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Founded in 2006 by both Alistair Rae and James Shaw, Albam is a British-based brand known for their contemporary aesthetic and timeless appeal. Born out of a desire to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, Albam Clothing disregards the pressures of seasonal trends and large logo prints, choosing to instead focus on quality and wearability across a range of understated contemporary staples.

Creating clothing which not only stands the test of time but makes those fortunate enough to wear it feel good season after season, the label quickly became known for their affinity to produce garments that merge past influences with a modern design direction. Drawing inspiration from classic menswear, military equipment and workwear, their vast range of source material sits seamlessly alongside their commitment to the best fabrics and materials. 

Choosing only to collaborate with only the finest factories across both the UK and Europe, the brand make use of a range of materials ranging from ripstop cotton derived from Scotland’s very own Halley Stevensons to super-soft, garment-dyed cotton from Portugal and robust selvedge denim.

Two of Albam’s earliest and arguably most popular designs, the Fisherman Cagoule and Parka, are the perfect examples of the brand’s staunch ethos. Revered for their utilitarian design and heritage charm, the jackets showcase the core principles which lie at the heart of their practical approach. Carrying this across a range of t-shirts, outerwear and trousers, Albam Clothing is ideal for those looking for clothing that not only claims to be suited to everyday wear but possesses the quality to back it up.

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