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Stone Island Bags | Backpacks & Bum Bags

Stone Island reimagines practicality and underpins it with a serious modern edge, creating an innovative range of bags which embody the brand’s fusion of functionality and design. A Stone Island bag is a conscientiously refined product, fit for purpose and fulfilling the brand’s emphasis on utility. 

You’ll find classic bag styles refreshed in our range, complete with Stone Island’s notorious design elements adding a unique touch to models such as the classic tote, duffels and more. 

From industrial-inspired, garment-dyed fabrics to a modern sport aesthetic with a nylon duffel, each fabric is considered for functionality and durability. Stone Island bags are engineered with the brand’s disciplined approach to material innovation, making sure that each product is of the highest quality. 

Stone Island unleashes its passion for experimental design through its collection of bags, prioritising statement branding over all. Add an accessory that’ll become an unignorable centrepiece of any outfit to your current collection and give your usual look a distinctive overhaul. 

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