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Founded in 2012 by a group of sneaker-minded individuals Crep Protect provide everything you need to keep your trainer's box fresh. Originally launched as a spray, the brand used extensive research and testing to formulate a product that shields your precious sneakers with an invisible coating that prevents stains and repels liquids. This revolutionary, now globally recognised spray is created with a unique blend of ingredients that work upon a variety of materials including leather, suede, nubuck and canvas. 

Since then the brand has expanded releasing a plethora of products designed with footwear longevity in mind such as sneaker pills which absorb moisture and kill bad odours, shoe trees which help your footwear retain its silhouette and shoe crates for easy and convenient storage options. The brand also provides care kits, pre-treated laces, mid-sole pens, erasers and wipes for on-the-go cleaning – truly a sneakerheads best friend.

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