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Traditionally British, Oliver Spencer have become one of the biggest buzzwords in a quintessential British style that is developing to air increasingly on the side of contemporary fashion. Founded in 2002 by the man from whom the label takes its name, Oliver Spencer is an exploration into design that gives a revolutionary edge to truly classic wardrobe elements. Despite its now infamous reputation as one of the country’s premier fashion houses, the man behind the label never had any grounding as a fashion designer. Everything Oliver Spencer knows about fashion is self taught, resulting in a complete feel of unique styling. From the cuts of the garments, to the feel of the fabrics, Oliver Spencer represents off the cuff, down to earth design. Traditional craftsmanship runs through the heart of every Oliver Spencer collection. Carrying vibes that draw inspiration from conventional elements such as tailoring, work wear and military design, Oliver Spencer is the culmination of a lifetime of stimuli, revealing a hybrid style that can perfectly slot into any wardrobe. From sleek Oliver Spencer shirts, to jackets that carry obvious sartorial elements, The brand remains understated, allowing its quality and unique appeal to draw attention. Soft to the touch and highly wearable, Oliver Spencer has become a landmark of the British and international fashion scene, bringing a youthful feel with it that some how manages to convey a wealth of history and knowledge. Coveted, chased and revered, Oliver Spencer has become the go to label for an intimate blend of quality and quirk.

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