Salomon Trainers

Founded in 1947 by François Salomon, and then spearheaded to success by Georges Salomon, the Salomon brand was initially created as a metal workshop based in Annecy, France, where the family produced metal sawblades and a variety of other metal instruments. In 1957, ten years later, Salomon showed its first true signs of innovation as the family created a machine that would automate steel edge ski production as well as influence the entire sport of skiing with their cable bindings, which ultimately replaced the aged leather bindings that were used previously.

It wasn't until 1966 when the world first saw Salomon on a global scale, as the brand's bindings made their debut at the Chilean World Alpine Championships. Immediately proving to be a hit thanks to the innovative technology that they had created and advancements that they could offer in safety, Salomon Bindings became the most favoured option within the sport and was beginning to be used by all of the top manufacturers in the industry. Another 13 years later, in 1972, the Salomon brand debuted their own Ski Boots which saw great success from that point onwards in winter sports and the Skiing Industry, to this day, the brand is still the preferred option for a reliable performance-based ski boot.

In 1992 Salomon divided their focus, and while they still looked to dominate the world of Skiing, the French brand diverted its attention to another outdoor activity, hiking. In the last three decades, Salomon has come leaps and bounds with their technological innovation and advancements in reliable outdoor footwear. The shoes that they produce are foremost performance-based, not aesthetically focused unlike other manufacturers; Salomon makes the best functional trainers around with a focus on quality materials, detailed craftsmanship and a carefully selected infusion of relevant technology.

While the brand didn't set out to make trainers that were desired for their visual aesthetics, their models have been championed for their unique outdoor-ish looks as of late. Since the mid-2010's Salomon has been endorsed by a variety of high-profile celebrities such as Rhianna and Bella Hadid, and as a result, has found a foothold in the fashion industry. Popular models such as the Salomon XT6 and Salomon XT4 are lining up to be the brand's all-time must-haves, with the Salomon ACS PRO silhouette also injecting a bit of flavour into the mix. Other companies, having seen the brand’s success and unmatchable style, have looked to collaborate with Salomon, a long list of creative Collab's have dropped in recent years with Maison Margiela, And Wander and Palace being some of the best of the bunch.

During the lockdown period, Salomon's evergreen success seemed to reach new levels as they became the go-to brand for a functional, stylish pair of kicks, largely in thanks to the recent 'Gorp-Core movement'. There has never been a better time to get acquainted with the outdoor experts and pick up a pair of your own Salomon Trainers now at Aphrodite.

Do Salomon Trainers Fit True To Size?

Generally, the shaping of Salomon Trainers means that they run True to Size. However, for added comfort or for those of you with slightly wider feet we would reccomend taking a half size up.

Are Salomon Trainers Waterproof?

No, not all Salomon Trainers are waterproof. However the outdoor performance brand do offer select models with built-in Gore-Tex technology making those specific styles waterproof. If you want to buy waterproof Salomon Trainers make sure that you pick up a model with Gore-Tex.

Are Salomon Trainers Comfortable?

Yes, Salomon Trainers are incredibly comfortable. Whether you're after a pair to go hiking, climb a mountain or just get through day-to-day activities, all of Salomons Trainers are made with carefully created technologies such as Ortholite padding, or Contagrip which make them the perfect option for long periods of standing or physical exercise. 

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