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As the casual dress branch of the world famous Paul Smith fashion house, Paul Smith Clothing is the perfect embodiment of a laid back style that takes obvious cues from Paul Smith’s unusual and cherished trademark features. With a history that keeps the brand firmly rooted in British culture, the Paul Smith story heralds from Nottingham, with a young Paul Smith who had just been knocked off his bike. Whilst recovering in hospital, Paul, who had a dream of becoming a professional cyclist but no real career prospects, made some new friends. Some six months later, Paul met up with these new acquaintances in a bar near Nottingham’s art college. The conversations around the student’s haunt were inspiring- leading to Paul wanting to be involved in this new found world. By 1970, Paul had opened his first shop in Nottingham. A night course in tailoring, and the help of his girlfriend Pauline (a fashion graduate), helped Paul create his own visions to be stocked in his shop. Six years later, his first self-titled collection debuted in Paris.

Truly unique and ever faithful to their roots, all Paul Smith designs have a feel of British intimacy, with design features that keep them eternally relevant. With the Paul Smith Jeans line offering denim with fantastic cuts and production qualities, the range also touches on other staple wardrobe elements. From Paul Smith t-shirts to knitwear and Paul Smith shirts, the laid back nature of Paul Smith Jeans makes it truly versatile and timelessly desirable. 

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