Top Footballers' Social Media Earnings Revealed

Aphrodite has generated a series of Football Rich Lists, based on the potential yearly incomes of some of the most high-profiile names in the game. Take a look at who could be earning the most based on their Instagram and TikTok activity, and see how your favourite players fare!

Combined Social Media Earnings From Instagram & TikTok 

In terms of combined earnings, Neymar could be making a huge £712,500 per Instagram post, and an impressive £7,182 for each of his TikTok uploads, with an overall social media income of £186,744,041 per year. James Rodriguez is in second place taking home potential yearly earnings of £36,290,628 per year, and third in the combined earnings league table is Mohamed Salah scoring a sum of £31,575,098 from his Instagram and TikTok activity.

Earnings From Instagram

Next up, based on Instagram earnings alone, Cristiano Ronaldo secures an unrivalled yearly potential fee of £329,420,000 per year. Paris St Germain's forward features once again, with Neymar claiming the second highest yearly Instagram income of £188,370,000. Argentinian maestro Messi scores the third spot in our roundup, with his Insta feed raking in a yearly sum of £130,728,000.

Earnings From TikTok

The video sharing app TikTok is undoubtedly the social sensation of 2020, and footballers soon jumped onto the growing trend. Bayern Munich's rising star Alphonso Davies is dominating the field when it comes to footballing 'TikTokkers', with potential earnings of £2,644,954 per year based on his current activity. Neymar scores a hat trick appearing in the top 3 once again, with a forecasted fee of £1,494,041 per year, followed by Sergio Ramos who could be making as much as £767,670 from his Tik Tok uploads in an average year.

Instagram Follower Growth in 2020

Some of the biggest names in our exclusive roundup have been making a noticeable impact off of the pitch in 2020, and this is reflected by a surge in popularity on social media.

Lionel Messi has scored the most new Instagram followers since January 2020, adding 25.1 million to his count means he can now charge up to £125,000 per sponsored post. Neymar is in second place, gaining 11.9 million new followers and increasing the price tag of his sponsored posts to £59,500. In third place, Sergio Ramos scored 4.7 million new followers, boosting the value of his sponsored posts to £23,500.

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford MBE has gained a colossal 1.5 million new Instagram followers since January. Rashford had a seismic impact in the campaign efforts to support providing free school meals for children, using his social media channels to generate awareness.

Alphonso Davies gained the attention of fans with his remarkable personal success story, from spending his early life in a refugee camp to signing a record $22 million contract with Bayern Munich. His follower count has increased by 2.38 million, securing him £11,910 per sponsored Instagram post. Footballers have not only risen to the challenges of the pandemic, but as these examples show they are actively changing perceptions of 'the beautiful game' both on and off the pitch, using social media to inspire a new generation of fans.

About the data

Social media profiles were chosen for analysis based on follower count, which was also used to determine the value per Instagram post, with individual follower value calculated by Inkifi. Data gathered for TikTok values were sourced using Influencer Marketing Hub. Aphrodite carried out the social media analysis, and the brand is an established stockist of extensive designer clothing including ranges such as Stone Island, CP Company, and Moncler. The data is correct as of 26/11/2020, and Instagram follower data was updated 26/11/2020.