Inspired by a chance meeting with a member of the Alaskan 210th Rescue Squadron—aka the Parajumpers or PJs—designer Massimo Rossetti founded Parajumpers in 2006 with the aim of providing rugged, functional and stylish outerwear of the highest possible quality. Parajumpers jackets represent the pinnacle of comfort, technology and style for the modern man.

Boasting detailing and features inspired by Rossetti's research into functional uniform, such as the signature cargo pocket which was inspired by a firefighter's jacket; Parajumpers' range of styles are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and look good while doing it. Features like detachable down linings, real fur trims and taped seams all add up to the ultimate in year-round weather protection. The signature heavyweight metal snap-hook hardware and PJS logo patch add the perfect finishing touches to your purchase and these standout accents can be found across the iconic and well-loved Parajumpers Gobi Jacket in all of its colourways.

Find our range of Parajumpers mens jackets below, and read more about the brand in our Parajumpers Brand Guide

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  1. Add to wishlist parajumpers ivor jacket FP01 708 blue

    Parajumpers Jacket Ivor - Blue

    As low as £124.50 Regular Price £249.00
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  2. Add to wishlist Parajumpers Jacket Spring Gobi | Navy MA01 562 | Aphrodite

    Parajumpers Jacket Spring Gobi - Navy

    As low as £179.50 Regular Price £359.00
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  3. Add to wishlist Sweatshirt Caleb - Yellow

    Parajumpers Sweatshirt Caleb - Yellow

    As low as £67.50 Regular Price £135.00
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  4. Add to wishlist Parajumpers Sweatshirt Caleb  | CF21|708 Blue

    Parajumpers Sweatshirt Caleb - Blue

    As low as £67.50 Regular Price £135.00
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  5. Add to wishlist Parajumpers Hadar Jacket TP02  In Navy At Aphrodite Clothing

    Parajumpers Jacket Hadar - Navy

    As low as £197.50 Regular Price £395.00
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  6. Add to wishlist parajumpers t-shirt patch | TS02 708 blue

    Parajumpers T-Shirt Patch - Blue

    As low as £34.50 Regular Price £69.00
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  7. Add to wishlist parajumpers polo shirt | PO01 501 white

    Parajumpers Polo Shirt - White

    As low as £49.50 Regular Price £99.00
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