Stone Island Shadow Projects knitwear collection. Bearing the brand’s signature emblem and created using exceptionally high quality materials, these garments have a clear appeal, testament to the popularity of the Stone Island repertoire.

This premium range includes some essential statement pieces, and every Stone Island Shadow Project knitwear garment is guaranteed to elevate any outfit. The quality of each product is assured, with the manufacturing process meeting the brand’s meticulous garment standards. Each knitwear product is crafted with integrity, and the garment will retain its original appearance even over time. 

Take a look at our Stone Island Shadow Project knitwear range, and find much more from this experimental selection from one of the biggest names in urban menswear, including Stone Island Shadow Project shorts and Stone Island Shadow Project t-shirts.