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Encouraging you to view inclement weather as ‘an opportunity rather than an inconvenience’, Scandinavian brand Rains is reinventing rainwear one item at a time with their selection of waterproof jackets.

The Denmark-hailing label first landed in 2012 with a single product, the faithful poncho. An instant hit with consumers, that very silhouette led the way for a slew of products to follow in its footsteps and Rains’ second collection expanded, bringing with it apparel, bags and other innovative pieces. 

Although the brand can’t claim that it coined the phrase ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ it does do a great job at proving its veracity. The Rains collection is all about futureproofing your wardrobe, looking ahead and not allowing tomorrow’s gloomy forecast to disrupt your plans. The garments are designed to withstand the stormiest of conditions, doing so in a sleek yet simple manner that’s perfectly in tune with the Scandi sensibility. 

The rubber raincoat has truly transcended under the Danish imprint’s watch. Take the Rains Classic Jacket and the iconic fishtail parka for an instant, it’s tailor-made for urban settings and is crafted using that signature water-resistant matte fabric, plus it’s unisex and comes in a range of impressive colourways. Then you have the Rains Long Jacket which stretches slightly closer to the knee for wider protection, again made from a smooth matte waterproof fabric and finished with an elegant fishtail hem.

Elsewhere in the selection you’ll uncover the Rains Liner Vest which is essentially an add-on for the outerwear pieces - constructed to improve your outfit’s thermal capacity, and if your limited on the storage space, why not invest in a Rains Rolltop Rucksack? These portable beauties have a cult following! 

Rains straddles form and function equally, meaning you can continue looking on point even when a rainy day draws in.

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