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Comme des Garcons WALLET Ruby Eyes

Comme des Garcons Wallets Ruby Eyes Collection Lands

Its explosive colour palette and sumptuously high standards are well documented by troops of the industry’s elite and Comme des Garçons WALLET’s latest offerings are guaranteed to set tongues wagging yet again. Those playful sensibilities and vibrant tones return in spades for Spring Summer 2021 and Aphrodite is on hand to give you the lowdown on the most recent collection.

The Comme des Garçons Wallets Ruby Eyes series is the newest drop from Rei Kawakubo’s leather goods offshoot and let us tell you, it’s certainly not to be missed. Quite the opposite in fact. Delivering a trifecta of striking styles, the collection brings with it varied outer designs and shapes, all with one common denominator though – a serpentine surprise housed internally. Keep reading to find out more…

Comme des Garcons Wallets

Each wallet is skillfully crafted in Spain with smooth leather employed throughout which is sure to patina gracefully thanks to the label’s assured quality. Serving up a standard wallet design, alongside a larger pouch and a small-scale coin wallet, the Ruby Eyes collection keeps things relatively simple to the exterior. Saturated shades of tangerine as well as sky-blues and tan don each silhouette with flashes of gold foil and cryptic, curved motifs spilling out across the base.

Zipping open with gold-toned hardware, each colourway opens to reveal two peering eyes and it’s not what you may immediately think… Is it Comme PLAY’s iconic bug eyes making an appearance? Guess again. It’s instead that slithering surprise we touched upon earlier. Hidden inside each wallet is a playful snake illustration, complete with ornate ruby jewels for eyes.

Comme Ruby Eyes Wallet

Choose to invest in the Comme des Garçons Wallets Ruby Eyes Collection and bring a tongue-in-cheek tone to your everyday essentials.

If reptile forms really aren’t for you though, why not take a peek at the Comme des Garçons Wallets Rainbow drop. Remember those outrageously flamboyant patterns you would see after one look down the lens of a kaleidoscope? Well, the Comme des Garçons Wallets Rainbow Collection brings those trippy patterns to life… and then some.

Comme Rainbow Wallet

Also conjuring up thoughts of a ‘70s discotheque, these holographic wallets are ideal for loosely storing coins, notes and cards. They come secured with gold-toned hardware whilst a leather lining and ‘Made in Spain’ signage complete things inside.

Shop the newest arrivals courtesy of Comme des Garçons Wallets at Aphrodite now.

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