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Folk Clothing is the very definition of a quintessentially British style, bringing a fresh outlook on the wardrobe of the modern man since its release in 2001. Founded in London, Folk operates out of the beating heart of Britain’s fashion scene, bringing a clean cut, elegant philosophy to fashion that gives a refreshingly honest look. 

Folk was originally created purely in the image of Cathel McAteer, the brands founder. McAteer wanted to craft key wardrobe elements that he and his friends would want to wear; throwing away the garish branding of the early noughties and bringing back high quality, conceptual design. Through developing perfect fits with plush materials, Folk aimed to push the boundaries of perfect, repositioning the role of fashion within its wearer's lives and bringing the finer details of design back to their rightful, prominent position. From Folk Assembly Pants that feature intricate trims and loose tapered fits, to Folk Jackets that reimagine the intimacy of functionality, Folk clothing has brought back the feel-good factor to the modern wardrobe. Materials sourced from all over the world ensure an almost obsessive level of quality, from Bolivian Alpaca wool for knitwear to double-faced Japanese cotton for shirting, Folk have thought of everything, and in return, warrant the now niche and stylish following they have received. Inspired by art, film and music, Folk keeps its roots in popular culture, reflecting its desirability to keep a unique approach to fashion by showcasing new art and photography talent- a trait which sees the artistic flair in their own creations with true pride.

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