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Undercover is a Japanese label that was founded by Jun Takahashi in the late 90s. The brand fuses some of Takahashi's most notable inspirations and blends it with his own take on fashion resulting in a recognisably distinctive style. From Vivienne Westwood's punk essence and Rei Kawakubo's avante-garde style to Nigo's streetwear sensibilities; Undercover offers an amalgamation of aesthetics that blend to produce a stunning and unique take on modern fashion, one that has gone on to have an undeniable impact on the world of fashion.  
Initially making his runway debut in Paris SS03, Jun Takahashi shocked the world with the grungy aesthetic found in his 'Scabs' collection. And, just as viewers thought the showing was finished, the designer sent out his models on a second walk, this time wearing multi-coloured burkas. Whether Jun's intention was to make a political statement or simply to show off his versatility and juxtaposing style, only he can know, but what's certain is that this move grabbed the attention of the world, solidifying his status as a respected designer. 
Undercover delivers truly inspired clothing, with those wearing the brand earning themselves that desired 'in-the-know' status, discover Jun Takahashi's style and shop Undercover Clothing online at Aphrodite. 

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