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Setting the benchmark in quintessential British outdoor styling, Barbour has been the master of designs, inspired by the traditional English countryside since 1894. Receiving three royal warrants and a reputation that pins them as a true stalwart of the great British wardrobe, the brand that heralds from Northern England’s South Shields has used their rich and diverse heritage to anchor a formidable range of Barbour jackets into everyone’s thoughts when it comes to keeping warm and dry.

As a family-owned business, Barbour has become the designer behind some of the most iconic pieces of outerwear available. Using their historic waxed cotton fabric and finish; the label has made water and windproof designs, some of which are still finished by hand. Bringing with them an unforgettable scent, styles such as the Barbour Heritage Liddesdale Jacket. Barbour Bedale Jacket, Barbour Ashby and Barbour International Jacket are reminiscent of some of the labels original practical products that were crafted for life in the great outdoors, whilst the Barbour Beacon line produces modern adaptions on heritage styles such as the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket. With obvious inspiration found from the picturesque English landscape Barbour jackets are created with style, functionality and longevity in mind. From bellowed pockets to brass button closures, design features such as a corduroy collar have become the calling card for Barbour’s outerwear creations. Bringing countryside style to the towns and cities has been an effortless movement for Barbour, with their ever-expanding range becoming synonymous with an original British look, making them a firm favourite not just on home soil, but also in some of the most fashionable hot spots in the world.

Their recent endeavours have introduced a more casual approach with a range of polo shirts, swim-shorts and t-shirts that feature a pastel colour palette, whilst still staying true to their roots. You can even kit your dog out with the iconic wax jacket, meaning not only with they look suave, the will keep warm and dry during the wetter seasons

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