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Kendrick Lamar Rocks the Nike Air Max 98 to Pick Up the Pulitzer Prize

One of the finest albums of 2017, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. grabbed headlines for its poetic and political treatises on the rapper’s life, and the state of American life in general, earning near universal praise from both the press and public. Now Lamar’s achievements have been honoured with the Pulitzer Prize for Music: the first non jazz or classical album to receive the prestigious accolade.


Photo: AP

Accepting the award last week, K Dot flexed his personal style in a laid-back ensemble of a Dries Van Noten silk shirt, Rhude side-stripe trousers and finished the luxe look with a pair of Nike’s recent Air Max 98 SE in Sepia Stone. We still have a few pairs available, so while you may never win a Pulitzer Prize, you can at least get some of Kendrick’s style for yourself.

Nike Air Max 98 SE Sepia Stone

Kanye West

Kanye West’s New Album Cover Is A Little Unorthodox

Do you expect anything else though?

Kanye has recently released another new track called ‘Lift Yourself’ which quickly followed up the last song ‘Ye Vs The People’ which even has a version with T.I starring as the people.

These tracks are going to be a part of his newest album, which has been coming for quite some time, with rumours circulating around after people kept spotting Kanye & many other artists like Kid Cudi & Travis Scott in the wintery Wyoming, where it is believed Kanye was finding his groove.

He has been very active on Twitter for multiple reasons, Kanye is trying to stop all the hate and is promoting everyone to forgive and love one another, even displaying his affection for Donald Trump, which has been received with very mixed reactions.

Anyways, Kanye posted a screengrab with a conversation he had with Artist Wes Lang where he says how he wants to forgive and move on. Wes responds by saying he should call the album ‘LOVE EVERYONE’, do you reckon this will be the final name? From past experience, something tells me this is yet another temp potential whilst Kanye’s wild mind jumps from one inspiration to the other. The person in the picture who is set to be the album cover is Jan Adams, the man who performed surgery on Kanye’s mother Donda the day before she passed.

Kanye recently received a letter from Jan Adams asking ‘Ye to “cease and desist using my photo or any image of me”. However, Adams expressed his willingness to meet with Kanye face-to-face. Which was openly responded by Kanye, you can see the full letter and response on Hypebeast’s article. You can also read the full letter from Jan here.

Kanye West Love Everyone Album Cover

Kanye West Love Everyone Album Cover

OAMC Angela Davis

OAMC – Behind The Printing Press

OAMC are well known in the industry for creating collections that have key pieces that orbit around the brand’s current mantra. This season the brand’s acronym is “One Always More Conscious” – the designer Luke Meier has been crossing his fingers and toes – that it will result in creating a positive attitude towards growth and knowledge. The latest collection has highlighted the importance and value of education and consciousness.

In our opinion the collection’s trump card has to be the graphic tees, showcasing personalities who have marked their era, one way or another. We are going to dip our toes in the history of these icons.
OAMC Virginia Woolf OAMC Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf  – The British author who was a modernist of the 20th century and a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device. She gave the English novel a bold, new voice and pushed it beyond the tried-and-tested narrative structures of the Victorian era into fresh and experimental new territory. She was also well known for flying the flag for women, the feminist icon, remembered by her most famous quote – “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. 
OAMC Angela Davis
OAMC Angela Davis

Angela Davis – An American political activist, writer and scholar, who was thrown into the limelight back in the early 70’s during a case that rocked American black history. Davis was a supporter of the Soledad Brothers, three inmates accused of killing a prison guard at Soledad Prison. The gun used in the courtroom been purchased by Davis two days prior, she was found to have been corresponding with one of the inmates involved, all of which snowballed in her being on the FBI ‘s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List. After her her capture and court appearance, across the nation, thousands of people began organising a movement to gain her release. Her story even flashes up in other media like the Rolling Stone’s ‘Sweet Black Angela’, Bob Dylan’s ‘George Jackson’ and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s song ‘Angela’. She is now known across the globe for being a advocate for the oppressed and exploited.

OAMC Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser
OAMC Milton Glaser  – An iconic American graphic designer that throughout his long career, he has designed many posters, publications and architectural design. One of his most instantly recognisable piece of work has to be the ‘I Heart New York’ logo. Another classic piece from Glaser’s library of prints is the poster for Bob Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” LP. The poster depicts the profile of Bob’s face with psychedelic, swirly hair, with “Dylan” written at the bottom in one of Glaser’s typefaces. A very similar psychedelic font is used upon the Glaser T-Shirt by OAMC.

Anthony Joshua Gym

Possibly The Best Fight Club In Britain – Backed By Anthony Joshua

Have you been looking for a new gym where you will be put through your paces every session instead of playing on your phone while you wait for a machine for 30 minutes?

Well we have just the thing, let us introduce you to BXR.

You have all heard of Anthony Joshua right? Well this is his new ‘passion project’ – A brand new boutique boxing concept gym that has set the bar sky high for other gyms to follow. Launched in January 2017, BXR is the world’s first high end boxing themed gym, dedicated to developing a championship mindset – and as they say, mind over matter. Set in Marylebone, W1, the gym offers a wide variety of services including a range of combat disciplines, strength and conditioning, circuit training, group classes along with clinic treatments, with boxing disciplines at its entire core.

Anthony Joshua Gym

GQ recently had the opportunity to take part in an intensive 2-month training course at BXR, giving an in-depth look at the gym, its facilities and what it has to offer. Safe to say, we are impressed here at the Aphrodite Offices.

The first thing you’ll notice about the “Anthony Joshua” gym, otherwise known as BXR, is the potent smell of leather and aftershave that circulates the sleek space. Split over two floors and decked out in dark wood, the vibe is more gentlemen’s club than gym. The walls downstairs are adorned with a mammoth TV and plenty of cool art, including a particularly eye-catching shot of Emily Ratajkowski. It’s here you’ll find Sweat By BXR, a set of three pay-to-train studios concentrating on boxing skills, strength and conditioning and cardio respectively, and the in-house clinic

While this gym maybe a little too far away for many to make after work, we sure enjoyed the article. Read the full article over at GQ or browse some of our handpicked gym essentials below.

Aphrodite’s Gym Picks

Nike Outfit

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Noel Gallagher

How to Get Noel Gallagher’s Brit Awards 2017 Look

The 2017 BRIT Awards saw many newsworthy moments as usual, from the diverse range of award winners to the house falling off the stage during Katy Perry’s performance. One of the more poignant moments came when the late, great David Bowie was awarded the Best British Album award for his phenomenal Blackstar. Bowie’s son, film director Duncan Jones, accepted the award on his behalf, presented by Noel Gallagher.

As usual, Noel was impeccably turned out in a dark shirt, jeans, and a fantastic tan suede jacket. A classic casual look, whether you’re at an awards show or just watching one on the telly, we’ve put together an quick guideline to help you capture a little of Mr. Gallagher’s effortless swagger.

Noel Gallagher Brit Awards



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Phil Neville Wears Moncler

Phil Neville Wears Moncler

If you have tuned into BBC’s Class of 92: Out of Their League over the past couple of weeks, you will have saw the Neville brothers wearing a variety of Moncler garments. Along with their old team-mates Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, the two of them have been filmed wearing the likes of Moncler, Barbour and Nike throughout the episodes.

Phil in particular wore the grey zip hoody that we stocked earlier in the season that proved hugely popular. Although currently out of stock, we are hoping to get more stock in the future. Gary wore the Demar jacket in last nights episode along with some other pieces that many eagle eyed viewers will have spotted.

To view our full range of luxury apparel from outerwear specialists Moncler, head over to the Moncler category which is full of jackets, sweats, polo shirts, accessories and much more

Screenshot taken from BBC iPlayer

Adam Richman Wears Pretty Green

Pretty Green Adam Richman


The man is a living legend to countless food junkies who have tuned into his television shows such as ‘Man Vs Food’, resulting in them salivating uncontrollably as he tucks in to his latest huge feast. After spending years scouring the globe for some of the best food that you can find, Adam Richman is now seeking out some of the best kept secrets in the food world in his new show ‘Man Finds Food’, searching for the best food from America’s hidden menu’s.

It seems though that Richman has now found one of Britains best kept secrets as he has been snapped on various occasions wearing Pretty Green. He has since tweeted declaring his love for Pretty Green, the clothing label established by Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame. The brand is a firm favourite with the regular Aphrodite customers and is beginning to reach out globally to fans all around the world.

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Hollywoods Celebs Wearing Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation are widely known for the amount of celebrities that are seen wearing their trainers across the globe. This short video below showcases some instantly recognisable faces from the world of the rich and famous wearing a pair of Creative Recreation trainers.

Creative Recreation is one of the brands in our 25% Bank Holiday offer with the discount applied to every style of their footwear range that we currently stock. The Cesario Lo are one of the most popular styles with countless footballers from this country wearing them including Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.  Browse the Creative Recreation collection now

Celebs Wearing BOY London: Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Boy London

The 55th Grammy Awards recently took place in Los Angeles, California and Wiz Khalifa was performing and presenting wearing a BOY London cap which we currently stock.  He accessorised his outfit with the cap, which included a monotone zigzag printed suit from the Neil Barrett Autumn/Winter collection and a pair of luxurious Pradad embroidered slippers.

BOY London has firmly stamped its authority on the fashion concious musicians of today. In the recent media, other musicians such as Rihanna and Jessie J have been snapped wearing BOY London t-shirts and baseball caps. Rihanna in particular has been a massive supporter of the brand, even going so far as wearing a full outfit from head to toe with pieces from the brand.

When more celebrities are spotted wearing BOY London we will sure to bring you them as soon as we spot them but in the mean time if you see any photos in any magazines etc, please feel free to send us them.

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