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Stepney Workers Club Dellow Shoes

Stepney Workers Club Dellow : Less Is More

Are you familiar with the phrase – ‘the core of beauty is simplicity’ – if you’re not, please let us digest. The saying was originally coined by Paulo Coehlo, a Brazilian lyricist and novelist… Curious as to why we’re asking you such a random question? Well, it’s because this entire blog post will be centred on exactly that, the beauty of simplicity, something London-born footwear brand Stepney Workers Club has nailed down to a T. The brand’s aesthetic is abundantly timeless, from colourways to constructions, and silhouette shapes, every aspect of the label’s aesthetic feels beautifully refined, especially the Stepney Workers Club Dellow.

Stepney Workers Club Shoes

One-third of SWC’s core offering, sitting alongside the ‘Lister’ – a classic slip-on sneaker and the ‘Varden’ – a cotton canvas hi-top, the Dellow is a beloved, low-profile silhouette crafted using a blend of traditional and bygone methods. Available in an assortment of cool colours and a variety of fabrics, including corduroy and leather, there’s sure to be a Dellow style out there for you, no matter what your preference.

Stepney Workers Club Dellow

The design’s proportions are very obviously bulky thanks to a wad of internal cushioning found underfoot, combined with a robust vulcanised rubber sole and high wall foxings – all elements that contribute to the immense levels of comfort experienced by the wearer. Personally, we love the supple nature of the shoe and the lack of bonding chemicals employed to fix the upper to its foundation, not many vulcanised brand specialists can deliver such exacting standards without the use of excessive gluing in the manufacturing process. On the whole, the Stepney Workers Club Dellow Trainer has many qualities that help it to stand out within the saturated market it finds itself positioned.

Stepney Workers Club Sneakers

The black/white version of the shoe is particularly great for timeless styling and very well suited to a range of day to day activities, from browsing the high street to heading to your favourite watering hole or rolling into the skate park… As we just happened to be when we captured this assortment of images showcasing the Dellow in action. Articulated with contrast white stitching in pinpoint areas, the sneaker can be fastened via a classic lacing system, complete with flashy metal eyelets. To finish, the iconic Stepney Workers Club handshake logo nestles onto the tongue, further instating the brand’s core philosophy of inclusivity and social interaction.

Stepney Workers Club Dellow Black

If you’re on the lookout for a fresh-faced trainer that’s designed to pair with most apparel, consider your search well and truly over, the Stepney Workers Club Dellow is it.

Shop the shoe and its stellar siblings online and in-store at Aphrodite. Watch the Stepney Workers Club Dellow Sneaker in motion via the video below.

adidas G.S Shoes

adidas G.S Shoes : A Return To The Fold

Along with big hair, punk rock, and rap music, we also have the ‘80s to thank for extremely cool sports shoes. It was during this era that adidas began rejuvenating its tennis lineup, offering professional payers the G.S silhouette to tackle gameplay in superior style. 

The sneaker is now back in circulation and the latest version remains largely unchanged in comparison to the original, although there are a few updated tweaks here and there. The cloud white model, available at Aphrodite, boasts a brand-new lacing system, suede overlays, and extra perforation which translates to extra ventilation. Diehard adi’ fans will also be pleased to know that the iconic peg system, which allows you to adjust the level of shock absorption within the heel, remains firmly in place and illuminated in neon hues. 

adidas G.S Sneakers

Perhaps the biggest change to the shoe’s anatomy comes in the form of recycled materials. The upper part of the trainer is made from a minimum of 50% recycled content – a deliberate design choice by the brand in its bid to end plastic waste. Choosing to invest in this shoe means you’re not only style-conscious but also environmentally conscious, and just to top off those unbeatable incentives, you’re guaranteed top-of-the-range support thanks to the shoe’s immaculate build and underfoot technology. 

adidas Peg System

Add an original to your collection and browse the adidas G.S Shoe in-store and online now at Aphrodite.

Comme des Garcons x Asics Tarther


Continuing to flex their blossoming partnership – which has garnered huge attention across the globe – the COMME des GARÇONS x ASICS collection serves up two new versions of the Tarther silhouette for the AW 21 season. COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT and ASICS unleash their animal instinct by placing saturated pops of leopard print to the shoe’s sidewall whilst a flash of the pattern also finds its way underfoot on both iterations.

Comme x Asics Tarther Trainer
Offered in aquarium and lime colourways, the sneaker takes inspiration from the ASICS Tiger Runner which debuted during the ‘80s in response to the jogging craze of the 20th century. Boasting breathable mesh in its upper, the retro model is also accompanied by suede and leather overlays that intertwine across the anatomy. Strength and support wise, the COMME des GARÇONS x ASICS silhouette steals the show, sporting the latest technology underfoot with springy EVA foam in its foundations and a durable rubber sole hitting the ground and cushioning shock.

Anything but tame, this shoe’s fusion of colour, bold decoration and co-branding makes it a total statement maker, whether you’re off to a festival, on the dance floor or exploring the city streets, it’s bound to turn heads. The COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x ASICS Tarther trainer is set to fly off shelves this season. Get in on the action before it’s too late and shop the shoe online and in-store at Aphrodite.

Clarks Originals Tor Run

Clarks Tor Run – Autumn Textures

For those not yet acquainted allows us to introduce you to the Clarks Tor Run. A relative newcomer to the brand’s output, the Tor Run sits marks a new chapter into their already impressive arsenal of instant classic suede footwear. Teaming up the high-quality fabrication and careful craftsmanship shown on such greats as the Wallabee and Desert Trek with a newly inspired retro runner feel and eco-conscious sensibilities, these beauties are sure to make a lot of people very happy indeed.


Clarks Originals Tor Run Shoes


Focusing our attention toward this autumnal arrival, the sports-influenced shoe comes crafted from a heavily varied mix of suede, full-grain leather, vegetal leather and nubuck for a tactile and textural feel. Designed to balance comfort, style and function, a multi-layered look sits alongside clean lines courtesy of the brand’s heritage soft stitch-down construction, a technique that has remained central to the Clarks DNA for years.


Clarks Originals Tor Run


Decked out in a seasonally appropriate combination of earthy tones and boasting a woven branded logo to the tongue, they come equipped with performance-enhancing EVA inserts to the forefoot and below, allowing for further flexibility whilst worn. Finished with a Forest Stewardship Certified rubber crepe sole, which not only utilises the sap of the rubber tree for a more renewable source material, but comes processed with communities, wildlife and overall impact in mind, the Tor Run is certainly a name we look forward to seeing more from.

Shop the Clarks Originals Tor Run Shoes online now at Aphrodite.


Clarks Tor Run Shoes




Pantofola d'Oro

Pantofola d’Oro : New To Aphrodite

Tracing their roots way back to 1886, luxury Italian brand Pantofola d’Oro have been making football boots for some of the biggest names on the pitch since we can remember. Famed for their use of a softer more malleable calf leather, the brand has been spotted gracing the feet of everyone from Capello to Mancini, if you’re a fan of the beautiful game or just value the luxuries of a proper good quality pair of sneaks, then this brand is certainly one to have on your radar if, for some peculiar reason, they aren’t already.


Pantofola d'Oro Footwear


Translating to mean, ‘Golden Slipper’ following decades spent on some of the most notable athletes in the game, the brand has more recently expanded into the world of fashion,  combining a staunch heritage history with an immeasurable dedication to home-grown production. Made using hand-made techniques passed down from the master shoemakers of Ascoli, their trainers are meticulously constructed to exacting standards, taking great care to use only the finest fabrics and prioritising quality above all else.

Shop the latest arrivals from Pantofola d’Oro now online at Aphrodite.


Pantofola d'Oro Modena Trainers

Y3 4D IOW Runners

Y3 4D IOW Runner – Modular Styling

No matter whether you find yourself with a soft spot for futuristic footwear or simply struggle to make decisions when it comes to the height of your beloved sneakers, the Y3 4D IOW Runner could certainly be the one for you. Slotting seamlessly alongside their revised take on the adidas Ultraboost, the silhouette boasts a sleek sportswear-inspired shape, clever fabrication and expectantly monochromatic colour scheme that takes functional styling to the next level.


Y3 4D IOW Runner


Shrouded primarily in a lightweight and breathable mesh fabric for an enigmatic look, a synthetic overlay runs the length of the shoe whilst a suede panel situates itself to the heel for additional support. Produced to give extra stability in high-performance zones, a 4D printed midsole below can be seen revealed through a mid-foot cut-out.


4D IOW Runner


Perhaps its most unique selling point and where the 4D IOW Runner truly starts to come into its own however, is its capability to quickly and easily change its shape dependant the wearer’s desired finish. Coming with two interchangeable neoprene inserts, the sneakers can be deployed in a more classic low-top running-inspired makeup or, should you require further protection, a mid-top complete with zipped ankle collar and tonal logo callout.

Shop the Y3 4D IOW Runner online now at Aphrodite.


Y3 4D IOW Runner Trainers

New Balance 57/40

New Balance 57/40 Trainers – Modern Adaptions

A relative newcomer to their well-versed numerical lineup,  the New Balance 57/40 builds upon one of the brand’s most cherished silhouettes. Using the 574 as their base material and pairing it with a substantial amount of performance running charm, the sneakers aim to build upon their counterparts favourable reputation with a forward-thinking standalone entry of their own.


New Balance 57/40 Sneakers


Cherry-picking a subtle selection of features from their predecessor, the New Balance 57/40 takes things in a new, and largely unexplored, modern direction making use of exaggerated proportions, multi-layered fabrication and cascading design lines. Constructed from both mesh and suede across its uppers for a lightweight and breathable feel, classic branding elements can be seen to both the sides and tongue.


New Balance 57/40 Sneakers


Lifting further inspiration from key fashion movements during the ’80s and ’90s, this rendition of the trainers come decked out in a multitude of vibrant tones.  Stringing together jaded greens and deep navy hues, a ‘Light Cliff Grey’ brings a paired down base whilst ‘Velocity Red’ accents continue the sprightly vistas. Below a stacked and cushioning midsole ensures everyday wear is both comfortable and responsive.

Shop the New Balance 57/40 online now at Aphrodite.

adidas SL 72

The Latest adidas SL 72 Trainers To Land

Three stripes fans rejoice, the brand legend is back in multiple colours

As any adidas aficionado worth their salt knows, the SL 72 made history in the ‘70s when it became the first trainer to carry the now synonymous Trefoil logo. Labeled a brand icon ever since, the design has charmed generations with its heritage look and sleek design lines, making it a timeless favourite that cannot and will not be pushed off the top spot.

adidas SL 72 Cream

No stranger to a colourway switch up, the signature sneaker has just landed on our doorstep in a trifecta of different hues – cream, grey and olive – you can’t get much more versatile than that can you? We reckon you could pair these three new arrivals with just about anything from your wardrobe, but before you take the leap and decide to purchase, let’s take a closer look at this retro runner in all its modern glory.

adidas SL 72 Grey

Characterised by vintage cues, this blast from the past boasts a slim profile that hugs the foot with a narrow but comfort-rich construction. The Trefoil credentials and serrated 3-stripes featured throughout prove that the adidas SL 72 hasn’t strayed too far from tradition over the decades. And although this latest rendition is nigh on the same as the original [appearance wise] underfoot it’s a totally different story.

adidas SL 72 Green

A springy EVA midsole is housed internally, demonstrating the very best in contemporary performance and offering the most effortless ride, no matter what your destination. Up top, that classic combination of nylon and suede drapes the design, serving up a two-tone appearance which has became a distinctive factor of the SL 72.

Embrace nostalgia and shop a range of adidas SL 72 colourways online and in-store now at Aphrodite.

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast : Scandi’ Simplicity

One glimpse at the Axel Arigato Clean 90 trainer and you’re instantly struck by its Scandi’ simplicity. Free of drama and unnecessary add-ons, the design is wholly timeless and can be pieced together with a vast range of ensembles, making it a healthy contender for your own rotation, that’s of course if you haven’t already caved and gave into the stellar qualities of this footwear favourite.

Below is a roundup of the Clean 90’s key features – we took an in-depth look at the ‘contrast’ white/black model specifically.

What is the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast made from?

When it comes to Axel Arigato there’s one thing you can’t deny, the brand’s collections are awash with impressive materials and quality craftsmanship. Just like various Clean 90s in the AA lineup, this contrast iteration is handmade in Portugal using premium white leather. But don’t be fooled by its supple nature and pure aesthetic, the leather is superbly sturdy and primed to tackle all your urban adventures as you seek them.

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast Black White

What are the main features of the Axel Arigato Clean 90?

Aside from its expert construction, the trainer also boasts some finer details that when paired together help to make it a true all-rounder. The most noticeable accent the shoe carries is its contrast heel panel, shown on this version in dark black. Accompanying the stark white / black palette is gold foil branding upon the sidewall – a detail that has become a hallmark for Axel Arigato ever since its debut.

While things are kept relatively refined to the exterior, the trainer’s interior speaks a totally different story. Comfort is a huge priority for any sneaker wearer and Axel Arigato doesn’t compromise comfort for style, instead, there’s a harmonious balance between the two. Underfoot you’ll find a removable cushioned footbed that contours to the shape of the foot and absorbs any intense movement on the ground. The stability and ridged grip of the rubber sole also marry to make the ride as smooth as purely possible.

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast Sneakers

How to style the Clean 90?

We would never encourage anyone to drastically switch up their style as that remains personal to you, however, due to the pared-back nature of the shoe, this does give leeway for more ‘out there’ apparel choices. Be it a vibrant camp collar shirt in the height of summer or a colourful rain jacket in the midst of autumn, standout pieces can be toned down with the minimalistic aesthetic of the Clean 90, making for a perfectly balanced ‘fit.

How to retain the quality of your trainers?

As with any fresh kicks, these sneakers require mild caution when you’re out and about; in other words, just don’t hotfoot it around a muddy field and you’ll be in the clear. If you do run into the odd mark here and there due to general wear and tear, we recommend our range of professional sneaker care products to buff them back to perfection. Shop cleaning solutions from adidas, Jason Markk, Crep Protect and Sneakers ER online at Aphrodite.

Shop the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Contrast Sneakers at Aphrodite Clothing now. Get a closer look at the shoes in the below video.