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Paraboot Chambord – A Timeless Classic

An enduring masterpiece that has graced the shelves of famed menswear outlets such as Aphrodite for generations, the Chambord stands as one of Paraboot’s most iconic silhouettes, and for excellent reasons.

Luxury Roots

Initially founded as Chaussures Extra in 1927, Paraboot’s roots trace back to the luxurious shoe brand, born in 1910 in Izeaux, a quaint village nestled in the French Alps. Since its inception, the brand has consistently pioneered the creation of top-tier footwear to cater to diverse requirements. Whether it’s embarking on a trail along the foothills of Mont Blanc with a pair of Avoriaz mountain boots or relishing a leisurely summer stroll in Pacific sandals, Paraboot has always delivered.

Iconic Footwear Staple

The Chambord, meticulously handcrafted in Saint Jean de Moirans, France, has its origins in golf footwear, featuring the distinctive 45-degree stitching on the apron—a hallmark technique unique to Paraboot’s shoe craftsmanship. The brand’s renowned thick rubber soles also grace the Chambord, a signature trait. The incorporation of rubber soles into Paraboot’s offerings dates back to 1926, when the brand’s visionary founder, Remy Richard, encountered rubber boot-clad Americans during a visit to the USA. Inspired by this innovation, upon his return to the UK, Remy replaced traditional wooden and leather soles with vulcanized rubber. He even pioneered the notched soles prevalent in many mountain boots, a design that adorns the Chambord’s very foundation.



Read more about Paraboot’s history in our Brand Guide


Diving into the Details

Delving into the intricacies of the welting process, a technique renowned for its ability to enhance durability and water resistance, the Chambord introduces the Norwegian welt. A feature often associated with rugged work and mountain footwear, this technique involves the attachment of a slender layer of leather to which both the upper and outsole are meticulously sewn. The result? Lasting resilience that can withstand the test of time and the elements. What sets the Paraboot Chambord apart is not just the incorporation of this technique, but the added advantage of resole-ability. This exceptional characteristic ensures that your beloved pair can be rejuvenated, allowing you to forge a lifelong bond with these shoes.

Transitioning to the upper construction, the Chambord’s showcase an impeccable execution of premium calfskin, a material prized for its supple nature and remarkable resilience. Beyond mere aesthetics, the calfskin enhances comfort, adapting effortlessly to your stride, and preserving an air of timeless elegance that transcends passing trends. The Chambord’s colour palette of Café, Black, and Nuit tones reflects a thoughtful curation catering to diverse preferences. These captivating options await your exploration at Aphrodite Clothing, beckoning you to experience them either in the tactile realm of their physical store or conveniently online.

In terms of style, the Chambord opens doors to endless creativity. Seamlessly complement your ensemble with the casual sophistication of your go-to chinos and a gently enveloping virgin wool overshirt—a combination that radiates classic ease. Yet, should you choose to elevate your aesthetic to new heights, envision a collaboration with cigarette-cut high-rise trousers and a meticulously chosen Cuban shirt. The result is an ensemble that embodies a refined sleekness, a perfect embodiment of the phrase “less is more,” an ensemble not out of place in the most alluring Parisian coffee haunts. Through its impeccable craftsmanship and boundless styling potential, the Chambord beckons you to weave your unique narrative into the tapestry of fashion.



Browse other Paraboot styles such as the Michael, Avoriaz and Reims here.


The versatility offered by the Chambord knows no bounds when it comes to styling possibilities. You have an array of options at your disposal – for a touch of classic casual refinement, consider teaming them up with your reliable chinos and a virgin wool overshirt. This combination effortlessly exudes timeless charm. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a look that epitomizes sleek sophistication, the Chambord lends itself perfectly to a collaboration with cigarette-cut, high-rise trousers, creating an ensemble that exudes modernity and elegance. Amplify the allure with a Cuban-style shirt, infusing an air of international flair into your attire. Such a refined ensemble wouldn’t be out of place in the most fashionable Parisian coffee shops, where style is as essential as the coffee itself. In the realm of fashion, the Chambord offers a canvas on which you can paint your unique sense of style, ensuring you stand out in any setting, from the bustling streets of Paris to the most charming of cafés.

Find the Cafe, Black, and Nuit tans in store or online at Aphrodite Clothing.


Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2019 Video

While here in Britain we’re just starting to gear up for the summer, Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2019 sees the brand looking to the future with their video presentation on their fantastic new collection.


Shot in the brand’s usual moody, industrial style, there’s a lot of excellent product packed into the video’s one and a half minutes. While the brand is no stranger to bold, bright shades concocted in their dyeing laboratories, the Stone Island AW19 collection takes this a step further with mix-and-match colour blocking. This is demonstrated perfectly in the second look in the video—a full outfit comprised of a mountaineering-inspired jacket and trousers. With all its elements dyed in different shades from yellow to navy to maroon, the combo boasts a highly layered and structured look that’s at once futuristic and retro, perfect for those who can’t decide which colour to wear on a morning.

Elsewhere we see a series of knits and sweats that are constructed with patchwork-style panelling, with each side of the piece displaying opposite colours and textures; garment-dyed nylon ripstop pieces in bold neon oranges and yellows; and an all-new utility boot silhouette with a striking, sculpted sole unit. And, for you monochrome fans, there’s a brief glimpse of the highly sought-after Ghost Piece collection for this season. It feels like we say this every season, but this Stone Island collection is one of the brand’s strongest to date, and proof—if proof were needed—that Carlo Rivetti’s team are at the top of their game.

There’s plenty more to sink your teeth into in the video itself, so check it out above, and keep your eyes locked on our social media channels for more Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2019 drops as they land.

How to Clean Sneakers: A Video Guide

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to break out the pristine white kicks; easy, casual and timeless, the white trainer goes with pretty much all summer wear. But no sneaker stays white forever, and sometimes one wear is all it takes to bring your beloved footwear from sparkling to filthy. Fortunately, cleaning sneakers is incredibly easy if you have the right equipment to hand. Check out our handy video guide on how to clean sneakers below to see what we mean.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need, and the steps we take to get those adidas Continental 80s back to their original gleaming white:

You’ll need:

  • Sneaker cleaning solution
  • A brush (preferably natural bristle or horsehair)
  • A basin of warm water
  • Microfibre towel
  • Sneaker cleaning wipes
  • Protector spray
  • (Optional) New laces
  • (Optional) Midsole pen to match your trainers’ colour

Step 1: Remove the laces. Whether you’re swapping them out for new ones or giving them a spin in the washing machine (we recommend popping them in a washing net or inside a pillow case), you’ll need to remove the laces to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Brush away any loose dirt or debris. This helps prevent scratches and just makes life a bit easier going ahead.

Step 3: Wet the brush in the water basin and apply your sneaker cleaning liquid of choice to the bristles. A little goes a long way, but don’t be afraid to use as much as you like.

Step 4: Scrub all the affected areas of the shoe vigorously (including the sole if you’re a perfectionist)

How to Clean Sneakers

Step 5: Use the towel to dry off excess water and foam, and to give any extra cleaning to areas you may have missed

Step 6 (Optional): If needed, give the midsoles another once-over with a cleaning wipe

Step 7 (Optional): If you’re going the whole hog, use your midsole pen to restore the trainer’s original colour. Shake the pen vigorously, then pump the tip several times onto a paper towel or spare sneaker wipe until the paint starts to flow. Use the chiselled tip to apply an even coat to the required areas. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; a sneaker wipe will clean up any excess while the paint is still wet. Wait for the midsole to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 8: Once the sneakers are completely dry, apply a thin, even coat of your protector spray of choice. Hold the container 15-20cm away from the shoe and spray until all surfaces are coated, making sure not to over-apply. Wait to dry, usually around a minute or two.

Step 9: Relace the trainers, with the originals or brand new laces if needed.

Step 10: Wear with pride!

This should get your beloved trainers back in peak condition in time for the summer, and hopefully keep them that way for longer. We’ve used tried and tested products from Jason Markk, Sneakers ER and Crep Protect, but feel free to mix and match with your own go-to brands.

You can find a selection of cleaning products below or shop our full selection both in-store and online now.

Crep ProtectCrep Protect Crep Protect Crep Protect

Jason Markk Jason Markk Jason Markk Jason Markk

Sneakers ER Sneakers ER Sneakers ER Sneakers ER

How To Repair Denim, Featuring Nudie Jeans

Over the years we have championed Nudie Jeans at Aphrodite and we actively try to engage with our customers in-store and online to tell them as much as we can about the quality and the story behind the brand. Some of our die-hard denim connoisseurs will wear their jeans continuously for months, letting the denim show the wear and tear of their daily lives over time. A faded outline around a pocket shows where they carry their phone; a hole in the bottom area might indicate a lot of sitting down; a stained area might have a funny story attached to it.  A pair of Nudie jeans can be a timeline of your life.

Of course, not everyone feels comfortable wearing denim with holes in which generally happens through a passage of time with every pair of jeans.  Pre-washed jeans are the worst offenders for sustaining holes and abrasions over a shorter period of time than a dry/raw pair.  This is because the washing/dyeing process weakens the cotton and it breaks down quicker. To combat this, Nudie has produced a series of videos and infographics, In honour of ‘Repair, Reuse, Recycle’ to give your jeans a new lease of life.  Below we have shared one of the videos from Nudie Jeans which shows one of their experts repairing a pair of Nudie.  In their own words “…repairing your favourite pair is a fairly easy task” and watching this video, they make it look quite straightforward to anyone that isn’t afraid of using a needle and thread.

In a time when money is tight around the globe, it might be an option that you turn to rather than purchasing a new pair of jeans. If you love your jeans and can’t bear to part with them, repairing them give you a new appreciation for them to know that you have breathed new life into them when they were looking so fragile and weak.

What You Need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread (or contrasting if you’re brave)
  • Scissors
  • Textile glue
  • A spare patch of denim

STEP 1: Ready up your thread in the sewing machine, trim the raw area of the torn Jeans for a clean work area. Cut out a patch of denim from your least favourite but similar tonal jeans.

STEP 2: Place a smattering of textile glue around the affected area, as well as a liberal amount on the spare patch. Apply the patch to the tear, adhesive down.

STEP 3: Time to fire up the sewing machine and begin the attachment. Begin to create a layer of extra fabric by sewing up, down, and all around the tear and patch.

STEP 4: Once adequately attached, check over for any loose areas and trim any excess thread / excess denim from the patch.

Nike Shoe Therapy Video

A Little Shoe Therapy Is Needed

Nike has been showing us their down-to-earth humorous side recently with the Nothing Beats A Londoner video that released last month, their latest endeavour is in the form of ‘Shoe Therapy’ sessions where athletes like Draymond Green and the Revolution’air’ Sean Wotherspoon go to talk about their uncontrollable Sneaker addiction.

The video holds a slight truth as it’s something most of us can relate to, as your shoes are like a child to you that you nurture and take care of. More videos are going to follow from Nike, but for the moment you can check out their first episode ‘Its Gotta Be The Shoes’ which features American Track athlete and record holder Shalane Flannagan talks to Lena Thwaite about her totally justified obsession with her 4% Vaporfly. I don’t know about you but we are excited to see what sneakers the following episodes cover.

Y3 Yohji Run Video

We put the Y3 Yohji Run through its paces on location in Sunderland in the latest of our videos from our Youtube channel. Returning for another seasonal outing in a number of colourways, we’ve taken the traditional black / white version which is accented with a vibrant orange outsole for a pop of colour with every step.

It’s not hard to see why sneakerheads around the globe have the Yohi Run on their wishlist – Boost sole unit, premium suede panels, eyecatching aesthetic, lightweight – The Yohji has it all.

You can buy this particular model (CG3212) for £219.00 from our site or in-store

We would love to hear your thoughts on the video and in particular if you have a pair of Yohji Run’s or are interested in purchasing a pair. Please leave a comment below or on our Youtube channel

Aphrodite Clothing: Store Tour Video

While our online business is more important than ever, our physical store is our pride and joy. This video tour by our very talented photography team shows the location at its very best, showcasing the contemporary facelift it received in 2014, as well as the curated selection of the world’s finest menswear inside. It’s a brief but interesting watch for both our online customers and our instore shoppers, and really helps give a good feel for who we are and what we do.

Check out the video above, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

Crep Protect Spray

Using Crep Protect To Clean Your Sneakers

As anyone who’s into their trainers (or sneakers, if that’s your thing) can tell you, cleaning them can be a bit of a nightmare. Unlike traditional dress or work shoes that tend to have uppers made of a single material in a single colour, trainers are often made from a whole slew of different textiles, leathers and tech materials in a much greater range of colours. While this is a large part of their appeal, the effect is somewhat diminished once they inevitably get dirty. This often results in sneakers getting consigned to their box in a cupboard, out of fear that one false move will destroy their pristine good looks. Thankfully, there are a whole host of options such as Crep Protect to protect and restore your beloved footwear, meaning you can bring them out of the box and onto the streets where they belong.


Introducing Crep Protect

One of the more popular ranges in this new generation of shoe care product is Crep Protect, and with good reason.  It’s affordable, effective, and the range of products is concise enough to keep everything simple while still covering all likely scenarios. That said, tackling a beloved (if manky) pair of sneaks can be a daunting task, especially if you fear damaging the more delicate materials like suede. Fortunately for you, my scruffy-shod friend, Crep Protect has you covered with its Cure cleaning kit. The kit comprises of a good-sized ration of its namesake cleaning solution, a natural bristle scrubbing brush and a microfibre buffing cloth. The only other things you’ll need to get started are a basin of warm water and some time. Then just follow the steps below to give your hardworking footwear the pampering they deserve.


Crep Protect Available At Aphrodite1994


How To Use Crep Protect

STEP 1: Remove the laces from your shoes, to let you get in and around the tongue area unhindered. If the laces are dirty too, consider replacing them, or otherwise send them through the washing machine inside a pillowcase or sock. Give the shoes a once-over with the brush to get rid of any dirt, dust or other detritus while they’re still dry.


STEP 2: Wet your brush and apply a fifty-pence sized amount of the Cure cleaning solution to the bristles, then get stuck in and give the uppers and soles a good scrubbing. The thoughtful people at Crep specifically chose short hog-hair bristles for their brush, for the perfect balance of being tough on cleaning while soft enough not to damage even the most delicate materials. Additionally, the cleaning solution itself is composed of 98% natural ingredients like jojoba, coconut extracts and good old water; as Crep themselves say, “it’s like a spa day for your shoes”.


Crep Protect Sneaker Cleaner


STEP 3: Rinse your brush and brush away any excess lather from the uppers, then let your shoes dry. Be patient; while leather uppers can dry in as little as five minutes, suede and more plush materials can take a few hours. Give them a final buff with the microfibre cloth, then simply admire your handiwork, and allow yourself to shed a single, manly tear at the sight of your best kicks restored to their former glory.


OPTIONAL STEP: To prevent anything from spoiling the moment in the near future, consider applying a coating of Crep Protect spray. This will keep your sneakers shielded from practically any everyday hazard you can think of, and is well worth doing to keep that pristine look for longer.

Watch An Official Demonstration

Check out the video below to see Crep Protect in action in our very own store! Like what you see? Shop our range of Crep Protect products including the protection spray and Crep Cure pack.


CP Company Brand Overview

CP Company Brand Guide

CP Company is a designer brand, founded in Italy, whose main aim is to create a casual menswear brand to bring the traditional elements back into a man’s wardrobe. The company’s philosophy, ‘Function and Use’ is reflected in every piece produced by the brand, and has travelled through time with the changing fashion and expansion over the years.

The brand has become a designer name due to many reasons, one of them being the production of garments which are exclusively individual. C.P Company clothing is instantly recognisable and memorable which has helped it secure a place in designer men’s wear.

CP Company History

Sportswear Company, which is the parent company of CP Company, Stone Island and Boneville, is a historical company in the Italian casual wear manufactures. The brand was originally called Chester Perry but changed its name to CP Company in the late 70s due to a legal battle. The change in name saw a slight shift in direction for the company but success and major growth followed.

A company takeover happened towards the mid 1980’s by Rabaldo Tongna and GFT, followed by the arrival of Carlo Rivetti as managing director. During this time, the parent label of CP Company, Stone Island and Boneville became ‘Sportswear Company’. The company was taken over fully by Riftex after the selling of the GFT in 1993, and Carlo Rivetti was named company president.

Soon after its launch, CP Company became an essential point of reference for fashion at that time, which has shadowed through its lifespan and still applies to this day. The way they mix function and wearability is key to their stability in the fashion scene.

How Does CP Company Fit

CP Company’s Design Philosophy

1) Research into the functional and usable garments which have derived from military style and workwear.

2) The transformation of fabrics and overall garments through the experimentation of colour.

The brand’s interests in military garments led to the creation of a number of highly acclaimed pieces from their collections. C.P Company has built huge archives that they continue to experiment and take inspiration from. Dating from the end of the last century to now, this valuable heritage provides a solid base for much of the company’s know–how’s.

CP Company Goggle Jacket

CP Company’s Garment Dyeing Process

The process in which a product is first constructed from non-coloured raw fabrics before being dyed as a whole rather than put together from pre-dyed materials, garment dyeing is an age old technique that has been pioneered by CP Company for years.

Hailed as one of the finest treatments available thanks to its unique finish, worn in appeal and sheer depth / variety of colour, the brand quickly formed close ties with this method of production, using it in conjunction with a host of other techniques and combining it with their intricate fabric blends to push it to the very limits of its capabilities.

Having been the first in the world to garment dye a material consisting of two or more different fibres, CP Company have since went on to achieve a variety of colourful milestones including garment dyeing Goretex, synthetic fabrics and develop a number of unique treatments including re-coloureclipse and tinto terra. As of 2018 the brand even offer their customers the opportunity to choose any colour they wish from the pantone library for their desired piece when ordering.

CP Company Overshirt

What are the CP Company Fabrics?

From Chrome to 50 Fili, CP Company have a vast list of mind bending textile combinations at their disposal. Continually tweaking bespoke blends and squeezing every last drop of functionality out of each individual fabric, the label pride themselves with their bordering on scientific relationship with their clothing. Take a look at just a small selection below.

  • Chrome – Often seen as the go to material for many of the brand’s overshirts, Chrome is defined by its unique almost metal like sheen and intrinsic compatibility with garment dyeing. Made from a multi lament nylon that is derived from military canvas it boasts water resistant and quick drying properties for versatile applications; Typically seen on the iconic CP Company Overshirts.
  • 50 Fili – Arguably the most quintessential of all CP Company’s materials, 50 Filli has formed the backbone of the brand’s collections since the very beginning. Comprising of a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% nylon, the fabric boasts the soft versatility of cotton whilst retaining the functional elements found in nylon. Displaying an iridescent shine when garment dyed thanks to the different ways in which each fibre reacts to the procedure, 50 Filli embodies CP Company’s fundamental principals in one versatile package.
  • CP Shell – Adding their technical touch to the classic soft shell CP Shell is engineered from a weather resistant skin bonded to a breathable mesh. The result is a comfortable, stretchy and practical fabric that lends itself perfectly to hoodies, CP Company Sweatshirts and lightweight jackets.
  • M.T.t.n – Standing for Multi Tension Tribolate Nylon takes influence from staple sportswear pieces from the ’80s. Using two different nylons with a twisted cord construction the material boasts a fractured finish across each piece.
  • P.Ri.S.M – The latest material to come from CP Company P.Ri.S.M utilises a prismatic rip stop membrane that, once combined with their dyeing techniques, creates
  • Pro-Tek – In an attempt to combine the lightweight properties of a sweatshirt with the defence of an outer layer, CP Company developed Pro-Tek. Packable, wind proof and quick-drying it comes with a WR coating for even more protective qualities.

CP Company Arm Lens

CP Company Jackets

Possibly the most well-known jacket from the company, the Goggle Jacket is arguably just as iconic as the brand itself. It was originally designed by Massimo Osti as part of the sponsorship deal for the world famous ‘Mille Miglia’ open road endurance race, which took place in the cities of Italy from 1927 to 1957. This is where the jacket gained its nickname Mille Miglia.

The original jacket incorporated goggles into the hood, which could be flipped down allowing the goggles to be worn directly over the eyes. When designing the jacket, Osti considered the roads included in the race track as inspiration for his ingenious goggle hood idea. Along with the goggles, a clear lens was inserted into the sleeve of the jacket, named the ‘watch viewer’ so the racer could easily check the time.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CP Company Goggle Jacket, the Italian brand teamed up with fashion designer Aitor Throup, to launch a special anniversary edition of the iconic jacket in 2009. Aitor Throup’s basis for the design was to take the jacket back to its foundations, the race itself.

“I have taken a literal approach to driving ergonomics and functionality, with the aim of creating a piece that is even further informed by the driving concept than the original.”

CP Company Hats

With the brands most well known jacket being the iconic Mille Miglia, it makes total sense that the Italian outfits best selling hat is its Goggle Beanie. Arriving in a variety of colourways, this knitted companion will keep your head warm while letting those around you know that you’ve got style. CP Company Hats are also available in summer too, with an array of caps available featuring the brands signature materials, such as Chrome Nylon.

CP Company Italy

How does CP Company fit?

C.P Company pride themselves in innovative designs, fabric dying and treatments, focusing on the structure and fit of the garment, and the goggle jacket is a stern example of this craftsmanship.

The overall structure and design of the jacket had been based on the human form, in a driving position which ultimately provides maximum comfort. The jacket has slightly bent and forward arms mixed with extra volume built into the back that enables the jacket to morph from the standard ‘standing position’ into a more complex’ driving position’. This is a completely unique feature to the goggle jacket.

Throups had previously collaborated with Stone Island on two projects which were presented at Milan Fashion week in 2008, followed by the C.P Company collaboration in 2009. The re-design featured a fully ergonomic construction based on a life size sculpture of the human body in the driving position, focusing attention on the heritage of the jacket and its actual use.

The hood has also undergone a complete re-construction and design, considering ergonomics as a huge part of the overall structure and fit. Now, the hood fits perfectly over a driving helmet when the draw strings are relaxed and is an anatomically accurate fit for the human head.

The goggles section has gained a deeper ridged nose and a closer fitting shape while the shape of the goggles are now circular, which mirrors the watch viewer. This ties all the details together for an aesthetic which is reminiscent of the jacket’s original racing origins. The ‘watch viewer’ now also interacts seamlessly with the detachable padded lining for a smoother, smarter overall appearance.

The Goggle Jacket, like all other CP Company jackets, has been crafted from top quality fabrics which capture the integrity and authenticity of the concept of the jacket. The material is a 3 layer GORE-TEX performance shell fabric with a waterproof membrane and every seam has been finished with GORE-SEAM waterproof thermo-taping.