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Paraboot Shoes

For over 100 years, the family-owned Paraboot shoe company has been making hardwearing yet stylish shoes and and boots in France, utilising the finest materials and highest levels of craftsmanship. Named for the Para region in Amazonia, where the brand's innovative rubber soles were sourced, Paraboot shoes and boots have a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fashion, with their chunky profile working equally well in all but the most formal outfits.

From the iconic Michael walking shoe with its moccasin style upper to the classic Avioraz mountaineering boot, there's a Paraboot shoe to appeal to any man's wardrobe, and their sturdy, robust construction and materials ensure that they are a wise investment for years to come.

Learn more about the history of the brand with our Paraboot Brand Guide | Check out our Paraboot Sale department

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