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Clarks Wallabees and Clarks Desert Boots

Clarks Originals is famous around the world for their huge role in British style culture, Clarks is one of Great Britain’s most historic and cherished brands - retaining their penchant for a truly authentic style, whilst still managing to keep perfectly balanced for a modern-day look. With origins that stretch back to the 1800’s and into picturesque Somerset, Clarks Originals was founded by the Clark brothers, who’s family steered the company through wartime Britain, to come out at the end as one of the most loved British brands available.

Clarks were there to provide fresh, innovative and stylish footwear to help them tread new paths wherever they dared. Luxurious materials such as leather and suede were used to craft now iconic styles, such as the Clarks Desert Boots - which were then sold at the company’s trendy Regent Street store. Inspired by a style worn by British Army Officers, the Clarks boots featured a rough suede upper and crepe sole - a material that was used across a whole host of Clark’s styles thanks to its natural shock absorbance and water repellence. As a celebration of these authentic foot holds in British style culture, Clarks Originals footwear seeks to bring back the inventive feel of tradition and heritage- becoming a culturally important style staple as they transcend everything that was great about an emerging, desirable Britain, from fashion, to music and art. Their Wallabee & Weaver styles remain popular decades later, with new innovations like the Trigenic Flex gaining huge popularity in a short space of time thanks to its stunning blend of comfort, technology & effortless style.

Clarks have cemented themselves into the world of fashion with collaborations with huge name brands such as Supreme & Drake's OVO line, as well as high fashion brands such as Christopher Raeburn.

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