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Think You Know adidas? Take Our Quiz and Find Out


The festive season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the inevitable post-dinner game of Trivial Pursuit with semi-comatose relatives. Capture some of that spirit with our brand new quiz feature! We’ve compiled a set of ten trivia questions to test your knowledge of the Three Stripes’ legendary footwear. Simply click through the multiple choice answers below to get your score at the end.

How well did you do? Want to see more of this sort of thing? Fancy a rant about Trivial Pursuit? Leave a comment below or on our social media channels and let us know! And if this has put you in the mood for a new pair of trainers, shop our range of adidas Originals footwear right here.

Autumn/Winter New Seasons Collection Launch Night – Thursday 28th Sep

After the success of our last launch night – Spring/Summer 17, we are proud to announce we will be having another to promote and showcase our newest collections from the AW17 seasons drops.

With brand new arrivals from the likes of Moncler, Stone Island, CP Company, Canada Goose and adidas to name a few, we are sure to have something for everyone.

Our friends from Port of Call will be joining us for a spot of Gin tasting along with some other beverages including Camden Hells and Camden Pale Ale, so why not pop along for a browse, drink and chat with us.

Event info – 17:30-20:00

7-8 Vine Place, Sunderland, SR1 3NE

See you there!

For more info head over to our facebook event page

The 38 most stylish films of all time


Sometimes the clothes used in a film just make us love it even more. After the plot, the clothing makes the film, especially when it is donned by some of the finest in the acting world such as Steve McQueen and Roger Moore.

With this in mind, GQ’s latest article runs us through the 38 most stylish films of all time. From Saville Row tailoring in Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) to Leonardo DiCaprio’s chest baring cocktail shirts in Romeo & Juliet (1996).

If you love watching films and have a passion for menswear, check out the article and see which movies you need to add to your ‘to watch’ list.

Read the full article on the GQ website right here. 

(Featured image credit by Michelle B. on Flickr)

10 of the Worst Football Strips of All Time

The football season has started again in earnest, and with it come swathes of fans representing their side by sporting the team colours. Football kits are important to the game as a whole; they not only have to embody the team and their history, but also the legions of dedicated fans that follow them.  So spare a thought for the designers behind these kits: we’re not entirely sure exactly what they were going for with this selection of bright, bizarre and sometimes nauseating strips.

Hull City – 1993

Okay, so the team’s nickname is the Tigers, but this extremely literal take is inexcusable.

Nottingham Forest – 1995-97

The shade of yellow is bad enough, but the weird Microsoft Paint hieroglyphics on the shoulders take this to another level entirely.

Manchester United – 1992/3
The faux tie-dye look and needlessly huge logo make this look like a dodgy knock-off, but someone was (presumably) paid actual money to design this.

Brighton & Hove Albion – 1991
For when you want your team to look like a delicious platter of parma ham on away days.

Huddersfield Town – 1991
Another faux tie-dye job, this one’s so bad it’s almost good? Maybe I’m just half-blind by this point.

Norwich FC – 1995
Like the worst fever-dream of a pub carpet designer. Hideous.

England – Euro ’96
An absolute legend of horrendous strip design, this was mercifully only worn for two matches.

Sunderland AFC – 1994-96
Couldn’t leave our home team off the list. Believe it or not, this bizarre design lasted two whole seasons before its demise. Again, a little torn as to whether this one is awful or brilliant.

Celtic FC – 1991-92
Celtic have one of the most recognisable home strips around, which makes this drab, zig-zag catastrophe all the more inexplicable.

Wycombe Wanderers – 2017/18
Proving that nauseating design isn’t a concept consigned to the early-to-mid 90s, the League Two side present this magic eye/kaleidoscope monstrosity for the new season, ready to traumatise a new generations of football fans.

Have we left any out? Share your own nightmare kits in the comments below or on our social media channels.

Grenson Training at Aphrodite Clothing

Last week, we welcomed representatives from one of our favourite shoe brands, Grenson, to our store to talk us through their fantastic new season range, the secrets behind their naming scheme and the origins of their trademark Triple Welt technique (shout out to Kev!).

It’s always great to speak to brands that are so knowledgeable and passionate about their products, and we hope we can pass on some of their love for shoes to our customers. Thanks to Grenson for taking the time to talk to us, and for the fantastic after-work company too!

James Bond Roger Moore

Roger Moore – The Most Stylish James Bond?

The curse of 2016-2017 continues to dominate the celebrity world, this time coming with the sad news of the death of Sir Roger Moore.

Best known for his role as James Bond during the years 1973-1985, Moore is one of the most well-known Bonds of all time. Moore’s Bond career includes some of the iconic films such as Live and Let Die (1973), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and a View to Kill (1985).

Along with his unquestionably suave demeanor, Moore will be remembered as the most enduring actor to play the secret intelligence officer. Becoming a prodigious ambassador for franchise over the years, Moore will always be remembered at a James Bond great.

In memory of the late and great Moore, GQ have written a blog ‘Why Roger Moore was the most stylish Bond’.

Yes, Sean Connery had that iconic flannel jumpsuit in Goldfinger. Yes, Daniel Craig‘s strong-shouldered Tom Ford suits and tab-collar shirts are superbly sleek. But no Bond has had more personality in the way he dressed than Moore’s.

Read the full article over at GQ.

Flyknit France

How Facebook Has Filled The Hole Left By Fashion Forums

With the proliferation of social media and the ability to endlessly scroll through photographs of whatever takes your fancy, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a time when finding information about lifestyle hobbies and interests required either visiting a physical location, or going to a dedicated forum or message board. The sneaker collection scene is perhaps the best example of this; in the 2000s, forums like NikeTalk, Crooked Tongues and 5th Dimension were the go-to place for drop dates, upcoming releases and users flaunting their latest buys, while fostering a sense of community and identity for their members.

Complex recently ran an article on how private Facebook Groups like Yeezy Talk Worldwide and The Basement are keeping this spirit alive, offering a closed, community-based alternative to the anything-goes nature of social media, while also providing a peer-moderated space to buy and sell footwear and apparel without navigating the often risky waters of eBay or similar sites.

Whether your interests lie in the latest hype trainers or rare vintage terrace classics, the article covers a wide range of groups, and the trials and tribulations of running them. It gives a good insight into an often-mysterious side of internet fashion culture, as well as highlighting the diversity of the different groups and their respective members.

Check out the full article at Complex above or browse our wide variety of sneakers

The Brands That Men’s Style Icons Wore

When it comes to what to wear we are constantly looking for inspiration, with social media heavily influencing our choices of what’s hot and what’s not. It’s safe to say there’s a multitude of originality available to us, including celebrity style. Some of the most iconic celebrities have shaped the way we dress and what designers we wear, as FASHIONBEANS illustrates in their latest blog post “the brands that men’s style icons wore.”

The article details renowned stars, James Dean and Steve Mcqueen, with particular attention paid to their shared love of the classic Baracuta Harrington jacket, noting Steve’s ability to bring a masculine finish to his style, whatever the occasion.

” As one of the best dressed men of all time, Steve McQueen is a name that needs no introduction on a list of style icons. Regularly referred to as the ‘King of Cool’, the late actor’s ability to bring a masculine edge to both smart and casual looks is still one of the most sought after wardrobe skills. ”

If you would like to read the full article on “brands that men’s style icons wore,” head over to FASHIONBEANS or take a look at our range of Baracuta G9 jackets.

DIY Fashion – IKEA Bags Re-Designs

You may have recently seen over on our social channels the hype around the IKEA bag redesigns and customization’s of the original blue bag. Costing the whole of 40p, the blue IKEA bag is instantly recognisable, and on the back of Balenciaga leather bag costing $2,145 (£1,672) a number of Instagramers and bloggers have jumped on the idea to see what they can create from the familiar bright blue IKEA essential.  We can safely say there are a few interesting creations in the collection.


Over on Hypebeast they have put together a few of their favourites including mock ups of Yeezy 350s, face masks and caps.

it seemed like the majority of the DIY community wanted to prove something in response — if Balenciaga can charge thousands on an uninspired copy of a bag that costs less than a dollar then crafty creatives can somehow push themselves to try to make other products that are better and more economically attainable.


Check out the full article over at Hypebeast.