Created in Hudson, Massachusetts, with the goal of crafting outdoor clothing to combat the harsh New England winters, Penfield jackets remain some of the best in the business for tackling inclement weather. From high-loft down filled parkas to featherweight waterproof layers, Penfield jackets are the perfect solution to shield you from a light drizzle, a blizzard and everything in between. But their range doesn't stop with outerwear; complete the look with their range of street-meets-heritage apparel, including overshirts, tees and fleeces to keep you looking stylish while beating the weather.

To discover more about our range of Penfield clothing, check out our brand guide | Looking For Our Penfield Sale.

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  1. Add to wishlist Penfield Natick Fleece PFM212165118159

    Penfield Fleece - Natick Khaki

    As low as £82.50 Regular Price £165.00
    50% Off
  2. Add to wishlist Penfield Barrhead Shirt PRM511750218002 Navy/Green/Red

    Penfield Shirt - Barrhead Navy/Green/Red

    As low as £37.50 Regular Price £75.00
    50% Off
  3. Add to wishlist penfield hoodie resolute PFM322522119 002 navy

    Penfield Hooded Sweat - Navy

    As low as £44.50 Regular Price £89.00
    50% Off
  4. Add to wishlist Penfield Hoodie Resolute PFM322522119 063 Dusty Green

    Penfield Hooded Sweat - Dusty Green

    As low as £44.50 Regular Price £89.00
    50% Off
  5. Add to wishlist Penfield T-Shirt Miller PFM612519119 012 White

    Penfield T-Shirt - White

    As low as £17.50 Regular Price £35.00
    50% Off
  6. Add to wishlist Penfield Jacket Lenox PFM112459119 002 Navy

    Penfield Jacket - Lenox Navy

    As low as £67.50 Regular Price £135.00
    50% Off
  7. Add to wishlist Penfield Hoosac Parka PFM1110282180 044 Golden Yellow

    Penfield Parka - Hoosac Golden Yellow

    As low as £212.50 Regular Price £425.00
    50% Off
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