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Stone Island clothing is an Italian designer brand specialising in jackets that stems from Sportswear Company. Based in Bologna, Italy, they were set up by the legendary Massimo Osti after a material originally intended for CP Company did not fit their brand profile.The fabric, dubbed Tela Stella, was a heavyweight, oilskin-like material impregnated with different pigments on either side, and Osti was determined to make something out of it. He simply couldn't find a way to make it fit within CP Company's collection, however, and so decided to craft a small collection of just seven jackets. In keeping with the military and nautical inspiration behind the Tela Stella fabric, he chose a compass as the logo for his new diffusion line: Stone Island was born.

Ever since then, whether under Osti's direct supervision or just working in the spirit he embodied, the Stone Island design team has been pushing boundaries in terms of fabrics, using their extensive knowledge and technical prowess to consistently invent and re-invent new techniques. Visual appeal; hand-feel; resistant properties — all are taken into consideration in the pursuit of the new, and while there are some outlandish ideas, like lenticular nylon with bold, shifting neon colours, the end goal remains the same as it ever was: highly functional, practical and wearable clothing for the modern man.

The label is now renowned for its unique surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques, exemplified perfectly by their Stone Island Jackets as well as producing exclusive stone island sweatshirts, shirts, jeans and t shirts. The brand is now seen as a forerunner for Italian design, with many dedicated collectors all over the world and a brand image that is second to none. Start your own collection today.

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