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Vivienne Westwood Mens, one of British fashion’s foremost figures, has gained international acclaim from the fashionable community for her unique approach to everyday style. With a past in modern design that has seen her earn the title of a Dame, Vivienne Westwood’s journey to having her own self-titled label began in the 60’s, when her punk inspired designs were used to dress the Sex Pistols during their UK tour. The reception of this rebellious, new found style was raucous, and Westwood went on to find a platform to sell her coveted designs at 430, Kings Road in London, which at the time, was home to Britain’s most daring and charismatic fashion followers.

The brand's designs went from strength to strength, and long after the punk rock phase of the 70’s had passed, she continued to push the boundaries with her brave, often controversial creations. From her first acclaimed fashion show, to international stardom for being truly innovative with her designs, Westwood has built a fashion forward empire that thrives on combating the dull, normal and mundane, along with fighting for the future by working with environmental and humanitarian charities, bringing awareness to worthy causes through her shows and trying to minimise the brand's impact on the planet by using materials like organic cotton.

With the brands menswear collections adding a second wave of unique style over the fashion industry, everything that the brand touches in the modern man’s wardrobe has a distinctive touch of obvious Westwood flair. From Vivienne Westwood shirts with placket and collar detailing, to Viviennne Westwood polo shirts and accessories, the brand has introduced a fresh take on wardrobe essentials to give every man the chance to wear something truly covetable; all pinned under the now iconic Orb logo.

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