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Born in '99 to unite creatives stretching New York’s entire five boroughs, streetwear and skate-wear label Alife was built in Manhattan’s Orchard Street, where visionaries from across the state would be invited to exchange ingenious ideas and cultivate expressive new designs together. With Alife clothing known for its bold graphics and modern cuts, the brand – which takes its name from the desire to enliven inanimate objects – would uncover mass appeal, becoming an unstoppable force in the international streetwear scene and beyond. Helmed by Arnaud Delecolle, Tammy Brainard, Tony Arcabascio, and Rob Cristofaro, the multifaceted design studio continues to contribute to the arts community and is now globally renowned for serving up apparel that promises to live up to all the hype, aided by several high-profile collaborations with New Balance, Nike, adidas and there expansive range spanning everything from Alife t-shirts, Alife sweatshirts and Alife jackets.

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