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One of the most storied houses in fashion history, the Balmain name is synonymous with luxury, and we are privileged to add the esteemed brand to our roster of the world’s finest menswear. Founded by Pierre Balmain in Paris in 1945, the house quickly gained a reputation for haute couture, outfitting everyone from film stars to foreign royals. This reputation for classic design continued throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, with the house seeing big-name designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Oscar de la Renta working amongst their ranks.

In recent years, the brand has seen a new surge in popularity thanks to young creative director Olivier Rousteing and his social media-savvy persona. The second-youngest person to hold a creative director position in Paris, since 2011 Rousteing has utilised both traditional runway shows and his wealth of Instagram connections to present his vision for the brand: in contrast to Balmain’s classic, understated image, Rousteing injects a sense of youthfulness to the collection, adding a wealth of influences ranging from military uniform, rock-star aesthetics and nods to Asian culture.

Keeping the brand’s luxury DNA intact, Rousteing’s Balmain menswear is the ideal balance of refined sophistication and rugged masculinity. Key pieces like the grail-worthy biker jackets and waxed jeans are joined by a wealth of wardrobe essentials like tees and sweatshirts. Displaying a graphic language that’s informed by Rousteing’s influences from the worlds of music, fashion and travel, Balmain t-shirts and other apparel are the perfect way to inject some luxury into your off-duty wear.

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  1. Add to wishlist Balmain Sweater | SH03207K171 EAB Black / White

    Balmain Jumper – Knitted Black / White

    As low as £337.50 Regular Price £675.00
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  2. Add to wishlist Balmain Cap Logo SH1A044Z520 3AA Red

    Balmain Cap Logo - Red

    As low as £145.00 Regular Price £290.00
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  3. Add to wishlist Balmain Jacket Denim | SH08462Z563 6AA Blue

    Balmain Jacket Denim – Blue

    As low as £1,097.50 Regular Price £2,195.00
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  4. Add to wishlist DSquared Boots Ranger SM1C145LBNY EAP Black

    Balmain Boots Ranger - Black

    As low as £437.50 Regular Price £875.00
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  5. Add to wishlist Balmain Jacket Teddy SH18223Z221 EAB Black / White

    Balmain Jacket Teddy - Black / White

    As low as £912.50 Regular Price £1,825.00
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  6. Add to wishlist Balmain Hoodie SH13250I153 AAA Black / Multi

    Balmain Hoodie - Black / Multi

    As low as £345.00 Regular Price £690.00
    50% Off
  7. Add to wishlist Balmain T-Shirt | SH11601I130 EAB Black / White Signature

    Balmain T-Shirt – Black / White Signature

    As low as £197.50 Regular Price £395.00
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  8. Add to wishlist Balmain Shorts | SH15659J928 OPA Black Tape | Aphrodite

    Balmain Shorts – Black Tape

    As low as £187.50 Regular Price £375.00
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