Napapijri Jackets And Clothing

With a penchant for living life out in the cold, Napapijri have been combating the elements in truly individual style since their birth in the late 1980’s. Taking its name from the Finish word for the Arctic Pole Circle, Napapijri was developed to serve the adventurous, the daring and the brave - anyone who wanted to wear clothing that would let them go anywhere at any time. Founded in the Aosta Valley, which is nestled in the Italian Alps and regarded as one of Europe’s premium ski areas, Napapijri draws a lot of inspiration from the stark and foreboding landscape in which it was conceived. From Napapijri jackets that were born in the shadow of Mont Blanc, to Napapijri jumpers that provide the perfect layers to form a sound base of protection against the elements, this unique brand is a true product of its environment. With bold branding and statement styles that blend fashion with supreme functionality, Napapijri have taken elements from the everyday wardrobe and given them a technically advanced spin, with their products becoming a thing of legend, developing a cult following that has traced the brands adventures from the very beginning. From deep snow to the clear lanes of the worlds most fashionable shopping streets, Napapijri is the ultimate go anywhere label - carrying high quality and iconic design in the highest of regards. An offbeat figurehead of the fashion world, Napapijri Uk is a standard setter of the industry, denoting the role of functionality in the modern wardrobe to perfect effect. 

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