Known for their ultra refined take on traditional footwear, exceptional materials and what some have dubbed, 'the best desert boots in the world', Astorflex is a brand that is bursting at the seams with rich history and masterful craftsmanship. Based in Italy and Founded in the 1800's the family run company has seen its operations passed down from generation to generation, each upholding the same staunch commitments to quality that has seen it thrive for over 2 centuries.

Despite a host of classic silhouettes such as chelsea boots, brogues and derby shoes bringing a unique sense of individual flavour, the brand build the entirety of their collections on a set of stringent foundational principals that combine flexibility, comfort and timeless style.

With continual research into new fabrics and production methods, the brand has recently adopted a more sustainable, transparent and responsible approach utilising natural dyeing / tanning methods, water based adhesives and eco-conscious sourcing to their already impressive repertoire.

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