APC Clothing And Jeans

APC Clothing was founded back in the late 1980s by Tunisian fashion designer Jean Touitou who still reigns strong to this day. A.P.C stands for Atelier de Production et de Creation and is now a brand known worldwide for its minimalist designs featuring clean lines and their reluctance to use patterns. Over the years they have collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and brands such as Caraharrt WIP, incorporating workwear influences into their output. Their range of clothes includes raw-denim selvedge, APC jeans and are some of the most popular styles of selvedge jeans on the market amongst denim connoisseurs. Their recent collections have featured a blend of high-end casual-wear in the form of Sweatshirts & Sweatpants as part of their Made in The US range that focuses on high quality builds with minimal branding, they have even ventured into sneakers that follow the 'Dad' trend, but with their refined, tasteful aesthetic.

If you are wanting a brand that doesn't scream for attention, but instead gets a respectful appreciation then you need to invest in an APC piece.

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