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Maison Kitsune APC Editorial SS19

Parisian Perfection: APC & Maison Kitsune

Paris has long been regarded as a cultural epicentre; not just of fashion, but of style. While some of the world’s biggest luxury brands call the City of Lights their home, it’s Paris’s inhabitants that have captured the world’s collective eye. Whether taking a break at a café, running errands or just strolling around the arondissements, there’s just something about Paris that brings out that laid-back style. Get some of that style savoir-faire for yourself with the latest from A.P.C. and Maison Kitsune.

A.P.C. & Maison Kitsune SS’19

Both hailing from Paris, these two brands capture their home city’s vibe perfectly through their use of classic patterns, relaxed cuts and playful graphics. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite pieces in our latest editorial shoot. It may not be Paris, but it comes pretty darn close.

Higher or Lower?

APC Coat with Maison Kitsune T-Shirt

There’s no simpler men’s style technique than ‘high-low’ dressing: that is, pairing something considered traditionally smart with more casual pieces. Take the combo above, for example: while the APC coat is of a classic ‘Balmacaan’ style, the custom-woven fabric is spring weight and lightens the silhouette considerably. Meanwhile, the Maison Kitsune t-shirt is one of the more subdued pieces in the brand’s lineup, but holds its own thanks to the slubby cotton jersey and superior Portuguese construction.

APC Coat and Maison Kitsune T Shirt Details

Both pieces complement each other effortlessly for a smart-casual double whammy. Combine this with the glen-plaid check pattern of the A.P.C. coat and the muted graphic on the Maison Kitsune t-shirt for extra Paris-points.

Daily Chores

APC Chore Coat and Maison Kitsune Striped Tee

There’s probably no more stereotypically ‘French’ garment than the striped long-sleeve t-shirt, so it’s no surprise one would appear here. For decades, actors, musicians and general cool people have turned to the classic mariniere as part of their daily uniform. It’s no surprise — they pretty much go with anything, from workwear to cutting edge capital-F Fashion. This version from Maison Kitsune is a beauty, constructed from a satisfyingly weighty jersey fabric and finished with the brand’s signature Fox logo.

APC Chore Coat and Maison Kitsune Striped Tee Details

We paired it with A.P.C.‘s upscale take on the traditional bleu de travail French worker’s jacket, which elevates the functionality of the original with a textured fabric and metallic buttons for a contemporary take on classic Gallic garms.

The Parisian Job

APC Striped Overshirt and Pants with Maison Kitsune Hoodie

Still on an elevated workwear vibe, the above outfit is based around A.P.C.‘s two-piece Job set. Comprising an overshirt and a pair of straight-leg carpenter pants, the ensemble swerves away from painter-decorator territory with the use of a luxe striped fabric, delivering the typically Parisian skew on Americana that only A.P.C. can provide.

APC Striped Overshirt and Pants with Maison Kitsune Hoodie Details

Wear the full set or mix and match the pieces with your existing wardrobe — the trousers in particular are something special, complete with the full complement of utility pockets and hammer loop. Throw on one of Maison Kitsune‘s beefy-yet-refined hoodies for the chillier days and you’re set for Springtime in Paris (or wherever else you happen to end up).

Check out the brands’ pages for even more of the good stuff, and make sure to keep an eye on our social feeds for the latest drops.


adidas Gazelle Trainers

adidas Gazelle : A Cult Classic

adidas Gazelle

Every now and then it’s nice to take a step back, take a deep breath and just appreciate how far things have come. Whether that be the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology,  immense feats of human ability or just a really good pair of trainers. Since we’ve yet to break any world records or develop the next advancement in modern computing we opted to stick to footwear, taking a deep dive into a sneaker that’s left a footprint on many of our hearts, the adidas Gazelle.

adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers

Launched onto the scene in 1968 the adidas Gazelle paved the way for the modern day, 21st-century perception of adidas being the first to pioneer the suede and accompanying three-striped contrast design. Not only did this new material choice offer a much lighter alternative to the more commonplace leather but, it lent itself perfectly to the dying process making it capable of producing a spectrum of bright colours, first of which was the OG blue and red variations.

Despite the latter being adopted by the world of handball, there is actually a fair amount of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Gazelle’s true purpose. Was it an indoor football shoe? running sneaker? handball trainer? No one truly knows, but what we do know is that the Gazelle presented enough technical know-how and clever complexities to jump from sport to sport earning itself the title of an all-around athletic training shoe, with an understated, clean and streamlined wedge shape design that set a precedent for low-top performance footwear.

adidas Originals Gazelle Trainer

The true OG Trainers. Image credit: Shelf life

Perhaps the true beauty of the Gazelle story, however, lies within its ability to break down the barriers that separated fashion and sportswear with its acceptance into the quintessential uniform for a variety of subcultures and styles. Its first taste of such comradery was when it found itself quickly rising to prominence with football fans and the casual audience, sitting nicely amongst the adidas three stripe terrace offering which included other such greats as the Munchen and Forest Hills.

From aways days to locals, rain or shine, cider or lager the Gazelle was on foot for it all becoming a status symbol amongst brands such as Lacoste, Fred Perry and CP Company, forming an unwritten code for admittance into the football stadium. Even to this day over 40 years later, the adidas Gazelle still remains synonymous with football culture and you’d be hard pressed to go to a game without spotting a pair of brightly coloured suede trainers pounding the pavement in or around the ground. But, perhaps a true testament to the Gazelles affiliation with the beautiful game was when Daniel Baddiel wore a pair in the Three Lions music video. Case closed.

Noel Gallagher adidas Originals Gazelle

Noel Gallagher sporting the blue adidas Gazelles. Photo credit 80s Casual Classics.

If someone asked you to sum up the Gazelle in a sound what would you say? Well chances are after a brief moment of confusion and a few questioning glances you’d probably go for Oasis, Blur or, no pun intended, Suede. Britpop undeniably played a huge part in the Gazelle success story not only because this was the music that serenaded the ears of the Gazelle clad masses but, the people who were strumming the guitars and banging the drums were wearing the trainers themselves, taking them from the feet of working-class season ticket holders to those of celebrities and musicians alike.

The Gallaghers, Damon Albarn, Kate Moss and many, many more were all well and truly the face of the adidas Gazelle optimizing the look, attitude and edge that helped the trainer skyrocket from humble sneaker to cult classic. In fact, their association was so entwined with the retro classic that the iconic 1993 shot of Moss in her crimson pair of Gazelles was recently used to launch the 2016 reissue of the ’90s model when the sneaker was arguably at its cultural prowess.

Kate Moss adidas Originals Gazelles

The image in question, Kate Moss sporting Gazelles in 1993. Photo credit: Denzil McNeelance/adidas

However, it’s not just the footy and learning the chorus to Wonderwall the Gazelle was concerned with as it set out to fulfil its unsatisfiable urge to become best mates with everyone. With the likes of Superstars and the Campus cropping up in America thanks to its affiliation with basketball, the adidas Gazelle became the next best thing for European hip hop culture adopted by amongst others, UK b-boys such as Broken Glass who used the shoe and their US influences to carve a distinct hybrid style.

But that’s not to say the Gazelle didn’t make it stateside. With the help of Run-D.M.C who undeniably opened the adidas floodgates, being the first non-athletes to collaborate with the sportswear brand with the release of a limited edition Superstar, the hip hop spotlight was thrust firmly onto the sportswear brand. Among the masses of diagonal rectangles across the pond the Gazelle reared its head, being considered a connoisseurs choice when it came to footwear with the likes of The Beastie Boys powerless to its plush suede fabrication with Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock seen donning the trainer in their fight against early bedtimes.

adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers

The Beastie Boys in a triple Gazelle ensemble Photo Credit: Pinterest

Since its inception, the adidas Gazelle has seen countless iterations, in colour, materials and design each bringing a fresh twist to the table – see for example the Supers below – but staying true to the original winning formula of minimal detailing, quality materials and a smart low silhouette. Throw into the mix its rich history styling the youth tribes of yonder year or its countless celebrity sightings – we haven’t even mentioned Jackon 5 era, Michael Jackson rocking a pair, Bob Marley doing keepy ups in them or their brief stint mastering kickflips – and it’s fair to say no matter what angle you look at it from the Gazelle was and still is an unequivocal cultural powerhouse capable of generation-spanning heritage charm and irresistible universal appeal.

So, back to the big question. Is it a dancing shoe? A free-kick curling mastermind? Or a species of very fast antelope? We think it’s a bit of a Jack of all trades but contrary to the popular saying the Gazelle has managed to master them all.

adidas Originals Gazelle Super Trainers

Take a look at our adidas Originals footwear here or come in store and see us, we’d be more than happy to chat all things three stripes.

Y-3 Harigane Sneakers

Y-3 Spring/Summer ’19: First Footwear Drop

After the success of last year’s celebratory 15-year anniversary collection, Y-3 are right back at it for 2019 with a slew of new footwear models.

Y-3 SS19 Raito Racer

The key piece from the first drop is the all-new Raito Racer. Japanese for ‘light’, the Raito takes its name seriously, building on a thickly-cushioned wedge of Boost with ultra-light Primeknit uppers for a breathable, supportive fit. Yohji Yamamoto’s typical flair for design detail is on full display here, with topstitched lacing sections that also serve to add extra support and structure to the inner of the shoe, along with an eyecatching ‘mosaic’ outsole and minimal branding for a sleek and thoroughly modern look.

Y-3 Raito Racer Sneakers in White

Meanwhile, the popular Harigane sneaker from last season is getting a refreshed look for the new year. Keeping the scuptural, geometric sole unit and sharktooth outsole from the original, the Harigane II is upgraded with monochrome Primeknit uppers and topstitched detailing for a more streamlined look than its predecessor. Keeping with the rest of the season, the finishing touch comes with hand-stitched zigzag detailing to the tongues.

Finally, the imprint resurrects the adidas ZX Flux silhouette for its own version, the ZX Run. Building on the original’s Torsion-equipped sole unit, the ZX Run boasts uppers in a textured mixture of premium leather, suede and nylon. Perforated detailing and a panelled design calls to mind classic Y-3 styles but with contemporary branding and tooling for an all-day comfortable ride.

Find all three styles instore and online at Aphrodite now, and keep an eye on our social media feeds for more Y-3 SS19 news.

Folk Clothing Cathal Mcateer

Q&A with Cathal McAteer of Folk Clothing

Folk Clothing have consistently been one of the most exciting and surprising brands hailing from British shores since their inception in 2001. Founder and designer Cathal McAteer‘s career in menswear began as a teenager in Glasgow, working his way from the shop floor to his own design studio in London, to having his creations on the rails of some of the top menswear stores in the world. Folk’s timeless yet playful designs can now be seen on those in the know up and down the country, in pubs and art galleries, clubs and coffee shops. We put a few questions to Cathal to glean a bit of insight into his process, inspirations and the future of Folk.

(The interview has been edited for clarity)

For the uninitiated, what does Folk represent as a brand?

We represent a kind of ‘everything means something’; every colour and pocket stitch is there for a reason. But we are, on the surface, a balance of design, fit & quality.
Understated, subtle with fastidious detailing.  Enough to drive one’s business partner mad.


What can you tell us about the forthcoming Folk collection?

We focus on a young artist, Alfie Kungu. Brilliant, uplifting prints alongside lovely colours combined with the season’s stone colour, which is, for me, the strongest. There is also a programme of shirts that have pre-sold so, so well… lots of woven patterns that work best in the short sleeve models.


What do you feel the state of British design is?

Personally love it. But in the area of I’m a lover not a hater. So I look more globally at design every day and marvel at how it’s used: from the old doors of the Hayward gallery to model of a highly advanced eco house that’s going to be built down the street from my place.  

 Folk Overshirt Layering

What is the future of British design and fashion?

Design I feel will always be strong; fashion design [in particular] will be strong. The fashion business is a different story – I don’t particularly love the ethics and morals of it, the endless driving towards the pound note looks reckless.


Any stand out pieces you’re particularly fond of from the collection?

The Alfie print swim shorts, rivet sweat in stone, Oscar & Dean colab sunnies & the new trainer is banging.


How important is it in the modern day to cover culture and not just clothing?

The product we design and make and deliver would not be the same if it was not for culture.  It’s so heavily influenced by culture & cultures – our process does not work without it.  


Any news on the release of the Protest Jacket?

It’s out there! It’s been on demos. It’s been in NY, in LA, Paris. It’s talking to people – and it’s saying it how it is.

 Folk Cord Shirt

How important is the fabrication of Folk’s clothing? Is fabrication an overlooked feature in the modern day?

Hugely, but we can also use simple fabrics that have a story poured into them, like an artist or a show that influences the detailing, the trim, the hidden design.


What pieces from the Folk archive make up your wardrobe? Any prototypes for the future?

Archive – many, many trousers that are not commercial; an old indigo dyed grafter’s jacket – I have two in different states of wear, the fabric ages so beautifully.

Which musical artist or album best sums up Folk?

 Levon Helm, drummer and singer in The Band – sometimes I watch footage of him and think, “that’s me, and this fucking excellent band ‘The Band’, that’s us at Folk”. It’s a momentary thought and then, puff, it’s gone .

Check them out in the film the Last Waltz – it’s incredible footage of the great which he is. 


What up and coming brands are you keeping your eyes on?

I like A Kind of Guise…and of course Sports Direct is one to watch.


Finally, If you could start an imaginary social media beef with another brand or person, who would it be with?

It’d have to be Steve Bannon or Donald Trump but with a request that both parties had to take a triple dose of truth serum.

A huge thank-you to Cathal for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. Find all the latest from Folk Clothing in-store and online at Aphrodite, and keep up with all the latest happenings with our blog and social media feeds.

Balmain Paris

New to Aphrodite: Balmain Paris

Balmain Paris

We are delighted to welcome esteemed French fashion house Balmain Paris to our menswear offering here at Aphrodite.  Founded by Pierre Balmain in 1946 and with years of experience in the fashion industry under their belt and a reputation synonymous with haute couture, the brand has carved out a reputation in men’s and women’s fashion alike for their sharp silhouettes, military-inspired construction and an evolutionary approach evident in their collections season after season. Following new creative director Olivier Rousteing taking the helm in 2011, bringing with him a new vision and direction to compliment their traditional values, Balmain saw an injection of modern sensibilities evident in their new offering.

Balmain Jumper RH13163K025 GAB Black

Launching at Aphrodite with a range of menswear essentials including graphic sweatshirts, understated t-shirts and a pair of era-spanning biker jeans, the brand brings with them lashings of luxury construction, a distinct youthful design ethos and a plethora of high-quality materials guaranteed to bring an effortlessly cool Parisian edge to your wardrobe.

Balmain Sweatshirt RH13152J049 EAC Black

Available now both in store and online you can take a closer look at the full collection here.

Balmain Biker Jeans RH15551Z003 6KA Beach Blue

The North Face

Peaks to Pavements – The North Face

It’s fair to say fashion has taken a swerve that no one could have anticipated over the past few years, with even the highest of high-end focusing solely on that of the streetwear trend. We explore a brand whos organic identity had them placed rightfully in the rankings of this megatrend from the offset, by documenting them in their new stomping ground.
The North Face Editorial

The North Face Nuptse Jacket
The North Face Hoodie The North Face Polartec Fleece The North Face HoodieThe North Face Concrete JungleThe North Face Expert Detailing Layering with The North Face The North Face Denali Fleece PantsGround level with The North Face


With an assortment of familiar silhouettes and fabrics, The North Face never fail to impress with their ability to give everything a fresh take. In an array of earthy toned fleece, poly and nylon with healthy dashes of camo print and the newly introduced repeat ‘brand mantra’ text, never stop exploring, you can stand out or blend in as you please.

The North Face Nuptse GiletThe North Face Denali Fleece The North Face Denali Fleece in GreenThe North Face classic logo patch The North Face street side



Y-3 New Arrivals

A new season of Y-3 has seen Yohji Yamamoto, the master tailor himself, takes on his biggest involvement in the designs of the season since some of the early years of its inception just in time to coincide with the collaboration’s 15th anniversary.

The highlight of this season has come in the form of The brand new Kiawa, a unique silhouette that channels a variety of inspiration.

The chunky runner still shows a streamlined sensibility with its Orca like qualities, a clean and uncomplicated design that spices it up with contrasting detailing and a mixed material of neoprene and black leather. With its midsole protrusions to the block white foam sole unit, this silhouette has been quoted by Vogue as taking design cues from French artist César’s Expansion

Generating hype since it’s first introduction on the catwalk, the Kiawa looks set to cause a further buzz with the addition of more colourways to join this already heralded initial offering.

Following a similarly deconstructed path and channelling the aesthetics of an adidas staple is the Y-3 Haringane. Brought in to the Y-3 arsenal earlier this year, the NMD-esque racer employs exposed features such as floating eyelets, coloured and segmented sole blocks and a Cable 3 Stripes with rubber accents rope style exoskeleton.

The trail running sneaker is having a bit of a fashion moment recently – alongside the wider trends of normcore, dadcore, whatever you want to call it – as a reclaimed symbol of utility and practicality over style, given new life by the cutting-edge trendsetters of fashion weeks the world over. Given this current climate, the brand new Harigane sneaker from Y3 makes perfect sense: unapologetic in its technical origins, Y3 adopt an ‘inside-out’ approach, putting the sneaker’s inner workings on display for all to see.

With the sneakers taking the limelight with their ostentatious designs, it’s worth the reminder that the Y-3 collection is an all-encompassing package with their apparel boasting equally audacious design aesthetics.

This season’s statement Y-3 Hoodie has offered design cues inspired by techwear as well as initial collections from Y-3. It’s the use of heritage and familiar design features that gives Y-3 the tantalising designs that grab the attention from the get-go.

Boasting a plethora of repurposed vintage detailing, this hoodie comes in a substantial loopback terry fabric and features ribbed panels to the sleeves, hood and pocket. Also featuring overlock stitching throughout, the hoodie is finished with the brand’s signature stacked branding to the back in a mixture of print and stitching.

If it’s pure athleisure you require, Y-3 has got everything through to the basics covered. Look no further than their selection of Y3 3 Stripe Long SleeveY3 Adilette Slide, Y3 Shorts and Y3 Tube Socks

It’s a perfect palette for the fashionable athlete or any fan of their expensive leisure wear.

Alongside the above is an extensive collection of new footwear models as well as the ever-growing base palette of black clothing that the collaboration has been known for. Keep your eyes peeled for more drops from the season and a high profile release or two.

Stone Island Pre-AW18

Stone Island Pre-AW18 New Arrivals

Whether it’s the effects of getting older or just the current lousy local weather, it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s already June, and the summer will be over just as suddenly as it began. Fortunately, not everyone has such a bleak outlook: Stone Island, ever ready for all conditions, are already looking ahead to the colder, darker half of the year with some Stone Island pre-AW18 gear.

Encompassing a wide cross-section of staple Stone Island styles, everything from soft cotton sweatshirts, through zipped overshirts, all the way up to the winter-ready Crinkle Reps down jacket are subject to the brand’s signature garment-dyeing techniques in a spectrum of tones ranging from cool ice blue to bold mustard yellow.

The juxtaposition of meticulously practical military and sports-inspired gear with rich colours gives the clothes an appeal that’s uniquely Stone Island, all hallmarked with the brand’s unmistakeable Compass logo badge, and has already got us looking forward to what the full AW’18 collection might hold. As usual, keep your eyes on our social media feeds for more information on that as it becomes available, but for now you can find the latest drop both online and in-store. Make sure to get in early to secure any pieces you’ve got your eye on; they’re sure to fly out quicker than a British summer.

maison margiela knit sock boot title image

Sock it to Me: The Maison Margiela Knit Sock Boot is Ready for Summer

One of the most prevalent footwear trends in the last decade has been the emergence of the sock-fit sneaker. Utilising new technologies like Nike’s Flyknit and adidas‘s rival Primeknit, the initial aim was to reduce weight and provide a more customised fit for athletics, particularly running, which then trickled down into the mainstream with the surging popularity of athleisure and luxury streetwear as the dominant forces in fashion. The minimal good looks and level of comfort offered by sock-like fit of trainers like the Nike Flyknit Racer and adidas Ultraboost earned them legions of fans, which has naturally attracted the attention of brands looking to offer a more luxurious, high-fashion alternative.

maison margiela knit sock boot 02

Enter Maison Margiela. From the brand’s very genesis, Maison Margiela’s raison d’etre has been to subvert and deconstruct trends, uniforms and classic clothing to create a unique vision of what fashion is and what it should be. Under the eye of their current designer, the infamous John Galliano, the Maison has turned their hand to the sock sneaker, taking the concept to its extreme with their Knit Sock Boot, which boasts rib-knit fabric uppers that are little more than literal socks, set atop a technical sneaker sole unit.

margiela knit sock boot 01

Like many of the Maison’s designs, it sounds absurd on paper, but the level of attention and care given to the materials, shape and detailing of the sneaker really elevate it into something special. This version is perhaps the best yet, pairing a bright optical white upper with a distressed sole unit to give both subtle contrast and a look that’s classically Margiela. In typical fashion, the sneaker’s only adornment is a care label that the designer has left purposely visible to the exterior, adopting the Maison’s signature low-key approach to branding.

margiela knit sock boot sneaker 03

Despite its unconventional look and avant-garde design, the Margiela Knit Sock Boot is just as versatile as any other white sneaker, owing to its slim profile and ‘blank canvas’ appearance. Pair it with cropped trousers, distressed jeans, even shorts; either way you’re guaranteed to turn heads this summer.

The Maison Margiela Knit Sock Boot in White is available now from Aphrodite Clothing, priced £439.