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Crafted with pride in the USA for over 80 years, Danner boots such as the Bull Run and Mountain Light are some of the most highly-regarded boots on the market for both form and function.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1932, Danner began making pairs of Danner boots for the booming timber industry, and soon developed a reputation for making footwear that was durable, reliable and affordable. By the 1970s, Danner expanded their selection to serve the burgeoning outdoor market, beginning with their first Danner hiking boots, the 6490, before creating their signature, Gore Tex lined Danner Mountain Light boot, which remains the core of their Portland Select range to this day.

The brand still upholds their reputation, crafting a range of boots inspired by their heritage in both workwear and hiking gear. Still handmade in the USA, utilising only the finest leathers and technologies like Gore Tex linings and Vibram sole units, Danner's Mountain Light Cascade Boots and Danner Vertigo are just as tough as their ancestors, whilst styles such as the Danner Mountain 600 Boots pave the way for new innovation.

Thanks to the handmade stitch-down construction, Danner boots are re-craftable for a lifetime of use.

Danner Boots Aftercare:

Appreciative of the fact that buying Danner boots is a considered purchase, we are eager to stress the importance of Danner's range of aftercare products.

A range of luxury Danner dressings for the full grain leather treatment should see you through the winter months without your boots drying out. They come with the additional benefits of helping you break in your new Danner boots and prolong the life of the footwear.

Having a spare pair of USA made 63" cotton laces to-hand ensures that you're never going to get caught short in the highly unlikely event that you damage your laces.

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