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adidas gazelle vintage og

adidas Gazelle Vintage Arrives In OG Colourways

adidas Gazelle Vintage
‘Blue / Cloud White’ & ‘Scarlet Red / Cloud White’
FU9656 / FU9657


Aside from the Gazelle’s affinity with the sporting world and acceptance into just about as many style tribes as you could name, one of its most distinguishing features which saw it skyrocket to cult classic heights was its ability to take on a plethora of vibrant shades. Having now been seen in just about every hue you could imagine, the sneakers put the brakes on expanding their multi-coloured domain and instead look to the past for this latest release.

adidas gazelle vintage blue FU9656

Arriving constructed from a textured hairy suede, this interpretation of the adidas Gazelle Vintage takes on its forefathers OG colourways, referencing when the sneakers first stepped on the scene during the ’60s in two distinct shades of both red and blue. Featuring serrated edge contrast three stripe branding to the sides as well as a trefoil insignia to the tongue, the sneakers come stamped with the classic gold metallic callout to the lateral side of the heel.

adidas gazelle vintage scarlet red FU9657

Further enhanced with a shortened version of adidas’ t-toe overlay, the sneakers are finished with a traction providing rubber outsole as well as a luxurious leather lining.

The adidas Gazelle Vintage ‘Scarlet Red / Cloud White’ and ‘Blue / Cloud White’ are available at Aphrodite now.

Balmain Low Top Trainers

Balmain Low Top Sneakers – Tone & Texture

The Latest Balmain Low Top Trainers

Toying with both tone and texture in equal measures, luxury fashion house Balmain sets us up for a monochrome masterpiece with their brand-new low top sneaker that’s just landed here at Aphrodite. Available in two distinctive colourways, one iteration arrives in stealthy black hues while the other would assert itself as a majority blank canvas, complete with a bulbous nude midsole.

Balmain Low Top Sneaker

Balmain Low Top Trainer Black


Holding breathable mesh at the vamp, this low top sneaker from Balmain flips to reveal chunky ribbed-knit detailing at its heel, offering the shoe it’s multi-dimensional, front and back aesthetic. Flashes of Balmain branding features throughout both renditions, with variations stationed proudly to the tongue, sidewall, reverse and sole, while playful accents arise in unique positions, for example, a ’44 Rue Francois’ statement is embossed to the inner midsole to reinstate the brand’s heritage and Parisian roots.


Balmain Sneakers


As well as authentic French credentials, the design boasts tongue and heel pulls in order to ergonomically enhance the shoe’s construction, allowing the wearer to slip on the silhouette with optimal ease.


Balmain Shoes



Bolstered with springy cushioning underfoot, get set for the smoothest ride possible through the cityscape in these tonal, plush must-haves from the Parisian powerhouse.

Shop Balmain Low Top Sneaker, white / black.


adidas SL80 Cloud White Solar Red FV9790

adidas SL80 Gets A Punchy Update

adidas SL80
‘Cloud White / Solar Red’


You know the drill by now, the adidas SL80 is back and, thanks to a recent spat of top drawer colourways and a little help from Gary Aspden’s SPZL line, they are most certainly here to stay. Pulled from the archives in late 2019, the original silhouette was the follow on to the lines SL72, featuring much of the trainers same lightweight construction with a number of stylistic and modern design updates.


adidas SL80 Cloud White Solar Red FV9790


A more robust shape overall than that of the ultra-streamlined 72, the adidas SL80 comes primarily made from a straightforward nylon base for improved breathability. Placing a series of suede panels on top larger than that of its precursor, the material spans around the forefoot for greater structural support in areas of high stress. Presented in a ‘Cloud White / Solar Red’ makeup, which uses contrast to add depth, you can find serated three stripe accents to the sides as well as the classic trefoil placed to the tongue.


adidas SL80 Cloud White Solar Red FV9790


With a thick and cushioning EVA midsole found below for additional comfort, the design is rounded out with a protective toe cap, D-ring lacing system and signature ‘SL 80’ callout. The adidas SL80 ‘Cloud White / Solar Red’ FV9790 is available now at Aphrodite.

Jason Mark Angsuvarn Interview

Man On A Mission, Jason Mark Angsuvarn Interview

The driving force behind sneaker care brand Jason Markk, introducing Jason Mark Angsuvarn

Any devoted sneaker aficionado should already be well acquainted with shoe specialist Jason Markk; held in high regard worldwide for keeping your kicks looking superbly box-fresh, the revered brand and its vast array of sneaker care products have successfully conquered the footwear industry and kudos to the label for doing so, it’s certainly no mean feat.

And as people continue to reap the rewards of Jason Markk products on a global stage, one talented individual is quietly driving its milestones from within the wings. So without further ado, allow Aphrodite to introduce you to the eponymous founder and president of Jason Markk, Jason Mark Angsuvarn. We recently caught up with the lauded entrepreneur and sneakerhead to discuss the perks [and obstacles] of being your own boss, as well as all things business.


Jason Markk Founder Jason Mark Angsuvarn


First of all, you may be wondering how the ball got rolling for the proud Southern California creative, let us digest… No longer satisfied with having to use make-shift household cleaning products – that would often contain harmful chemicals, therefore, running the risk of damaging a shoe’s lustre – Jason Mark Angsuvarn set about finding a chemist that could execute his vision for a “sneaker cleaning solution that was not only effective but most importantly, safe to use on all materials.”

He explains, “after months of both product and brand development, I officially launched Jason Markk in January of 2007.”

Jason Markk’s professional debut was not only a declaration of ingenuity from Jason himself but for the brand too as it strived to close a gap within the market. Thanks to a loyal fan base of collectors and enthusiasts, the Jason Markk cleaning solution became an instant hit, allowing for rapid commercial expansion, spanning everything from Jason Markk Quick Wipes, Repel Spray, suede buffers and a myriad more items.


Jason Markk Range


Having grown exponentially in those first few years, Jason fast found himself at the helm of a budding sneaker care empire but for an individual who prides himself on being a purveyor of pristine kicks, Angsuvarn is remarkably chilled when playfully quizzed over whether first impressions really do count.

“I try not to judge anyone by how dirty their sneakers are or what they’re wearing, but truthfully I think it’s human nature unfortunately to form an opinion. At the end of the day, they’re just shoes and clothes. Get to know the person, keep an open mind, listen, and you may be surprised.”

With obvious intent, Jason Markk’s impressive portfolio awakens a sense of sustainability. Until recently, the industry’s carbon footprint has remained somewhat of a taboo topic, however, as textile waste has continued to soar of late, it’s evident that moves need to be made to address it. Though just one solution to a much wider issue, sneaker care aims to extend the lifespan of your cherished footwear collection and Jason is proud to be bolstering the movement.

“Sustainability has always been considered in everything we do since the beginning. It’s something that’s important to me personally, and as a company, it’s a priority for continuous improvement” states Jason.

When he’s not doing his bit to save the planet, Jason Mark Angsuvarn soaks up the fruits of his labour at the brand’s Los Angeles HQ, which brings with it its own perks and sometimes, challenges. “The freedom and flexibility are what I enjoy most about being my own boss. That said, when you are running your own company, especially in the early stage, you are never not working.

“There is always a trade-off, but for me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

A savvy state of mind is everything when it comes to business and it’s something Jason has no problem possessing, but with the current states of affairs and a global pandemic to contend with, we’re particularly impressed with his brand’s aptitude for keeping consumers engaged. During lockdown ‘Jason Markk Public Radio’ debuted as a soothing source of entertainment for the extra time we found on our hands. The professional offshoot delivers curated playlists by friends and family of JM with its roots grounded firmly in community and culture.


Jason Markk Public Radio

“JMPR is an idea we’ve had for years, but it kept getting pushed to the back burner since we’ve been so busy. With the lockdown, we thought it was the perfect time to finally make it happen. It seems like everyone at JM either DJs or produces beats or is just plain musically inclined. Same goes for many of our close friends and family of JM, so it just made sense. I’m glad you’re tuning in and enjoying it!”

And enjoying it we are, but while we kick back and mellow out to the music, Jason is keen to apply his entrepreneurial wisdom to 2020’s unprecedented moments; past, present and future.

“Given the current global pandemic, nothing is what it used to be – for anyone. I will say that we have used this time wisely, and have bonded (even more) as a unit. My team and global family are the best in the world, and even in the midst of a pandemic, I think we are all excited and pumped for the next chapter of JM.”

Stay tuned to see what’s next for the Cali’ company and in the meantime restore your kicks to pristine condition with our expansive Jason Markk range.


Frioland Jacket – Moncler

Monclers’ Latest Release The Frioland Jacket Explores Function and Style In One Piece.

A brand which is in a constant state of exploration in innovative styles and technical construction, Moncler stands as the epitome of premium menswear. Having mastered the art of luxurious fashion blended with cutting-edge functionality, season upon season Moncler remains the brand on everyones’ lips. Constantly challenging classic silhouettes, they thrive in the provision of versatility and high-performance, each item a statement piece in its’ wearers wardrobe.

Frioland Jacket in Red / Navy

Breaking new ground for the up and coming season, their latest release The Frioland Jacket, is a must have for those who are looking to wrap up and step up their outerwear this winter. Designed to protect whilst hitting the slopes, and provide that fashion statement when back in the city, this jacket showcases high-performance and casual form. Down filled with a technical polyester outer shell, this jacket provides perfect insulation whilst the detachable hood adds that versatile flair.

Moncler Jacket

Emblazoned with the iconic logo across the full outer shell, this retro rework of a signature silhouette nods to the past with a modern twist in construction. The rubber brand patch to the chest rounds off the retro aesthetic, allowing the Frioland Jacket to form into a piece that can stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Purchase Moncler Frioland Jacket Online at Aphrodite Clothing

Balmain Sneakers

New Arrivals – Balmain B-Ball Sneakers

Latest Footwear from the Parisian Fashion House

A year of seismic proportions, these last few months have been unforgettable for many reasons, but one offering that particularly stands firmly on the greener side of 2020 is ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’. Capturing a stellar Chicago Bulls team of yesteryear and Michael Jordan’s rising star, the docuseries saw many of us fall headfirst into a love affair with basketball, and apparently, high fashion is on side too, as Balmain has seemingly proved this season.

Aptly dubbed ‘B-Ball’ sneakers, the Parisian fashion house’s latest footwear delivery catapults courtside kicks into a whole new dimension. Looking like they’ve landed from the year 2050, these futuristic hi-tops are destined to command attention within the cityscape. They’re wrapped in a wearable milky colourway, coming complete in a juxtaposing bulbous yet razor-sharp construction.


Balmain B Ball Sneaker Off White


Opting for supple calfskin in the upper, the Balmain B-Ball design possesses a pairing of designer credentials, including a large brand patch to the tongue and inky-black stamping to the foot strap. In addition to a range of status-driven accents, the sneaker also sees functional elements at various positions, with a handy heel pull to the reverse and breathable perforations situated at the vamp. To finish, three-dimensional overlays draw attention at the midsole, while a subtle ‘B’ emblem resides subtly to the toe.

Shop the Balmain B-Ball sneaker online & in-store at Aphrodite while stocks last.

Aries at Aphrodite

Aries Online Now at Aphrodite!

Aries clothing available now at Aphrodite

It’s been a short while since we added a new brand to our impressive designer roster, but today is the day; please get ready to welcome luxury streetwear brand Aries to your radar. Known for its idiosyncratic aesthetic and saturated statements, Aries clothing will no doubt be a welcomed addition to our hallowed menswear portfolio.


Aries Hoodie


Offering up a range of slogan tees and cosy cotton sweats, Aries is a brand that’s brazen about both its identity and its colour scheme, choosing to embrace snappy phrases and vibrant hues in spades every single season. You can expect to discover unparalleled fabrication and overall garment quality from Aries clothing, with every collection leaning on the finest possible craftsmanship to steer it into the right hands.


Aries Clothing T-Shirt


As well as emblazoned tees and hoodies, Aries’ debut collection at Aphrodite also boasts sweatpants and accessories, of course, all bearing the brand’s synonymous temple emblems and ‘No Problemo’ assertiveness, something Graphic Designer and Aries co-founder Fergus Purcell has a lot to answer for. Having in recent years coined the now-iconic branding for London-based skating label PALACE, Purcell’s work is lauded for good reason and the same can also be said for fellow co-founders Sofia Prantera and Luca Benini. In addition to holding Aries clothing under their industry belts, Italian-born Prantera successfully peppered her magic on cult ’90s label Silas while Benini currently stands proud at the helm of Italian streetwear company Slam Jam.

With a multitude of revered experience to its name and a 21st-century approach to garment making – made evident by its quirky design codes and more recently, its decision to produce genderless apparel – Aries clothing is the breath of fresh air we all needed this year.

Shop the latest Aries collection in-store & online at Aphrodite now.

adidas ZX500 Trainers FW2813

adidas ZX 500 : Retro Revolutionised

 adidas ZX 500 Trainers : Heritage Styles Meets Modern Tech

Pivotal in sneaker design, the ZX Collection first came to light in the 80’s with the release of the adidas ZX 500 in ’84. Merging both cutting edge technology with vibrant colour ways, the trainers not only made significant steps in functional running shoe design but were quickly picked up by notable sub-cultural movements of the time.


adidas ZX 500 Trainers


Thanks to their comfort and bold visuals the ZX 500 found itself joining its soon to be released numerical peers in the swell of what was then dubbed as the second summer of love. With warehouse raves cropping up throughout the UK particularly in the North, revellers were looking for a trainer that would keep them on their feet until the early hours of the following morning and it just so happened that the ZX collection fit the bill.


adidas ZX 500 Trainers FW2813


Aside from dancefloors however the ZX was largely famed for setting the standard for classic running shoes, introducing some never before seen additions to adidas’ ever-growing lineup. Inspired by the track, the adidas ZX 500 is one of the collections most iconic silhouettes, channelling its’ retro history whilst baring modern technology to revolutionise the style and performance. Crafted with a suede, mesh and leather upper in shades of off white, silver metallic and cloud white to boast a ‘gotta touch it’ texture gives a modern and sensorial approach to the old school design. The die-cut EVA midsole teamed with a soft textile lining and rubber outsole ensures not only a comfortable fit, but improved traction.

The adidas ZX 500 Trainers ‘Off White / Silver Metallic / Cloud White’ (FW2813) are available now at Aphrodite.

Aries Arise Cap

Aries Arise Brand Guide

What is Aries?

Aiming to merge the worlds of streetwear and high end fashion, Aries is a brand which centres its collections around themes pulled from a vast list of ’80s and ’90s influences when fashion was arguably at one of its most volatile states. Encompassing everything from skateboarding sub-culture, to the rave scene and Cyberpunk, Aries pride themselves on their ability to subvert norms and break down the boundaries set out in the clothing world. Whether it be their genderless approach, juxtaposing thematic combinations or anti-fashion outlook, the brand reserve a fascination for the deeper societal implications clothing can have harnessing their platform as creative outlet not bound by the pressures of high street expectations.

With classic streetwear tropes such as bold unapologetic graphics and relaxed cuts found alongside delicate hand finished detailing and bespoke pattern cutting, the brand capture freeze frames of fashion history and reinterpret them with the quality expected from luxury brands. Ranging from their iconic contributions to tie-dye to their tongue in cheek , ‘No Problemo’ t-shirts Aries continue to hit the sweet spot that sees their clothing imbued with masterful craftsmanship without looking out of place at the local skate shop.


Aries Arise Spring Summer 2020


Who founded Aries?

Aries was founded by designer Sofia Prantera, Graphic artist Fergus Purcell and Slam Jam owner Luca Benini. With Sofia previously owning skate label Silas and Purcell responsible for iconic pieces of work such as the culturally dominant Palace Triferg, the pairing quickly became close friends during their time working at Slam City Skates in the ’90s. Finding common ground over their cultural influences, streetwear interest and comic books, both were keen to develop a new output from which they could filter through their latest creative ventures.


Aries Arise Tracksuit


When was Aries started?

Aries was originally founded in 2012 at a time when Sofia felt streetwear wasn’t given the credit in which it deserved. Having previously studied at London’s Central St Martins where one of her professors told her that streetwear wasn’t fashion, Prantera found herself obsessed with the tribal outfits and bordering anti-fashion styling of different sub-cultures such as the rave scene in the ’80s. Teaming up with Purcell, the pair quickly set their sights on creating a brand which would be free from any high street constraints allowing them the opportunity to merge these passions with their love for high quality garments, effectively adding an elevated touch to classic street-inspired tropes.

With their decision not to follow seasonal releases, several high profile collaborations and the swell of streetwear in 2014, fuelling their growth, Aries have went on to not only release countless collections but find themselves nominated for both the emerging womenswear and menswear categories at the fashion awards in 2018 and 2019.


Aries Arise Lookbook


Where did Aries get their name?

Given his already impressive track record, Sofia was happy to let Fergus Purcell take the reigns when it came to creating a notable identity for the brand. At a basic sense it stems from Purcell’s interest with star signs, being an Aries himself he was drawn to how its associated traits and shared qualities aligned with their vision for the brand – coming first, being a leader and having a fierce creative drive. The name also find its roots in Woody Allen’s film, ‘Sleeper‘ in which a sinister dictator tries to implement a secret plot know only as ‘The Aries Project.‘  The Arise came from the early days of the brand, referring to the constant change the pair had experienced within the fashion world around them and the new things which came from their remains.


Aries Arise Temple Logo


What is the Aries Logo?

From the offset both Purcell and Prantera knew that they needed a strong logo to represent the brand. With backgrounds in both graphics, fashion and design, they knew that it was a vital component of conveying the intention and ethos of the brand whilst also serving as powerful conduit to deliver meaning.  Despite introducing various different monikers throughout their collections, the Aries’ logo is actually, ‘The Temple’ which was designed to reference classic Italian luxury brand’s such as Versace and Moschino.


Aries Arise New Balance 991


Aries Collaborations

In another streetwear-centric move Aries are known for their vast list of influential collaborations, one of the most notable being their work with New Balance on a fresh interpretation of the 991. Adding subtle changes such as pops of neon colouring, the shoes were accompanied by ‘Unbalanced’ branded t-shirts and a pop up physical space that was purposely made to play with spacial awareness. Having also worked on the 990 v3, Aries has also teamed up on ventures with Vans, Suickoe and Stussy as well as countless photographers.