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Edwin Jeans are a cornerstone of Aphrodite's denim offerings, and rightly so. Founded in Japan back in 1947 by a man named Mr Tsunemi, Edwin was born from a love of denim.

At that time Asian denim manufacturing was non-existent, forcing Mr Tsunemi to import denim from the USA. He took it upon himself to buy worn denim from America and repair it by hand in order to sell to his customers. Once Japan began manufacturing denim, he realised that the quality was inferior to that produced in the USA and was driven to create his own range of denim. This was the start of a rich legacy that led to Edwin becoming a leading Jeans manufacturer.

What sets Edwin Jeans apart from their competitors, is their unwavering commitment to pure quality. The brand's passion for denim is a true love affair, and as such, incredible care is taken with the production of each and every Edwin piece. They source the finest materials and fuse century-old techniques with innovative ideas to ensure each garment is simply perfect, down to the last stitch. Experimenting with washes, fabrics and techniques, Edwin delivers some key pieces within the Aphrodite Denim Selection, including their Raw Denim Jeans and Selvedge Denim Jeans.

Discover the range including key styles such as the Edwin Kaihara, Yoshiko and Kurabo Jeans at Aphrodite 1994.