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Autry is a Texas born footwear brand that was founded back in 1982. Upon its creation, the brand got off to a promising start as it began to gain attention thanks to its timeless aesthetic, and the inclusion of the American flag in the brand's logo. Their tennis-style shoes were a hit and the brand was on the up, that is until complications behind the scenes caused the brand's progress to fizzle out. In 2019, after almost two decades of inactivity Frenchmen Alberto Raengo and Régis Billard bought out the brand, and Autry was reborn. Re-marketing their kicks as 'Action Shoes', Autry set out to manufacture a line of comfortable and versatile leather trainers that could become synonymous with lifestyle wear. And to much success too, as the brand has expanded exponentially over the last 4 years and is solidifying itself as a go-to for a clean pair of trainers. Unlike some companies, Autry doesn't pump out new models each season, as it instead looks to reimagine the classics, focussing on a number of core silhouettes and revitalising them with fresh colourways and textures, including the Medalist Low Trainers. Autry Trainers are becoming a must have in your shoe collection as they continue to produce stunning pieces of footwear that will last a lifetime. Grab your pair now from Aphrodite Clothing.
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