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Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hood Detail 2

Canada Goose Heritage Collection Explained

What is The Canada Goose Heritage Collection? Explore the Limited Range at Aphrodite as the Brand Goes Fur-Free.

Canada Goose, a brand synonymous with exceptional winter warmth and iconic outerwear such as the long-line Canada Goose Wyndham Parka Heritage and the cropped Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Heritage, is embarking on a new chapter.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hood Detail 1

In a forward-thinking move aligning with evolving consumer desires and ethical considerations, CG are phasing out natural fur from their products. But fear not. At Aphrodite, we’ve managed to get our hands on some very exclusive items from the iconic brand.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber On Model

For AW23, The Canada Goose Heritage range comprises a special lineup of some of the very last fur-accented products to be produced by the brand featuring many of the timeless designs that made Canada Goose a global phenomenon.

The Heritage collection celebrates classic Canada Goose coats and jackets, such as the Canada Goose Carson Parka Heritage or Canada Goose Citadel Parka Heritage, recognised for their sleek silhouettes, functional features, and, yes, those coveted coyote fur ruffs. While the last of these fur-trimmed pieces are gracing the shelves, the essence of the brand remains undiminished.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hood Detail 2

The release and rebranding of the Canada Goose ‘Heritage’ collection ensures you can still rock that iconic Canada Goose fur coat look with all the features you’ve come to know and love from the brand as long as stocks last.

A Symbol of Conscious Commitment

Canada Goose’s decision to go fur-free reflects the growing demand for sustainable fashion and addresses ethical concerns within the industry. The Canada Goose Heritage collection marks the final chapter for animal-derived materials, used for many years not simply for aesthetics but for their undeniable warmth and protection against harsh elements. Rest assured, the world-renowned brand is committed to finding innovative, sustainable alternatives to keep you toasty in the coldest conditions and here at Aphrodite, as ever, we are looking forward to what they have in store for 2024 and beyond.


How to Style a lightweight Jacket

It’s lightweight season. It’s time to put away your large puffer jackets and look for a lightweight alternative. The below zero days are hopefully behind us as summer is quickly approaching, but no need to panic as here at Aphrodite we have you covered. Our selection of outfits picked out by our stylist should give you all the inspiration you need to style your lightweight jackets. From gilets to waterproof outer layers we have something everyone will love, ensuring you are ready to face any weather conditions in the lead up to summer.



                                   Taion Button Down Vest

Meaning ‘body temperature’ in Japanese, Taion informs both the naming and philosophy of this emerging outerwear brand. Quilted and draped in an olive hue, this rendition of the brand’s popular button-down vest is a must-have in our how to Style a lightweight Jacket, crafted from high density, water repellent nylon. This piece is layered overa  Carhartt black hoodie and Belstaff laurel green tee for a casual relaxed look perfect for walks in the park.



Stone Island Mac Supima 2L Ghost Piece

This Stone Island Ghost piece will add a touch of luxury to any outfit, layered over a clean and crisp white Fred Perry tee and paired with a Carhartt cap for a coordinated look perfect for our how to style a lightweight Jacket collection. This all-black silhouette is tailored to a relaxed fitting with long insulative sleeves and a body made from Pima cotton, the noblest cotton known for its extra-long staples and for the strength and fineness of the fibres, meaning this coat is one for a lifetime.



Norse Projects Frederik Tab Series Fleece

Known for their classic Scandinavian design, Norse Projects have created a fleece crafted from 100% polyester with Polartec Thermal Pro insulation. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect piece to get you through the colder days, then wait until you hear about the other features this fleece has to offer. Tailored to a relaxed fit with perforated air pockets for elevated thermo-regulation and a full-length zipper fastening to keep the cold air out. The simple fleece has returned and should be a staple piece for any good wardrobe, the perfect all year round garment and a lock for our how to style a lightweight Jacket collection, this Norse Projects fleece is paired with Gramicci pants in olive for a smart/casual look that will see you through the rest of the season.



Carhartt Prospector Jacket

The Carhartt brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years, celebrity endorsements and a durable and functional collection has led to Carhartt dominating the street style scene. This all-black silhouette is designed with water repellent nylon to provide a lightweight layer of protection, this Carhartt Prospector Jacket has an adjustable hood, cuffs and bottom hem to make this jacket practical as well as comfortable, layered under a Ralph quarter zip, A Cold Wall black trouser and a Carhartt bag for a functional yet stylish outfit making it the perfect addition to our how to Style a lightweight Jacket feature.

The North Face Dryvent Jacket

The North Face DryVent Jacket : Aphrodite Reviews

The most sought-after archival collection has been brought back to life. The North Face DryVent Jacket is tough, bright, and fully loaded with tech.

From a single store on the beachfront of San Fran to a global brand, The North Face has had a mountain size raise since its founding in the 1960s. The North Face has consistently looked forward and towards technology to help improve their designs, using performance fabrics to produce functional and casual silhouettes, ideal for those who want to stay protected from the elements and look stylish doing it.

The North Face Dryvent Jacket is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable, this allows for ultimate protection against all weather conditions. Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, the Dryvent Jacket is another step forward by The North Face in their goal of producing all their garments from recycled, regenerative, organic, or responsibly-sourced renewable fabrics.

The North Face Dryvent Jacket

History of The North Face DryVent Jacket

The original The North Face DryVent Jacket was part of the Search & Rescue collection, designed to protect mountain rescue teams. The new design pays homage to the original DryVent Jacket, however, this new piece has been given a contemporary touch. To make the jacket just as functional in an urban city as it is in a mountainsous environment. The North Face DryVent Jacket would be a perfect addition to your outdoor wear collection as is available at Aphrodite in red and yellow.

The North Face Dryvent Jacket

The jacket pays tribute to the search and rescue garments which are required to stand out and be seen. As well as having multiple pockets for storing maps and equipment. The lightweight jacket has been updated to be more functional, improving the flexibility and breathability of the piece. The North Face DryVent Jacket is an all-year-round essential jacket that combines comfort, style and practicality.

The North Face DryVent Jacket is now available online and instore at Aphrodite

Barbour Ashby Jacket Outerwear

The Barbour Ashby Jacket Explored

The Barbour Ashby Jacket is Iconically British and crafted in England, explore the full Barbour range here at Aphrodite 

Everything you need to know about the brand’s iconic wax jacket

Characterised by its timeless identity and adept weather protection properties, the Barbour Ashby jacket is simply a piece of infinity for your wardrobe. If you’re yet to invest in one of the brand’s noteworthy wax jackets, perhaps Ashby’s expert construction and practical charm may persuade you into finally taking the leap. To ensure you’re up to speed with this garment’s undisputed styling, we’ve taken the liberty of offering you a full rundown of the jacket from top to bottom, so keep reading to discover whether this lauded outerwear piece is for you.

Barbour Ashby

 Barbour Ashby jacket

What is the Barbour Ashby jacket made from?

For decades now South Shields-hailing brand Barbour has remained synonymous with traditional British fashion. This is thanks to its waxed finishes and tartan design cues, which simultaneously bring status-heavy styling to everyone from British royalty to pop icons, and the Ashby’s thoughtfully constructed fabric composition only transcends Barbour’s heritage credentials even further.

Like several of Barbour’s most-favoured fits, the Ashby is coated in a waxed cotton shell. More specifically, the brand’s signature 6oz Sylkoil wax is implemented across the silhouette’s base – Sylkoil is the oldest and most traditional wax cotton Barbour employs; it’s an ‘unshorn’ woven cotton, dyed and waxed with a matte finish to guarantee an authentic patina as the garment gracefully ages and wears in.

Barbour Ashby Jacket

 Barbour Ashby jacket

Internally, the design is lined with the brand’s Classic Tartan, a fabric that is frequently executed throughout Barbour’s offerings, spanning everything from scarves, gloves, and even dog accessories. This colourful crisscrossed pattern is developed by Kinloch Anderson – an Edinburgh-based Highland Dress expert with an expansive lineage in the field, who successfully brings Barbour’s Scottish heritage to the forefront. Bonus fabric features of the Ashby include a corduroy collar, which provides textural tone to the garment, while polyester sleeve linings prompt efficient slip on and off motions.

Barbour Ashby Jacket Lining

 Barbour Ashby jacket

How does the Barbour Ashby jacket fit?

As many Barbour aficionados will already know, the Ashby is based upon the brand’s iconic Bedale jacket – a silhouette originally developed by Dame Margaret Barbour with equestrian endeavours in mind. Though still rendered to honour its predecessor’s historic ties, the Ashby locks down a more progressive stance on style. For one, it’s more streamlined than the Bedale, not to mention it’s crafted with longer-set sleeves and an elongated body. The added incorporation of raglan sleeves and a vented hemline also impacts the design’s range of motion; allowing it to move freely through a variety of activity, regardless of whether you’re heading for the depths of the English countryside or landing in the beating heart of the city.

Barbour Wax Jacket

How many pockets does the Barbour Ashby jacket have?

It goes without saying that when you’re laying down a substantial amount of money for a jacket, you need it to be equipped with an assortment of wholly functional features, including an array of pockets, to which Barbour’s Ashby does not disappoint.

In total, the jacket carries five pockets, with the first two fitted just shy of the chest area. Positioning the pockets here, and angling them in the way they are, allows the wearer to effortlessly slot their hands into each side entry. Two bigger bellow pockets below prove perfect for storing essential items while you hotfoot it from location A to B.

Finally, a concealed pocket resides at the inner jacket, free for storage of personal items, such as wallets or phones, that need to be kept close by and require heightened insurance throughout the day.

Additional features of the Barbour Ashby jacket?

For extra protection against harsh conditions, the Ashby is secured with a durable zip closure and a branded storm flap. This fastening is meticulously detailed with gold-toned Barbour hardware that runs the full length of the garment.

And the brand’s scrupulous attention to detail doesn’t stop there, these studded accents also neatly embellish the design’s pockets. Tone-on-tone Barbour embroidery subtly weaves its way onto the silhouette’s waistline.


Barbour Ashby Jacket Pocket

Lastly, as expected from one of the brand’s most prolific designs, the Ashby rightfully pairs with Barbour’s esteemed zip-in liners. The compatibility of the design with these optional, insulating layers, not only promotes increased warmth when situated in the great outdoors, but it also aids an aspect of versatility. This allows the wearer to double-up or subtract on layers based on necessity.

If you had any unanswered questions about Barbour’s Ashby jacket, we hope this feature has served clarity to your curiosity. Truly built to last, this faithful piece of outerwear will serve every environment you encounter endlessly. Whether you were hoping to get back to nature or often find yourself navigating the city’s chaotic dimensions, don’t waste any time getting acquainted with this robust style. Shop the Barbour Ashby with Aphrodite and take a closer look at the iconic design in the below video.

Browser our Barbour Ashby Jacket

cold weather essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

It’s brass, the possibility of snow is inevitable and you can’t keep wearing all your clothes at once to try and stay warm. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you need is some reliable, durable and protective gear to see you through mother natures worst. Robust denim, a Thick jacket, cosy beanie, tough boots and of course the all-important colourful socks. Behold, the answer to all your winter woes.

Winter Clothing

Unless you plan on hibernating until spring has sprung then the threat of snow looming on the horizon may have you shaking in your suede shoes. When it comes to cold, wet, generally unpleasant weather the truth is you just can’t go wrong with a premium pair of leather boots. We chose the Avoriaz Jannu from Paraboot. Handmade in France for the toughest terrain the boots feature a padded collar and tongue for exceptional comfort as well as a double-stitched Norwegian welt commando sole for grip, support and sturdiness. Top it all off with some heavy duty striped laces and a rich waxy brown colour for a touch of mature styling and watch your icey fears melt away. But, of course what is a good pair of boots without a really nice set of socks to go with them? Luckily for us our cold weather fellow northerners across the pond, Norse Projects have just supplied us a fresh batch of their twisted cotton yarn socks in yellow, purple and, the colour we decided to opt for, red. Very nice indeed.

Paraboot Avoriaz Jannu Boots

Next on the list is a jacket. What jacket? The jokers among you may ask and for that, we’d give you a solid exhale from the nostrils and a firm shake of the head. But we aren’t here to joke around not when it comes to waiting for the bus in below freezing. We’re looking for water and wind resistance, a warm lining and plenty of embedded functionality, let us introduce you to the Wyndham parka from Canada Goose. With the brands signature down filling, a removable fur ruff lined hood, rib knit cuffs and a total of 6 pockets including, fleece lined hand warmers, the jacket is designed with extreme conditions and the coldest climates in mind. Finished with a two-way heavy duty zip with additional press stud flap and the Canada Goose patch to the arm this coat makes all the right moves when it comes to keeping you nice and toasty on your urban escapades.  Nipping out on a teabag run at work? No worries. Football match? See you there. The beach in -6°C? Lets do it.

Canada Goose Parka

For those of us who have ever got caught in the rain in a pair of sweatpants we know it’s less than ideal. Couple this with the harsh frost ladened winds and you’ve got yourself a pretty abysmal time by all accounts. Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because, as we all know, after the rain comes a rainbow, in this case, a rainbow pair of selvage denim from Edwin. Cut from a 12.8oz denim with a mid-rise and relaxed, tapered fit, the jeans are robust enough to last you a lifetime without sacrificing on comfort. Made in the Kuroki Mill in Japan the denim is complete with signature Edwin branding to the back and some delightful stitch detailing.

Edwin Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans

Did you know the majority of your heat escapes through your head? Well, that’s what everyone reckons anyway. Regardless throwing on a beanie at this time of year is never not a good idea. To finish our look off we decided to go for some subtle matching, pairing an olive Canada Goose beanie with the tones found throughout the camo patterning. Made from a thick 100% wool for both a quality fit and insulating properties, it boasts the unmistakable Canada Goose seal of approval to the front ensuring everyone you pass on the streets knows you mean business.

Canada Goose BeanieSo there we have it some of our top picks to see you through to the summer. You can find all of the products shown above online and in store right now as well as a wide offering of other boots, coats, legwear and accessories.

Norse Projects Elliot Shearling Jacket

Norse Projects – From the sky to the streets

Flight jackets are a staple in many a man’s jacket collection and there is no rush in the classic demising any time soon. Originating from the military needing a jacket to keep their pilots warm during WWI when most airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit, the flight jacket was born. Over the years the flight jacket has become a part of popular culture and appeal, filtering down from the sky onto the streets.

New for AW17, Norse Projects have taken the flight jacket and given it a modern take, making this a must have. Crafted from premium quality Italian suede and given no lining for a lightweight design while the classic flight collar has been kept in shearling for a warm addition. Other features of the jacket include 2 slanted pockets with shearling lining, Italian Riri zips to the front closure and designed to sit about the hip for modern stylish look.

Norse Projects Suede Flight Jacket

The Norse Projects Elliot Shearling Flight Jacket is available online and in-store costing £1149.00

Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket – Online and In Store

Last week we brought you two of our favourite Stone Island jackets from this season – the Stone Island Garment Dyed Micro Yarn Jacket and the Stone Island Bomber Jacket. Our final selection for this season of Stone Island is the more classic shaped Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket in Khaki.

Constructed from a two-layer performance material, the Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket is breathable, windproof and waterproof due to its jersey-look outer layer, which has been specially conditioned to be flexible and comfortable. The jacket is also quilted with a PrimaLoft® insulation layer. This expertly designed layer is crafted from a blend of super-thin fibres that create a higher insulating capacity than a lot of padding, due to the millions of air pockets contained within it. The construction of PrimaLoft® insulation means that the jacket maintains it’s optimum warmth while remaining lightweight.

Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket

The overall look of the Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket is a contemporary take on a classic outerwear piece. Featuring an integrated hood with zipping and button-down closure for extra protection from the elements, the jacket also has slightly elasticated cuffs to fit closely around the wrist, and a drawstring waistband so the wearer can adjust how the jacket fits. The design also has some contemporary elements that are typical of Stone Island. The full-length zip is asymmetric, at a contrasting angle to a partially concealed zip pocket. The jacket also has two concealed zip down handwarmer pockets to the seams of its side panels. These panels can also be found to the sleeves, with overlock stitching visible on the outer of the jacket.

Stone Island Soft Shell Jacket

If any of our Stone Island top picks have taken your fancy, feel free to pop into our Sunderland store to see the full range that we have available. However, if you’re not local, you can view the Stone Island collection our website. Don’t forget to follow and tag us in your favourite looks on our Instagram, @aphroditeclothing94.

Stone Island Bomber Jacket Crinkle Reps – Available Now

Founded in 1981 by Carlo Rivetti, Stone Island are known for their cutting edge designs, with specific attention paid to the functionality and detail of each garment, the brand has become renowned within the world of fashion. The brand fuses fashion with industrial design, with each collection referencing military accents and pioneering fabrics to create high-performance pieces. Particular attention is paid to the colour quality, created using the meticulous ‘garment-dyeing process’ that Stone Island has become known for.

The new season Stone Island collection focuses on high-performance jackets, alongside a selection of shirts, polo shirts and trousers, with each design encompassing the brand’s passion and revolutionizing the Italian fashion industry.

The technical expertise can be found in our black stone island bomber jacket crinkle reps, the detailed outer layer is crafted using a unique resin treatment which creates the crinkled effect that makes this piece so unique. As with many Stone Island pieces, the bomber style jacket is made from a lightweight nylon rep with a special agent applied to it. Resulting in an ultra-tight weave, which makes the jacket wind resistance, ideal for the changing weather. Other features include a ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem, and a zip closure edged with nylon tape for a waterproof finish. Handwarmer pockets are situated to the front with zip closures and a concealed chest pocket. The main zip fastening is carefully hidden by a placket with nylon tape and press studs. As with every Stone Island piece the signature badge can be found on the sleeve, giving the jacket a premium finish.

To see more of our new season Stone Island collection visit our Sunderland store, or if you’re not local, check out our website’s online stone island collection here.





Ten-C lands at Aphrodite


Ten C Logo

This season we proudly hang up Ten-C in our store. The brand is put together by ex Stone Island and CP Company designers Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti. Towards the end of the naughties the designers teamed up and began to produce Ten-C into the world of sportswear. Taking a look from both Stone Island and CP Company, Ten-C is made up of seven jackets in four colours with different liners available to mix and match.

‘One fabric, four colours, seven jackets, forever’


Ten-C jackets are not branded for the purpose of the owner to appreciate their garment for being high quality instead of focusing on the label. Here at Aphrodite we will be stocking the Parka, Anorak and ultra comfortable Shearling Liner. As well as this we also have two liners available in soot and blue, making it easy to give your Ten-C jacket a unique look.

Stay tuned for Ten-C to appear both in store and online. Shop our range of Stone Island and CP Company online now at