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Founded in 1936 by Baush & Lomb, a New York based contact lens producer, Ray-Ban eyewear provided a then modern solution to new issues that were arising in the aviation industry. 
American planes were flying further and higher than ever before, and with that came complaints from pilots, the new height of ascendance delivered an issue of harsher UV light from the sun that begun to glare into the cockpit and obstruct pilot's views. The US Air Corps decided to commission Baush & Lomb to create 'anti-glare' eyewear that could be produced en-masse. Utilising Kalichrome lenses, Baush & Lomb delivered a pair of Sunglasses that could filter out blue UV light, Ray-Ban was born. 

From their inception, the brand's healthy relationship with the American millitary saw their popularity sykrocket across the USA and Ray-Ban's name began to trickle into Europe and beyond. in 1999 Ray-Ban was aquired by Luxottica Group, the worlds largest eyewear group. Offering their Italian flair to the brand, and introducing Ray-Ban's style to the fashion market the group helped Ray-Ban go from strength to strength and it is now seen as one of if not the leading sunglasses brand in the world.  
Styles such as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator have been longstanding favourite silhouettes of fans of the brand, while models like the Clubmaster provide a more modern frame to envelop the lens. Discover Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Shop the range now at Aphrodite Clothing. 

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