Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles Jackets & Clothing

Established in 2009, family-run Canadian brand Moose Knuckles is a dab hand at creating impeccable outerwear. Boasting a long lineage of working in the fashion industry, dating all the way back to the 1920s, it comes as no surprise that determination, grit, and immeasurable know-how surge strongly through the label’s DNA. While you may be familiar with the phrase ‘Moose Knuckles’ through alternate, tongue-in-cheek definitions, in this instance Moose Knuckles translates to luxurious sportswear (although the label does do a great job at shining humour on the topic... Enter the Moose Knuckles Ballistic Jacket).  

Moose Knuckles jackets are capable of breezing through some of the harshest winters on earth, having been described in the past as ‘like a portable heater but lighter’ - a testament to the MK design team and their rich expertise in producing garments with a suitable amount of thermal capacity which also remain unrestrictive. 

A patriot through and through, Moose Knuckles embodies everything it means to be a Canadian, starting first with its brand credentials. Combining two of North America’s ‘greatest things’, the Moose Knuckles logo merges a hockey fight and a moose. The symbol features a moose’s footprint in the snow, accompanied by hooves that are liken to brass buckles.  

Forming an allegiance with counter-culture leaders, the Moose Knuckles audience is both contemporary and cool. Their wardrobes straddle form and function in a harmonious manner, with the likes of the Moose Knuckles Richardson Jacket and the Moose Knuckles Kleskun Jacket ranking top within their collections.  

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